Monday, August 25, 2008

I love this song guys!!


Have fun guys!! Kissess!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Veronica Lodge!!

Remember Archie!
Remember Jug head!
Remember Betty!! err Loser much?!
( dude she waited Archie for too damn long -- girl move on?!!)
Remember Reggie !

Sigh*...Remember Youth.....AGE CURSE YOU!!!*shaking fist in the air*

I Found an old copy of Archie lying around my APT and it took me back to my obsessive days of borrowing, stealing and buying Archie comics like it was CRACK!
In the old days i must admit I never knew what was so hot about Archie...with his freckled, red headed ass lol...He had both Veronica AND Betty Panting after him ??!!...wait a second....DUDE... veronica and Betty are so vintage Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston!!..haha.
In the NEW day i still dont know whats so hot about Archie...i mean Reggie we are talking.....Reggie could get it lol...

When i was little, i was a Betty Fan...Go Betty!!...still hoping that the good would trump the evil ....wishing fervently that Betty would finally show Veronica pepper...err yah...Angelina got Brad Pitt at the end of the day...Life doesn't work like that folks!....Sad.

Anyhooey I remember lusting after Veronica's cute wardrobe...she was so trendy with her little minis and cocktail dresses....totally a comic style icon ...

She is so trendy!

So on that note, to Veronica i dedicate my Blog...for being ...One of the best examples of a spoilt, rich, daddy's girl with A fabulous wardrobe full of outrageously expensive designer outfits....she impresses and Oppresses simultaneously (bitch)...without her...We wouldn't have Blair Waldorf ...there would be no sweet sixteens....and we definitely would not know what to be *CLUELESS* about!

* Lifting glass solemnly*

Moving on....

on ANOTHER Veronica Lodge Note...She also did have the sweetest Bangs!! Totally a Bangs Pioneer lol...and with that ....i introduce a little segment called " When Bangs happen to good people"
Which in a nutshell is basically hot ways to wear bangs DEMONSTRATED by really fab girls!


And woohoo all this attention on bangs is of course for a purely selfish reason *blush* - i have bangs! chopped off my hair - I am plenty sure i would regret it someday but for now...I am loving it!!!lol

Like Joan said in her last blog, A black mini is very necessary...I am wearing a H&M mini which i got a MILLION years way i like it....a white tee shirt from H& M..and a Zara Blazer. The belt i also got a million years ago when i was into the rock studded look...i look at it from time to time...and go ...hmm toss??...but somehow it manages to escape my salvation army bag...its a very simple easy to wear outfit!
And sob** My holiday is OVer....sigh*...wish me luck this semester! Its now time to pull out my dental Blue scrubs...BAH* :(
Cranberry Kisses!!!

I'm choking here!!

So my brother is totally obsessed with Nigerian can't blame him...I mean the artists are like soo SICKK !! I confess that I am like Dbanj's greatest fan....hes AMAZING...hahahaha....totally dig him....and their vids....they are really alright....I mean a big step up from err...Mr Showkey's Dyna vid...(no offense) I just can't wait till Nigerian movies start to look as good as the music vids..hahahaha...there shud be no reason to spell Armageddon as get this...AMAGEDOM....I hope its all jokes sha....
Anyway...I went to the African store today (maggi is like crack :) ) and an image scarred me for life...ok for like 5 mins tops.....As an African, I have eaten a lot of strange things...I mean I feel close to cannibal many times...hearts and gizzards, oxtails and now chicken feet???? What the?? Don't get me wrong...I have seen my aunty in Nigeria eat this rare delicacy before but I just thought it was cus she was greedy and wanted to eat the whole damn chicken. I really can't get around the fact that pepaws eat chicken feet.....I mean uve eaten the wings, the thighs, the breast etc...why you gatta eat the feet tho?? like leave some for the trash yo!hahahahhaa....

for ur viewing pleasure!

Errr...yeah...what else is starts tomorrow....DEPRESSING...I have the choice of wearing either caribbean blue or carribean blue or maybe caribbean blue...suckkyy....I just can't believe I have to wear scrubs as I endure this 4 yrs of torture...basically I'm in jail..uniform and all.....I'm definitely choking heree!!!!

On a happier note, I got this Sisley mini from my sister :) and I love it....I know its just a black mini but I love its fit and the fabric! I love black minis cus you can honestly just pair them with a top and ta da! you are ready to go out! You can never go wrong if you have a black me I know!!

Top: WALTER, Bottom: Sisley
Ok guys....I'm off....
WAIT!! OMG Nigeria didn't get the gold....the hell??!!!! I was soo pisssed...I didnt watch it tho...Not a big fan of High blood pressure :).... off now!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Soo cute!!!

Isn't this just Adorable??!!
I Wish all you ladies a man like this!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chanel 2.55

I guess i am on a roll with timeless fashion pieces!
I consider myself quite the collector of the Chanel 2.55 model. I do driveby's in new york vintage markets & resale stores HOPING to get my hands on a well preserved, very beautifully made, AUTHENTIC, classic Chanel purse .
They mostly all possess the distinct look made popular since 1955 which is the lambskin quilted leather, the gold tone hard ware with a leather and gold
chain shoulder strap and a flap top closure with the Chanel interlocking CC twist lock. Gorgeous.
All credit goes to the late great Coco Chanel of course, who said, and i quote, "Innovation! One cannot be forever innovating. I want to create classics." And create classics she did!

Coco Chanel

I actually sort of despise her lol (God forgive me), for all the times she has made me shell out money for a purse i KNOW i don't need but MUST HAVE. But yes!!!..sometimes you have to weigh the odds - hmm Food..... or Fashion????...tough cookie!
But anyway for those Chanel enthusiasts who want to stock up on some Chanel 2.55 model bags, you have to be aware that many fakes exist! I personally don't like EBay for that reason alone , i prefer hitting up stores and personally checking for authenticity.
You should know that authentic vintage Chanel handbags have interior labels on the inside which are either a gold or silver Chanel stamp, embossed Chanel logo, rectangular leather label with Chanel sign in gold or silver, oval label with embossed Chanel logo, black label with Chanel in white color or black label with vertical lines. If there is no label boo boo its fake!!
You should also check for a Chanel logo on ALL zipper pulls PLUS your Chanel handbag should come with a serial number sticker, a seven or eight digit code which should match the authenticity card that comes with your hand bag.
And lastly { and which i found out the hard way bah:( } When checking the details of vintage Chanel handbags, make sure you’ve taken closer look at the CC logo. The top portion of the right C must overlap the top portion of the left C and the bottom portion of the left C must overlap the bottom portion of the right C!
if you look out for these features, you would be able to Bag (no pun intended) yourself a totally authentic vintage Chanel handbag!!


Chanel bags are truly timeless. They been synonymous with luxury and fashion for over 50 years. The vintage bags are generally cheaper than brand new ones but are still quite pricey and a great investment. You can use it and sell it for almost as much as you paid for it and hand it down to your little girl - Unfortunately for me, i have about 3 older sisters who are rocking my mom's Chanel's with no interest in letting it pass down the food chain - so Joan and I eat last! BAH :( - but anyway my daughters will be set! And would probably covet the purses just as much as my sisters do! So ladies, hold on to your Chanel's! Someday you may be able to sell them for a good amount of money or pass them down to your daughters who may covet them more than you!

I am going to leave on a Chanel note, with some of Coco Chanel's very wise quotes i love and live by!!

Cranberry Kisses!!!!


So I got a look at the September issue of Vogue and I totally lurrrrrveee the way Keira Knightley looks. Apart from the cover look (which pays homage to Yves Saint Laurent), the feature story shows Miss Knightley looking totally vamp with 30s/40s glam makeup. OMG....she looks like a totally different individual...make up is indeed damn near from that though...the clothes...kill me now..hahahaha.....I want them sooo much...that Yves Saint Laurent nylon dress is the bee's knees!!!I dont know why its not in my closet! Hahahaha....I absolutely love all the outfits and I would sell my sister if they would miraculously appear in my closet...sorry Dee!!!

Anywhoo....seeing these pictures reminded me of last summer when me and my friends were obsessed with Betty Page. We are the greatest fans of anything vintage....yeah if its vintage we will totally eat it totally cliche...hahaaha....but we were at my place watching like a gazillion old movies when we came across this movie not on TCM but on another channel...maybe Lifetime (cus we do watch that a lot too). It was called the Notorious Betty Page. Long story short...she was a Pin Up girl and bondage model...(no it wasn't that kind of movie :) ) It was a fun movie...we saw how someones life could totally change and she was soo innocent...she really didnt know what she was doing....but yeah I'm blabbing....Basically we loved her hair and she inspired us to try more inventive 40s hairstyles. This of course led to dressing like we were in the 40s...accesorizing (sp) with brooches and what nots...and wearing 40s inspired makeup....I can bet ppl who didnt know us got a lil irritated...hahahaa....yeah watever....

PS: As you can see even Baby Ashley got in on the fun!!!

Miss Page

Us girlies!!

In the spirit of reinventing oneself, I leave you with Solange's new vid...Sandcastle Disco....I love how she looks when she dances on top of the soup can...And YES I am totally digging Solange!!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


O' wayfarer, How fair thou art!

You were created in the fifties by a little company called Rayban

and then soooooooared quickly to fame after being perched on the bridge of Holly Golightly's eccentrically fabulous nose in breakfast at Tiffany's!

Since then you have made several appearances in subsequent fashion culture - from the rocking 70s to the Big hair 80s to the 90s...wait!!... (i am not sure you made an appearance in the 90s?!)..hmm...but anyway.....till today! are still here today...and although you are not always branded Rayban lol...your wonderful classical shape is seen on the shelves of stores worldwide including pharmacy stores like CVS and rite ..You range from $ (for those who don't care about labels) to $$$( for the label whores who need the RAYBAN stamp of authenticity).....So although you are quite Loose : other words to describe you - common, cheap, available, easily obtained - we are convinced of your very intriguing ability to wayfarer with that, we fashion lovers believe a pair or ten wouldn't hurt..after all there is nothing better than a product with no expiration date!

Sunglasses, reading glasses, sunglasses!!!
I think ozzy's sunglasses are mad cool(below)...we found them at this vintage store in new york...around 14th street...its a store only full of very wacky vintage sunglasses...bedazzled, excessively excessive sunglasses trying em on....
The Marc Jacobs are soooooo sexy! i am obsessed with sunglasses - I know its considered kind of LOCAL lol to wear sunglasses in a club lol but damn i am pushing to make it cool and trust me it has been a BUMPY, insult ridden ride as my friends have never hesitated to finish my life when i make the mistake of donning a pair lol - i think we should stop calling em sunglasses and just call them HATER BLOCKERS - or lets just accept that it has a dual function - to block the sun in the day and to block the hate at night lol... I know i am not convincing anyone lol...but really do me a favor, go out one day...and wear your sunglasses in the club...TRUST makes you feel slightly you feel a lot more free and relaxed because you cant catch anyone's judgemental eye haha.....BUT I am going to move on because i KNOW i am alone in this...TRUST me the rules will relax one day and ill be the first to be on the dance floor in my sunglasses...this PREJUDICE against night sunglassers wearing has got to STOP! :)
I am mad celebrities get a pass.
Anyway i included pictures of fashionable reading glasses i saw at H&M (Blue and red plastic frames) and some bright wayfarers sunglasses!


Cranberry Kisses!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My fave Hooker!

This is my favvvorite movie by FAR and my Favorite scene - "wake up, lets go shopping!" - oh i wish it were me...err...minus the hooker part! haha

And of course, we all love the part when she goes back to the snotty store with the mean sales girls and totally punks them like, "BIG mistake, BIG!" it!! -

How romantic sigh* - The Hooker and the billionaire lol - the stuff of fairytales - cinderella eat your heart out! Haha!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"In times like these, its helpful to remember that there were times like these..."

Today I was going through my old pictures (don't you love doing that? its amazing the things that you find...plenty of cringe-worthy what-was-i-thinking?? moments!!). I came across a few pictures that I thought to share. This night brings back major shits & giggles; a rainy night, couple of cocktails, dress up, a random American Apparel Ad, and trying my hands at being androgynous (channeling my inner Karl - I think I did pretty alright considering that I found all these gems in my wardrobe haha)......

Betsey Johnson travel luggage is a guilty pleasure...Im not one for tacky but there is something grungy and dirty (think gold spikes and black patent leather), yet luxurious that Betsey is able to bring together so seamlessly. The peace sign is so Doreens signature, and Joan playin around with her accessories, loves it!

Our take on American Apparel...speaking of..what do you think of their recent racy ads? Its causing quite a stir...well heres us a little less pornographic. American apparel is a tad overpriced considering that they work with mostly spandex which has to be THE cheapest fabric available.....

Its so hard to wear a lot of colors without being borderline tacky, so a splash of something bright is always good when mixed up with more somber colors, im loving Joans purple tights... Here's a good way to wear purple tights & sequins combined in one outfit without looking remotely loud..

By this time, we actually had the doorman taking our pictures lol!! He wanted in on the fun :). I remember a time when we actually used to leave the house dressed up like this and people would stare us down the street....I think we're getting a little boring guys!!! We once met Will.I.Am at a club in DC (pre-cranberry) and he told us that he loved our outfits, took us to his VIP section and hung out with us all night...but we were sooo young and sooo shy!! Dang if this was now, it would be a completely different story LOL

Anyway, just wanted to share these pictures, of crazy random candid moments in the lives of...

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Saturday, August 9, 2008



Friday, August 8, 2008


Anyway..thank God its friday!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hello all! Its been tooooooooo long, and I cant even come up with a plausible reason for ignoring our blog all this time. I guess sometimes, one just has to live and breathe!!! (*insert shy face*)
First of all - happy summer!! Yeah i know its practically over, and for those among us who work, it was hardly a holiday to write home about, save the heat, but I must say summer is simply blissful! I have eaten well, slept well, partied hard, all around been highly self indulgent, and loving every moment of it!
What are your summer must haves? Mine are:

DRESSES!!! I'm proud to say that no pair of jeans or pants of any sort have touched these lovely legs since the month of May...i think summer was all about the dresses! Short, flowery, floaty, bohemian, you name it! I love love love love love dresses...... I remember a time i went through a shorts phase (about 3 summers ago) that resulted in over 20 different pairs of shorts in all shapes colors and sizes (le sigh..)

**Of course the Hater-blockers! We all love the summer sun, but that doesnt mean our eyeballs have to become burning balls of fury..we all need that fancy gear protecting our precious eyes, and of course making us look hella fly in the process...

^^^^**Chapstick!! yes believe it or not, im obsessed not with lipgloss or lipstick but with chapstick!!! My name is Ozzy and I cannot live without my cherry chapstick...true story! I just need my lips moisturized all the time without being sticky especially in the heat..ugh! I hardly even wear lipstick with gloss...i guess im just not a lipgloss person***^^

and this seasons must haves!------> Gladiator sandals! I hate to be a total trendie but I cant help but love gladiators...ive always been a flats/sandals sort of person so this was like icing on my cake...i absolutely fell in love with my regular knock about ones i got from BCBG which are gladiator jellies...loves em! I hope it doesn't get cold till October I still have some gladiator left in me to give!

Movies!! I love summer blockbusters...We totally had a SEX & THE CITY-TI-TI.. night..(dressed up, had cosmos and then saw the movie) and it was welllll worth the wait!!! Iron Man was another killer! Seriously this movie was spectacular, I know the buzz is all about Batman (more like Heath Ledger) right now, but ive never been a Batman fan, so im still 'planning' to see it, but Iron Man totally made my summer, I cant even remember anything else I've seen that I loved even half as much. And of course Mamma Mia, although im obsessed with Abba so the movie could really do no wrong for me! Right now i wait with bated breath for Harry Potter IX : Half blood Prince!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! If you havent already checked it out...Do!!

BEYONCE! I cant get enough of this woman even if I tried, and even though she is conspicuously missing from the scene, I still glow with joy at the little snippets that we starving Stans get once in a while, so enjoy one of my favorite flicks of my beautiful B from the summer!

Aint for everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..and finally GIRLFRIENDS!!! An all year round must-have...they rock!!!!

Okay, Ive taken my break/ self distraction from sewing.....

Peace, love, Beyonce & Cranberry Kisses!!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ThisDay Festival...

Na soo oo... lol....I've always wanted to say that! lol

So Doreen and I decided that we were of course going for the This day festival being held in my backyard..DC :)....we knew it was going to be an awesome show (judging from their previous shows) and did I mention that Jay-Z was performing?!....Anyway...we went and was such a great show...Bigups to Thisday and Bigups to Nigeria. I was highly impressed!


The first performer was Youssou N'dour, a Grammy winning artist from Senegal. He is such an amazing artist - his voice , his band, his musicality - it was totally inspiring. He sang this song at the end which was about a positive was totally chillworthy ...dude is sick...For those who dont know him, please google him and download Youssou said at the beginning of the act "Jayz might be a headliner of the show BUT the african acts are the content of the show" please lets support our AFrican Musicians!...

The second performer was John Legend whom i love....More so since Dental school because he is my music of choice on those exam days when i need to stay awake lol. He did an awesome job as i expected...He is a great "Live performer...and he performed a new song called "goodmorning" which was so beautiful...and he also got the whole audience singing along with him, "Take it slowwwwwww, this time we will take it slowwwwwww"....Awesome!

Unfortunately, D'banj and Tuface did not perform at the thisday festival due to Flight conflicts....BUMMER.

The last performer was Jayz! If I wasn't a Jay-Z fan before...well I am now one 100%(Dont get me wrong oh, I am and will always be A Fan) rapper aliver.... His swag mehn...I am convinced he has links to the devil because anything he asked me to do, be it throw up a ROC sign or chant HOVA! HOVA! - i did it with all the energy in my chest lol....I friggin had a religious experience....And PLEASE, who are all the haters yarning that Jayz isnt Handsome...PLEASE he is fugging SEXY!!I KID YOU NOT!...Fresh to death...his skin is so soft and smooth lol...the epitome of GOOD LIVING...I was seriously hating on beyonce...GAWSH.....I wanted to follow him wherever he was going.....we saw some chick backstage and we convinced ourselves that that was Bee(you know i went crazy lol) really looked like her and she was really dancing during Jay's performance. AWWWW!!!! I love Bigga!!


I know very little about MOMO except that her collection was soo fieeerrrcceeeee.....when I saw her stuff (resort 2009) come down the runway I was sooo impressed with the cut of the dresses and choice of fabric...AND her fabrics were all Made in Nigeria...isnt that INCREDIBLEE!!! - Dude i dont know want i am doing in this country ...Nigeria is honestly the place to be....Her clothes were absolutely gorgeous....very ladylike...very flowy...awesome....I soo want one of her dresses!!!!! And she sounds like my one of my auntiesss!!!!! lol (proper Nigerian lady!)
And of course everybody knows the Deola Sagoe is sooo SICK...her collection was really HOT. Her inspirations were the rich african fabrics and the victorian era (what a contrast) - she had a very interesting and totally original collection - she had this swatch dress - Like swatches of different square swatches of fabrics used to create this very free moving dress ( i just had to gasp) and like very interesting collars on her was very inspiring!!

Both designers REALLY killed it...i was impressed and truely inspired me to DO Maybe One day we would show at the this day festival...for now...its Practice makes perfect! lol...!!!

Chris Aires collection had jewelry that came up to $450 million in total...YEAH....I wish...I just wish that I could have stolen like 2 outfits at least....I KID! or maybe not...but Tyson walked for his collection and I nearly swooned when I laid my eyes on him...what a HUNK!

Yeah so thats it....after the show...we went to the official after party at Ibiza...good times were had by all!...met lots of cool folk!
The Thisday festival continued with fab performances from Tuface, Naeto C and Ikechukwu at H20 nite club in DC the next day (Dbanj wasnt there).

Bigups to Mr Obaigbena for helping to represent Africa in an awesome light.


And i just have one more thing to say...



Cranberry Kisses!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sniff! Sniff!

And We would like to thank....

You guys!! for believing in us!!!


Adesuwaaaaaaaa is the Hottest new model on the fashion block.
She is currently signed to race management models in NY!
She is EDGY with a fierce walk and she takes the most amaaaaaaaaazing pictures!!
Apart from being such a Hottie Mctoasty she is also smart as helllll (which I really appreciate lol) - she is currently a Biochem Major at UMES !
We Met Adesuwa this summer while looking for our look book model and we fell head over heels in lurrrve with her look!! She agreed to be our cranberry girl Which is AWESOME as hell because she is the shiz!

Most Importantly, and i must say this because i have come across a lot of models with shitty ass attitudes... honestly, Adesuwa is just the coolest cat ever!...down to earth, fun and chilll....which is the deal...

*Joan and I Hanging with Adesuwa at a thrift store in Maryland!*

Look out for her because she is going to be HUGE!!!....
And YUP, she is half Nigerian (holla!) and half thai and chinese! Awesome!

Adesuwa Rocks! - chanel who?? lolol!

Anyway we have been just having fun with cranberry projects!..and so, in addition to our regular collection, we decided to do a cotton collection (because cotton rocks!) and Joan threw in a tie and dye african cotton dress (which we lovvvve) - which fueled MY desire for some more african print in our collection! - so in TOTAL - we r still completing the cotton collection, our regular fall collection AND planning an african fabric collection(fingers crossed)...ALL IN DUE

RANDOM BUT - We have soooooo many ideas and sometimes i feel so crippled when something prevents it from happening BUT...i believe that everything is going to work out in the long run....i really believe that....Our time will come too. Amen.

Anyhoo so Adesuwa came around to our apartment to help a sista out in getting the proper fit for our upcoming shoot -and we took some pictures.. and so here is a sneaaak preview of *some* dresses from our cotton collection( which basically consists of easy to wear dresses which are light and fun to wear) and also two new dresses from our fall collection!

Cranberry Kisses folks!


MEHN...was this weekend we'll talk about that later...i promise...

Gosh...I don't know how to blog again...I feel like sooo shy lol....but anyway...wats good? Been MIA for like a min or 2....but I've missed this blog...and yes we did get your inquisitive mails....and we are sooo soorryyy.... always I am in love...yes the big L......I am in love with Temperley London and Rumi honestly...T. London's fall collection is soo sick...I included 2 of her outfits in my latest collage/ creation on fall 2008....btw...I can't wait for fall so that I can finally wear pants...and tight pants at that cus if i try that this summer i'll prolly pull off my skin as I am trying to pull off my pants...yeah ewwwwww.....

On to Rumi Neely....where can I possibly start?? I love her...she is such an awesome dresser...I love her SHOES!!! oh and I love her blog too....migawssshhh!! check her out at She has been featured in Japanese Vogue girl and also in make sure you check her out...

Ok so wat else is new?? Hmmm...lets see...I had a bday...woohoo....turned errr 18? lol....oh Gawd Im OLD :( But it was fun...had a girls day (spa @ the ritz) then did the club do....surprise surprise....I had a lott of funn...and I thank my girls for making it sooo fun for me.....

chike, ozzy and I/Me relaxing

my sis and I/ Abby and Dee!

ozzy and I

My girlies and I!! basically thats that..will be back with more from the THISDAY FESTIVAL in DC and why I love my country Nigeria sooo soooo much!!!!


Saturday, August 2, 2008


Its been awhile! (you could say that again lol)

I have No explanations for the absence - I am just ashamed of myself lol..
This is Dee blogging by the way!!

I have so much Back lemme just start with the cherry blossom show...i promised pictures...and didnt deliver...which sucks....But i have some here!! ....Anyhooo here we go>>>>>>>>>>>

The show was really cool...problem was...we had NO we made impromptu calls to our sweet wonderful friends...nkechi, vel, robin and naima who THANKFULLY were available! (love you guys!!)....anyway from what i can REMEMBER lol, it was fun! - It had unique concept in that it was a STILL fashion show...No catwalk basically...the models were manniquins(basically standing in a pose for an amount of time) - (imagine having to tell that to people doing you a favor who just though they would do a walk and be outtie lol) really thank God we have awesome friends!

So anyway - pictures speak louder than words!!

*Meanwhile i am sooo obsessed with Little Jackie's - the world should revolve around me..I share her sentiments! It is also the sound track to I love New york's new show (hiss)...

Its Blogging season lovies!! I am back with a vengeance! lol...

Cranberry Kisses!!!