Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sound the drums!!!!

YES i have been a number one slacker...havent blogged much, havent sewn much..not by choice really...due to the fact that I am the only cranberry STILL in school and most of my classes this year are designed so that in my final semester of college i actually find myself attendin school relegiously, something my fellow cranberr-ians cannot wrap their minds around given my past reputation.

We have a show coming up in 2 weeks and while I burn with jealousy at the thought that they can sew at any given time, I have to juggle my schedule around so i dont end up messing myself up and *gasp* fail to graduate..and then there is the hassle of the social life. It aint easy being me i tell ya...Im a busy young lady.

Plus there is the added fact that i have been suffering from a serious case of *designers block*.. maybe it has to do with the fact that my mind is totally consumed with the 3 medical reviews that i have to write on various medical topics that i dont give a CRAP about. My 9 beautiful fabrics still lying in a pile on the floor where i left them, lovingly arranged close to my sewing machine to remind me of my duties..... and yet until about 3 days ago i had been unable to touch them. Sketching..resketching...trying to keep it REALISTIC...psh i aint no tailor... of wednesday...

DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally made a dress. Not just any dress...a friggin hot dress if i may be so cocky. Ive been green all this time that joan and doreen have been sendin me pictures of their progress so far, while i was in some library researching medical journals. And now my juice is back and its flowing and i cant stop touching my fabric. 8 more to go! Now I'm reminding myself to go to school and do my work... It doesnt help that we've been laden with snow which gives one a good excuse to totally ignore school, just stay indoors and SEW! Yes it feels great, and my counterparts are relieved. I had already warned them that I was ready to be the Latavia, Latoya, LaMichelle and whoever else to their Beyonce and Kelly..D12 to their Eminem..u get the picture....go along for a free ride! HA! but apparently i guess this is going to be a TLC jumpoff...

This weekend we're going to NY to shop for our show! ....its one thing just to have the clothes and choose great models (our Tyra, you, you...nah..not you! kidd-inggg lol) but then the most exciting part is styling the clothes. The extra OOMPHS that you add, that just make your clothes look! and not to mention our male eye candy..yes we dont make mens clothes but hey we needed any excuse to interact with some male them decorating our runway in their boxers...hell yes! Hopefully the trip is productive and we get all that we are looking for! And then its the music..and then all the extra stuff...hopefully it all goes well... I have my models with me in Philly so i dont have to worry about goin to DC to fit the girls which is a relief!
Well now i have to get back to working so i bid you adieu!.... till next time i can catch a breath and blog!


Jaja said...

This is so TRUE. I learned the hard way of the importance of styling shows and shoots. Earlier shows look crappy, despite my hot threads. Are you all attending some of the DC Fashion Week Shows? If so, please come out to the Fashion for Development show at the World Bank in DC Feb. 28. It promotes ethical fashion and manufacturing, especially in third world nations. And the show is free and includes reception. E-mail Priya, the organizer to get on the list if you can, since space is limited.

Mari said...

Good luck ladies with the fashion show. Can't wait to see pictures of your designs. Where's the fashion show going to be at?

Dammie said...

I like this purple on purple!!

Gosh, I'm quite excited about the show!!!!!.....I've been craving fashion shows from some reason!!


dezhaaaaaaaa said...

designers block??? lolll....I dont envy you