Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trend Watch: Geometric!

Okayyyy....I started blogging about about something different a couple of days ago BUT I didnt finish it...soo BOOO to me...anyway...yesterday I told facebook 25 random things about me and I must say that it was an enjoyable experience...although I found it kinda hard to tag 25 ppl in my note. Anyway....today I discovered that I havent cooked ever since I came back to this country...ohmigosh I am so lazy...I am about to spend all my money ordering food. I don't even know how to work the cooker anymore...ok I kid...but I really havent touched it....it just sits there and I stare at it wondering if it will ever be used again...I really need to go grocery shopping but honestly Giants is too far away.

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with my male friend about buying gifts for guys on valentines day.... I have never bought a gift for a guy...on valentines day...I think its weird....I mean you can do stuff for them but buy them gifts???? errr...thats kinda strange in my book....he wasn't feeling that tho....apparently, he and I guess some other guys feel appreciated when they receive presents...what do you even get them? Like everything is designed for females...sheeeshh...watev...I guess I can send whoever flowers....I hope they like them....

On a sad note...this news bout Rihanna and Chris Brown is really depressing...I couldnt believe it when Doreen called me and told me about it and I still don't want to believe it yet...I really want to hear the inside story before I judge whoever....I do feel Chris Brown's career is suffering because of it....I dont know whether to say poor boy or stupid boy....I guess both of them work in this case...ladies pls don't hit men...cus they r human beings that are stronger than you...and even though I know that men aren't supposed to hit women....lets not provoke them cus you never know what can happen...sad sad sad
So lets see...food, presents, chrianna..err...what am i missing? Fashion! 

Todays trend watch is  drrum roll!!!!!!!!!Geometrics!!!!! The outfit above is from Gareth Pugh's Spring 2009 RTW collection which is so out of this world...really it is.

Sooo Kate Hudson wore the Oscar De La Renta two piece black and white mermaid shaped gown for bride wars premiere and I loved it so I decided to focus on Geometrics. I particularly have a weakness for Proenza Schouler's lime green outfit. Hmmm I love it! Look below for Geometrics from some of our fave designers in Spring RTW 09. Enjoy!!!!!!!

Kiss Kiss!!

images from style.com


WilliamsWest said...

that oscar de la renta dress that coco is wearing is bloody haWt!!!

|dollface| @ williamswest.blogspot.com

Cranberry said...

yeah I love that dress!!! Soo sick righttt!!

topper said...

the herve leger red dress is to die for! awesome post.

Shalewa said...

Gareth Pugh is uber ecclectic!