Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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First things first, can someone explain to me the stalkerific concept of twitter? Is it really just facebook-status-updating on E? I'm terrified that I am becoming old, and my generation is of Hi-5 and facebook, and twitter is to me as facebook is to them, some new unexplored mystical terrain...HELP!!!!!

Moving along...I have been MIA, apologetically so, I just find it challenging to commit to the blogging thing, I've never been able to write under pressure :) Also I'm working on my senior thesis as its my last semester at Parsons (yippppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!) and I have to create a good enough portfolio to plunge into the working world (GULP). Anyways, just a little bit of what I have been up to:

No, that picture is not up there because of my FORMER love affair with the magazine. I actually Interned for 2 weeks at the teenvogue fashion closet.... *insert shy face* ---> and then I quit. Lets just say fashion is a great and fantastic and fabulous from the outside...WAY outside :).. (i,e, on MTV watching the Hills in the comfort of my bedroom!!) No, noone was particularly nasty or mean, it was just like walking on broken glass....unspeakable pressure (Running into Anna Wintour at the elevator and not knowing if I should reference devil wears prada and wait for the next elevator like a humble minion), and working from 9am in the morning till 10pm at night? NO ma'am! Plus, I really had to re-evaluate the fabulousness of saying I worked at teenvogue as opposed to the practicality of getting a proper design internship and in the end, good sense won over ego....was an intimidating and interesting experience while it lasted though!!!!!!!

So who else got thrills up their spine when Beyonce performed at the Oscars (If you're a B hater, you know the drill)...i just love my BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish she would star in a broadway production, it would suit her so much better than movies in my O...

So NY fashion week has come and gone (thank GOD, nothing worse that seeing models roaming the streets and lusting after the tents from afar, plus clubs + lounges acting EXTRA brand new), i think in this so called recession, the last thing on peoples minds/wallets is luxury fashion and it definitely took a hit this year (lots of designers pulled out, most opted for smaller venues and hardly any celebrity appearances (i guess they must pay them to appear??) except the diehards like kanye who were working overtime LOL! Anyway here are a few of my fave looks!(click to make em bigger)

Lately for some reason Ihave become very interested in all American fashion -- Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Coach, Micheal Kors..I have no idea why but I really want to work at one of those places! I love their silhouettes, and maybe its cos everyone is hopping on Europe's d***, it just kinda played itself out. I think Reem Acra is absolutely to die for (Anyone see Halle at the essence launch..i dont know if its the dress or that figure but either way she worked the hell out of it!). Erin Fetherston always amuses me with her little Alice in Wonderland-esque collections, but somehow she manages to pull it together in such a dreamy like fashion & its so pretty and feminine. She kind of looks like her clothes lol. Rodarte for me are a complete mystery, I dont know how they tap into their brand of genious, its like they put their fabric in a blender!!! But somehow they always manage to make it work amazingly. Their clothes are actually becoming more and more wearable too.
While the shows didnt hold much in terms of Wow-zers or shockers this year, the one thing that the child embedded not too deeply in me was completely enthralled by was the barbie 50th anniversary collection by various designers and their interpretation of barbie... I loved it!!! fab fab fab..if there is one universal style Icon (remember primary school bringing your barbies to school after exams...what little black children with nappy hair had in common with blonde be-weaved oyinbo barbie I will never know) its BARBIE!!!!! YAY!
ps. And i threw in that ridiculous Ken looking man..can someone say SCRUMPTILICIOUS!

Anyhoo, I will try and blog more often, I just ordered a ship load of fabric from Nigeria and I cant wait for it to get in!! Cranberry is officially back in the swing of things!!!!!!
xo OZ

Monday, February 23, 2009


Hey ladies....Can't believe its Monday..AGAIN!!! I miss the weekend..its the best time of the week....sigh...Anyway..check out 4aces to find out what we did this weekend..(I know I am shamelessly blog plugging but heyyif not here where else???) Anyway I ran into this pic of Kanye West and his new lady love or arm companion Amber Rose (I think she looks really cool btw) and I got to thinking about how much Denim a person can really wear...hmmmmm...I always feel kinda crazy when I pack on denim...like whenever I wear jeans I try not to wear my denim jacket or when I AM wearing my denim jacket I opt for a different material beneath. What do you guys think...Is it weird to errr...be "over denimed"? Or Is it just normal? Any way here I am I  guess being "over denimed"...this jacket has to be like one of my fav jackets cus I got it ages ago ( and I mean AGES AGO) from FCUK and I recently found it...but yeah what do you guys think? Would you wear this amt of denim at once or do you think its a no no???


Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy BDAY!



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Featuring: Miss Mujay!!!

Hey guys!! I just woke up and I am hella hungry...you know when you eat a huge dinner and go to bed, you wake up really hungry....it really sucks and I am suffering the effects of it....I HATE IT....cus I'm too lazy to stand up and get something to eat...

But yeah today I'm featuring one of my role models...she has been featured on this blog sooo many times...cus we just love her...her style is soo sick and last christmas we got to meet her and she is indeed the coolest...trust me....Her name is Arieta Mujay and she is the PR manager for River Island in the UK...She has worked with the likes of Lily Allen, Deola Sagoe, Kelly Rowland, Solange, Alek Wek, Agyness Deyn, Chalya Shagaya, Henry Holland, Liya Kebede just to name a few...

We hung out with her and were present during a photoshoot of hers which of course was such an exciting time for us...the clothes, the makeup, the everything...AHHH! my cup of tea...It was a great shoot...and a wonderful visit and we hope to do it all over again!!! 

Okie doks guys...im off to eat some breakfast..


UPDATE: Check out http://issuu.com/wereworthittoo/docs/wwit4 to see images of Arieta from her photoshoot...the magazine is called "Were worth it too" and we think it is FAB!!!! 

Friday, February 13, 2009

Balmain Fever!!

Hey ladies...its Balmain Feverrr!!! I especially love the dress Rihanna is wearing...U know, I almost feel insensitive talking about Ri Ri's style while she suffers from the mysterious bruises on her face....children of nowadays sha...they need to chill...i digress....hahaha anyway I love it so much that I put my head on the models bod to see how I wud look...hahahhahah....i personally think i look totally aweesommee....lol....but yeah enjoy! and dont forget to check out 4acesdate.blogspot.com

Happy Friday Ladies!!!


Four Aces!

Hey love muffins!
Check out our subsidiary blog, Four Aces, which basically is I, Joan and Ozzy PLUS our good friend Abby blogging about the highs and lows of our everyday lives including our intensely and awesomely boring love lives ...The blog is just for fun! And frankly its just a bunch of friends complaining lol...If you lovely ladies are interested, check us out


Cranberry Kisses!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mrs. Obama!!!!!!!!!

Ohmigosh! I saw the First Lady today @ Howard!!!!! Here is she also on the cover of Vogue WOoohoooo!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo happy!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trend Watch: Geometric!

Okayyyy....I started blogging about about something different a couple of days ago BUT I didnt finish it...soo BOOO to me...anyway...yesterday I told facebook 25 random things about me and I must say that it was an enjoyable experience...although I found it kinda hard to tag 25 ppl in my note. Anyway....today I discovered that I havent cooked ever since I came back to this country...ohmigosh I am so lazy...I am about to spend all my money ordering food. I don't even know how to work the cooker anymore...ok I kid...but I really havent touched it....it just sits there and I stare at it wondering if it will ever be used again...I really need to go grocery shopping but honestly Giants is too far away.

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with my male friend about buying gifts for guys on valentines day.... I have never bought a gift for a guy...on valentines day...I think its weird....I mean you can do stuff for them but buy them gifts???? errr...thats kinda strange in my book....he wasn't feeling that tho....apparently, he and I guess some other guys feel appreciated when they receive presents...what do you even get them? Like everything is designed for females...sheeeshh...watev...I guess I can send whoever flowers....I hope they like them....

On a sad note...this news bout Rihanna and Chris Brown is really depressing...I couldnt believe it when Doreen called me and told me about it and I still don't want to believe it yet...I really want to hear the inside story before I judge whoever....I do feel Chris Brown's career is suffering because of it....I dont know whether to say poor boy or stupid boy....I guess both of them work in this case...ladies pls don't hit men...cus they r human beings that are stronger than you...and even though I know that men aren't supposed to hit women....lets not provoke them cus you never know what can happen...sad sad sad
So lets see...food, presents, chrianna..err...what am i missing? Fashion! 

Todays trend watch is  drrum roll!!!!!!!!!Geometrics!!!!! The outfit above is from Gareth Pugh's Spring 2009 RTW collection which is so out of this world...really it is.

Sooo Kate Hudson wore the Oscar De La Renta two piece black and white mermaid shaped gown for bride wars premiere and I loved it so I decided to focus on Geometrics. I particularly have a weakness for Proenza Schouler's lime green outfit. Hmmm I love it! Look below for Geometrics from some of our fave designers in Spring RTW 09. Enjoy!!!!!!!

Kiss Kiss!!

images from style.com

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ah ha!!

Hey loveeee muffins!
Its been awhile, Its Dee blogging by the way!
Hope everyone is Enjoying their New year and trrrrryyyying to follow their resolutions, I know I have effed mine up already! lol.
Let me get back to where i left off...YES! Halloweeen!! 10 years later...i know..but who cares right?? Gulp!...lol anyway .... woohoo...Oct 31st we patrolled the streets of DC as sasha fierce (oz and I) , Diana Ross(jo), a kitty cat (Abby) and a flower child (Niki). Good times!

Night Deux - We went as Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders!! I love the DCC - Their show comes on during certain seasons on CMT. I watch that show religiously to ooh and aahh over their flexibilty and insane ABS....So we decided to go as the girls of DCC. I must say, wearing that costume was ...quite tough! I envy my liver...the costume is literally panties and a BRA... with sleeves....I spent the first 30 minutes in the party shy as hell!..I have never heard so many SLEAZY comments in my life!...aside from that and most importantly, exhaling was a HUGE problem! so was Eating to my satisfaction ( because you know we had Jollof rice and the works all up in my crrrib!)...lol
This year, i am going as NUN or a teddy bear...haha....All in the name of Halloween.and food....Good times though!

So Valentines day is coming soon... sigh* My first time being single during Halloween...ever!!
I am using this Holiday to weed out the fake ass toasters...TALK IS CHEAP Morrasuckers!!! They Better bring it or get lost!! (please God let them bring it!! loll) ..
On the other hand, my friend is organizing a single ladies night out, which will be fun! ... I hope the ladies coming enjoy being single, because if its a bunch of depressed single ladies, looking around with envy at other couples, i am going to be MAD i paid for dinner on Valentines day.... ...lol..
I hope all you fabulous ladies have someone to sharee, someone to loveeeeeeee!!!! Because there is nothing better than spending that day with the one you love, like, are infatuated with...and so on...sigh***....


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I need my Camera!!!!


I am soo craving Nigerian food right now... The entire weekend has been spent searching for a Nigerian restaurant here in harlem and we havent been able to find any. We did find one in Brooklyn tho but since I have a lazy gene...it has been proving very difficult to find our way there :( so I remain hungry and continue to dream of Jollof rice and assorted meat...which is probably the only thing on the menu that is available....I don't know about you guys but every Afrcan restaurant I have been to has issues with their menus...I went to one in Silver Spring last yr and instead of me ordering my food...the waitress ordered it for me because they had run out of all the other things on the menu...she was like "There's no meat..only chicken and theres only fanta" so I had rice, chicken and fanta....and I swear its like that everywhere...in Birmingham, I went to this Nigerian place and we could only have the asterixed items on the menu and after we chose our food dude comes out of the kitchen and says "Its Monday, no meat".....Funny times yo. 

Anywayyy...I got a really nice metallic dress...yayyy!!! it didn't cost too much and it was what I wanted!!! however I have no pics of me in my dress :( ( I didnt take my camera to NY and I am waiting on Abby to upload the pics) but anyway it was hot!! I loved it! The weekend itself was nice...got to see Abby and Ozzy for the 1st time this yr and we just hung out...went shopping (yayyy!)...ate out ( double yayyyy) but didnt see any movies (booo) We took pics too but they are with Abby...oh and it was superbowl weekend too so it was great...I am so happy for the Steelers team and coach Mike Tomlin who is now the youngest coach to ever win a Superbowl...YAYY!!! and he is black too so woohooooo!! in general the weekend was fun and I can't wait to do it again. 

So Valentine's day is next weekend...ooooouuuweeeeee.... I wonder what I am gonna get... :) or if im gonna get anything :( hmmm i better be getting something unless theres gonna be some explaining to do!!! hahaahhaha....Anyway..what have you guys planned for Valentines day....i hope everyone has something fancy and exciting to do!! sigh...i wish someone wud just surprise me with a trip somewhere :) hint hint that wud be soo greaatt! On the more plausible side, confessions of a shopaholic  is out on the 13th so I guess I shall be watching that whether or not I have a date for valentines day :) 

Anyway right now...I am dying of hunger and I have to focus my energy on ordering something from seamlessweb.com...i swear it is like the coolest website in the worlddd!!!check it out guys!!!

ok bye guys...will be back soonest :)