Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hello Ladies,
Being in school is literally the dumps, after weeks and weeks of exam filled mondays, i FINALLY have a free monday, so i am basically freeeeee to be meeee....and boy, AM I pleased!i

Anyway i have read the comments and N.O cranberry's closet doesnt refer to me listing out every item we all posess! Nice try guys lol!
It actually refers to all the clothes we have made thus far...clothes that we love ...and HATE to part with sigh!... clothes that have graced runways and photoshoots, sigh*...we were planning a mini sample sale of this such items, its going to be in DC and we are also going to add the new garments we have made as well...most you haven't seen for those who heart cranberry, its going to be a really REALLY fun afternoon sample sale with cupcakes and clothes...but that is still in works considering that we all have to agree on a free weekend...I will volunteer more information for this event as we put it together....thanks for patiently waiting!
Love ya'll!!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SHOP! In the name of $100...

...So, today Joan and I set projects for relentlessly scour the net to find awesome clothes for awesome prices..Joan for $50 or less, me for $100 or less... I have to take time out to commend Joan on doing a great jabby jab cos er...finding nice clothes under $50 aint so easy!!! You would think that shopping with a budget of at least $100 should result in some extremely nice items, but Im often shocked at people with great salaries, and busted wardrobes...*sigh*..... Anyways in my little experiment, I tried to avoid stores like Bebe, Arden B, and friends because if you have $100 to spend on an item, you can definitely walk in those stores and find something affordable and cute, so instead I tried to find great deals in places people might not regularly think to shop at and also great sales that may be going on at this time. So, so, these are my finds, I hope you enjoy, or find something that you like!
xoxo Oz.

Winter gear - Each of these coats are very cute, the brown being my absolute fave. The gray military style Jacket is another. I love jackets that have character and try my best to stay away from the generic black coats and such. Having a fabulous winter jacket is such a necessity because if youre forced to be in it 24/7 while still freezing your butt off (whats up with that?), you might as well look good!!

L - R : $79 Nordstrom, $68 Nordstrom, $98 Nordstrom, $89 LaMixx

Spring dresses - Summer is a few, painful months away!! But its never too early to stock up on dresses! Actually, most of us probably still rock dresses to parties and stuff albiet the weather (women are such die hards; how can a man come all covered up and warm whilst we're almost catching pneumonia trying to look good?)

L-R: Love the blck &white dress reminds me of the tuxedo trend right now..Hot! and only $39.50 from Delias! This billowy mocha shirt-dress can be transformed from casual day to night if you wear it sans tights and a pair of hot heels! okay i admit i dont remember the price, but its from Urban Outfitters and I promise its under 100, if not 50 dollars!; This black simple mini dress is so simple yet chic...i love the details like the inverted pleat on the front and back. $66 from Nordstrom; This draped mini dress is very cute and can be both casual and dressy if accessorized the right way..$64 LaMixx; The white lace dess i think is just adorable, looks very easy on and looks great against dark skin. $58 from

Shoes - Im horribly picky when it comes to shoes...It takes a lot for me to fall in love with a pair of shoes. First of all my main problem is that I am inexplicably drawn to expensive shoes. If you give me a box of 500 shoes, the one that I would pick from the litter ALWAYS turns out to be the most expensive!!! Its such a pain in the butt, believe me it aint cute when ure on a students budget! I love shoes to have something different about them, I cant just buy a pair of shoes from steve madden and call it a all my shoes are always wierd and odd looking, and i LOVE it!!! so i tried to tone my 'taste' down a little so they can somewhat appeal to everyone else, but anyways here are my shoe choices!!

L -R : The first shoes are sooo me...i love sling backs and i love the comfortable kitten heels.. $78 from; I'm totally in love with these flats..i already ordered em both in black and grey! They are comfortable yet extremely chic, and not typical $64; If youre into oxfords, then you will definitely love these; im of the humble opinion that oxfords are the only boots that can get away with being worn with dresses..they look so good in tights and skinnies as well...the first one is from dolce vita (nice shoes and great prices!) $70, and the darker ones are even more affordable at $44; Theres nothing like a nice pair of loafers... and these are definitely a steal. Lauren Label by Ralph Lauren, on sale for $75!! If you shop at Ralph Lauren you know what a ridiculous steal this is! Loafers are great 'knock about' shoes; without having to resort to wearin flipflops all the time.

When it comes to jewellery, i have the less is more mentality. Id rather rock a pair of fantabulous earrings and leave my neck bare than to overload jewellery on every available limb on my body. Thats why i fell in love with this bracelet from J.Crew. Chunky jewellery is in style right now, and a big chunky bracelet compliments most outfits greatly, and you wont need any other arm jewellery!
I found this clutch at pookie & sebastian - an NYC based store with great deals. Very simple, I love brown chocolate distressed leather especially when worn with black.

I think ive spent as much time as I can infront of a computer screen without exploding!! So im going to rest my ever deteriorating eyes ( - 6 and couting..) now! Goodnight all!

The Under 50 club


If you think you are going to see that designer bag you have been eyeing on Mary-Kate's shoulder for a week now, this is not the place for can probably find that somewhere in New York either at Bergdorf's or in Canal Street..

If you think you are going to see a fab pair of Louboutins on this list..think again...they didn't birth me a magician unfortunately..

Basically don't dream of seeing anything that has a designer label attached to it because those items are rarely ever under 50 bucks unless you want to buy a pair of socks just because they are "designer".

Anyway...being the ever so gracious blogger that I am, I scoured the net in search of nice, beautiful items of clothing that were on sale online and in stores at the request of one of those who remain to stay would much rather be online shopping than reading for Physiology right I thank you for the distraction.

After doing this challenge, which I must say was every challenging and exciting so to speak, I found a lot of uhh good "finds"? and I hope you enjoy my picks for items under $50! Here it goes!

This cute babydoll dress with a brocade skirt says chic all the way!! Pair it with opaque black tights and black round toe pumps or just go bare legged (sexy!) ...accessorize with either a chunky gold chain OR some fab earrings.

Price Tag: $49.99

Store : Arden B

This white satin loose dress is soo cute! I love it! It has a ballon skirt and I love the way the model wears it. You can opt to play it sexy by going without the tights but either way the look is hot. You can wear it loose like she does or cinch it with a THIN (NOT THICK) gold belt if you wish to show more of your feminine wiles.

Price Tag: 39.99

Store: Urban outfitters

This is such a hot look for summer. I love the color of the definitely will compliment your skin tone! Wear it with some nice sandals and rock the breezy summer chic look and look expensive doing it. Since the dress is already busy, do not over do the jewelry. Simple studs will do.

Price tag: $29.99

Store: Arden B

I love the color of this dress! It is very simple yet so very stylish. Try an updo (and I do not mean an elaborate one PLS!) with this dress to show more neck as it has a high neck and pair it with some nice gold earrings.

Price Tag: 49.99
Store: Arden B
This little black dress is so simple yet so chic. The whole look is so cute. It is cinched at the waist but still very free. Add gold earrings and leave your neck bare to dress it up. For a more casual look, place a white camisole beneath the dress and accesorize with a long chain necklace.
Price Tag: 39.99
Store: Urban Outfitters
Sweet!! Again, I love this look. You can opt to be less adventurous and replace the socks with black opaque tights...don't touch the shoes though! They are hot!!!
Price tag: 39.99
Store: Urban Outfitters
Glitterati! Pair this fab sequined shift dress with black tights and black pumps and PLS don't overdo the jewelry..the dress is already shiny enough!
Price Tag: $39.99
Store: Urban Outfiters

So it is sooooooooooo difficult to look for shoes under $50 but these are very cute. To make this look more stylish, pair with opaque black tights and a cute dress.

Price Tag: $49.99

Store: Urban Outfitters

These are really cute and would look really nice with a pair of skinny jeans or a really cute dress. Look out for it in different shades. Love it!

Price Tag: 29.99

Store: Ninewest

These sandals are oh so cute for summer...Definitely trying to stock up on my summer gear and I absolutely love it. pair with a nice flirty summer dress and nice pedicured toes cus we don't want you looking crustayy!
Price Tag: 34.99
Store: Urban Outfitters

I feel like everything looks good with the these are some really cool accesories to dress up your outfits. The earrings are so cute and so not typical. The leaf shape is very cute and will get people asking where you got your earrings from. The bracelet is so cute and would look good with almost all the dresses I put up. The long necklace is so cute and there are so many of them out there so just go on and pick any of them because they are sure to dress up your outfit.
Price Tags (Clockwise): $ 9.99, $14.99, $17.99
Store: Urban Outfitters

The belts are so cute and as you can see will look awesome with either black or white...(but you can pair it with other colors if you want) They help to cinch your waist and dress any outfit. Best of all, you can retire that fat belt today.
Price tags( Clockwise): $14.99, $19.99
Store: Urban Outfitters

I absolutely love this purse. First it has the long chain strap which I personally favor. It is very stylish and dressy! Perfect for a night out with your girls...
Price Tag: $29.99
Store: Urban Outfitters
Okay so I hope this helps...and honestly there mad sales just have to find out when they are going on. It is easier to find sales online though because people are crazy and they will buy out the sale section in me I have been on both sides of the fence.
I have to go I said..I do have to study my Physiology...but in the meantime...stay fab and Cranberry Kisses all the way!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008


You know how the saying goes...

"A decorated gorrilla is still a gorrilla" ?
That is to say, in lay mans terms; there is no amount of baffs that u can wear in the world that can take the attention away from your beauty, or lackthere of. Therefore, call me shallow but I think looks is one of the most important things in the world. Now im not just talkin a girl who was born with a pretty face or a flawless bone structure (we take heifers like that with a grain of salt and keep on truckin' lol) Im talking someone who takes the time and effort to TAKE CARE of themselves and groom their looks. Believe me, if you dont have to be naturally pretty to look good. If you take great care of your skin and hair, you will look way better than a naturally pretty girl who falls prey to "PGS".

PGS - Pretty Girl Syndrome; usually a girl who has been told one time too many how pretty she is, to the point where she believes her own hype and fails to maintain her beauty because she thinks she is just beautiful no matter what.

I have witnessed the downfall of many. ..When you start to hear "Oh wow...she USED TO BE so cute...etc.." PGS strikes again lol.

Anyways in my spare time aka all the time, i obsess over new products and skin care regimens and hair care regimens in order to er..'preserve my sexy' as diddy eloquently put it. Im a bit of a health and beauty junkie, although i dont always follow my own sound advice lol.

Skin care:

First and foremost the most important thing for your skin, which im sure uve heard a million times already is drinking as much water as u possibly can. Im not one of those people who was blessed with naturally great skin, so i have to work hard to keep it as clear as i can!!

Now when it comes to products its pretty much diff strokes for different folks, because people have varying skin types ranging from dry to oily, and people react to things differently. Its very important to have a facewash AND moisturizer, because if you dont moisturize your skin becomes more oily because it is forced to produce its own oil to battle the dryness of your skin. As tempting as it may be..NEVER SLEEP WITH YOUR MAKE UP ON!! about clogging your pores.

If ur looking to spend $ - $$
I pretty much swear by Neutrogena for my face wash and visibly even or their oil free moisture with spf. Please people spf is not only for white folks oh, everyone needs as much protection from the sun as they can get.

You should use a scrub at least once a week or every 2 weeks if you have sensitive skin. It is important to get rid of dead skin cells on the layer of your face, and it gives u a glow and a better complexion, AND ur skin feels baby soft. I think the unanimous best scub is St Ives apricot scrub, but I also tried a new neutrogena scrub pad over the break, that felt really great as well. However, do not overscrub!! there is nothing worse than aggravating your skin.

Another line of products i can vouch for through friends experiences and such is Aveeno and also the body shop's tea tree oil line. I personally didnt think it did much for me, but I like their blue corn facial mask.

I personally dont like dove for anything other than my deodorants. The moisturizer is too thick in my opinion and stays on the surface and doesnt really permeate into your skin, and i dont like the feeling of residue from the washes either.

For those willing to shell out the $$ - $$$
ELIZABETH ARDEN ALL THE WAY baby! but seriously...Elizabeth Arden products leave u feeling all soft and gooey and womanly!! nuff said!

The most important thing is finding a regimen that works for YOU and playing around to see how ur skin reacts to certain products which is mostly by trial and error (which can either be a blessing or a real disaster!) It is kinder to your skin to stick to a line of products than mixing and matching, IMHO!

Oh TERRIBLE for your skin. I dont get what the fascination is with smoking, and why it seems that every time i see a nigerian girls picture (esp in london..yeah i said it!!!) there seems to be a ciggarette perched delicately between her fingers. I guess it must be one of the many 'in' things..or peer pressure..who knows. But i dont understand why anyone would want to smoke when it does absolutely NOTHING for blackens your u bad skin...BAD breath (i had a teacher who was a smoker...i had to hold my breath everytime she came near me)..and it doesnt even make you high!!! At least smoke weed or shisha if you really need the sensation of smoke filling your least it comes with perks!!

Some ghetto skin tips (lol the kind u find out by mistake)
SHELLY - Im not goin to lie to you...shelly might remind u of your housegirl or those razz women that use it to bleach, but shelly really works wonders when u dab it overnight on a spot.

Neosporin - for those ladies who like to pick at their skin when they get an annoying pimple. Neosporin clears it up because when you pick at your skin, you can turn it into more like a wound than a pimple.

rubbing alchohol - LOL...okay...when i was in about ss3 or so...i got the WORST flare up of acne ever...out of nowheer..and i wanted to DIE! (Yes this is me - flaws and all!!) I went through just about anything that u can think of from pills to proactiv, to every benzoyl peroxide product there is on the market. And one day, i said u know what...f it....and i threw all those chemical things away that do little better than dry your skin till you look like prune. AND i met this dermatologist guy on a flight one...and we got talking, and he said you know going to tell you something... he told me to get a little bottle. Fill it up halfway with rubbing alchohol, and dilute it to the brim with water...and dab it on my face like 5- 6 times a day or as often as i could... and i was i did it...and i keed you like 2 weeks i had not a pimple on my face, and aside from the occasional period breakout that we women must suffer...i dont get random acne anymore can i say ALLELUUUUUUUUJAH!!!!! LOL...but please...combine this with a SERIOUS moisturizer.....can u say DRYING out ur skin sheesh?!

Ive heard about other myths like lemon juice on your lips to make them pinker, and those *blackened* knees and elbows that we blacks are known to suffer from, apparently it lightens them up. I havent tried it meself but its just part of my far and wide gathered knowlege...
AND i also heard that pure black soap (dudu osun, but PURE) is like a Godsend for ur skin, havent tried it but I might make a lab rat out of myself soon..all in the pursuit of beauty abi?

Glycerin & Rosewater - Makes ur skin baby soft when its used like a cleanser/toner (applied with a cotton pad) after you wash ur face. It really brings out a "glow" in your complexion lol, and makes ur skin feel sooooooo nice!

Phew!!! Okay im tired now, as im sure u are of reading this post so im going to take a breather and *maybe* get ready for school tomorrow...seriously who lives in NY...this weather is beyond RIDIC!! Im almost fainting from the thought of commuting at 9am tomorrow...all in favor of MLK week say aye....

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Any Questions??

This blog "segment" lol, is in response to an anonymous suggestion that we answer questions anyone has on clothes and shopping,, love, beauty secrets...LIFE IN GENERAL... I think it would be quite a fun exercise!
I am no guru or stylist to the stars (This is a disclaimer!!..I know someone is like "WHAT DOES SHE EVEN KNOW SEF" lol)... but it never hurts to hear another person's opinion....If anyone wants to ask about ANYTHING, we would be very happy to assist you in any way we can!

AND can we suggest that instead of posting as anonymous, post as an actual name or phrase or anything so we can properly reply to you without going anonymous 1 or anonymous 2 lol...because that would be tedious and confusing for the both of us lol...

Thanks again for the comments!! and the Bad girls club is on Oxygen network, it shows on tuesdays at 10pm!!

Bebewa said...
good, cos boy do i have some questions for you ladies. Now, when will your clothes hit the market, and i also sew do you use patterns, or just free style.

Cranberry said...
@ Bebewa darling, thanks for your comment!Our clothes will hit the market, hopefully end of this year or early next year. We currently do the work ourselves for the promotional aspect BUT to go commercial, we are in works to get efficient help in terms of tailors who can better produce finished work .. we have to have sizing,distribution,fit and durability lol all figured out!We feel that its better to get everything organized and in place before we jump into the markets, there is nothing worse than selling a product that cannot stand the test of time.And when I sew i freestyle ( i dont even own a body) i fit the clothes on myself, which is why they have a GREAT fit, Ozzy on the other hand is in parsons and so she is getting a great education in pattern making and draping (which she has to teach me soon lol)..She says that using patterns makes it soo much easier and more finished, so i encourage you to get a pattern for the next garment you decide to sew!Hope i helped!!Kisses!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Cranberry Fashion Watch/ Bad girls club

So this is officially my first "style watch" in 08! YAY!

What i like to do, as you all to feature lovely ladies who I personally believe WEAR CLOTHES. There is a difference between wearing clothes and WEARING CLOTHES. Make a note of that.
I love innate style, confidence and glamour...the thing with fashion is that...its very very very easy to take a WRONG turn, its a very intimate and detail which is why i appreciate seeing clothes "WORK" on people...LAYERING is one of the hardest things to do...and one of the ugliest fashion faux pas to behold if it goes wrong...i wish i could insert an example on here but i am too chicken to do that...i don't want to get jumped in a dark alley....not with this bone structure! lol

I wish i had the patience, time and energy to start a street style blog...sigh*..too busy...meanwhile.... me thinks i just have to scratch that itch by making my Lil ol style lists on this here blog...

Since i am a MILITANTLY AFRICAN, especially on fridays, i decided to focus solely on my African ladies, who i MUST say, are doing it!!
Who says we wear leaves and walk around bare chested?! That damn national geographic channel!!!..
...........We are simply fabulous.

Marian, a stylist is bringing the heat with her fashion combinations. I am a sucker for jewel toned clothing and that blue is blinding, loves it! The shoes are awesome!; Look 2 is more casual , i like buttoned down sweaters over cotton dresses or dress shirts and the shoes are lovely!; i love look 3, the hat, purse, the flats, very it bebe!!

Loza is chic, Look 1 ; the jacket with the buttoned down sweater, thats hot, look 2; that dress is molten, loves it and look threee is more casual and interesting, i really like the shape of the shorts, awesome.

Temi is working fall chic to the bone. I loveee that first sweater, the boots, the yellow dress, the stocked shoeeesiess sigh*, in look 2, i love that jacket, its soo me, i want it! and the last look is just casual chic, the red beret and cream scarf, loves it!

This is my MINI fashion style watch list featurinnnnnng my favourite fashionable girlies, Ivie and Imade (Ozzy's Cousin's) ...Fabulous has no age limit honies!!

Imade is just stylish period, in look 1, she is all glammed up in her very vintageesque cocktail dress, and the shoes are sooo cute, with her 1940s coif, so cute. Look 2, HER BELT (and i dont like belts) is awesome..the deep blue color with the gold clasp paired with her cheetah top,skirt and red sandals is very casual and cool, loves it!..her third look is also casual, i love her hand bag...I personally loveee dress shirts, with chunky gold chains, and skinnies...very casual chic....she is just soo cute...

Ivieeeeeee, my sweetie...i love her style, its very chic, alternative and rock....Look 1, 2 and 3 ivie! she is trying HARD to be like ME HAHA!!!

Now that THAT is over, How is everyone doing?!!!, School has officially started, i have about 20.5 credits, which translates into - Dee's ASS is officially Effed!...blogging will be choppy and in all honesty i am meant to be studying Physiology earnestly but i AM Bored damnit! who cares about the permeabilty of plasma membranes when i can flip through pictures on

I hope everyone has stuck to their resolutions so far, i know i sure haven't!

A big THANKS to everyone who ever leaves a comment on our blog, we appreciate it, we loveeeeeee it, and it is great! So thanks!!!

Meanwhile for those who have oxygen, please peeep the BAD GIRLS CLUB, that show is hilarious, i guess i am a Bizitch because i sure as the sky is blue can hold my own in that terms of insults and taunting...not being whorish and loose....its funny as hell though...i am rooting for the "so called"mean girls...I know y'all wont be able to know what i am talking unless you watch the show BUT i believe that people need to keep their private business PRIVATE, dont do ish you will eventually regret, dont say things to people unlesssss you want it to come out one day, because trust me, every bad thing you confide will eventually be let loose, and honey can you handle it when that judgement day comes?....Dont be free with your words and think everyone is your friend and give people your jist freely because they will only laugh at you eventually, because trust me, I WILL LAUGH AT YOU, TAUNT YOU and JUDGE YOU..damn...there goes another resolution, to stop judging..sigh*....all i am saying is.....I have been 10th party lol, not even third party to very random people's jist...and of course, my only reaction is to enjoy it and laugh my head off, and Thank God it wasnt me! just look around you and cut off those friends you KNOW at the back of your mind are not really your friends, those ones you have to act EXTRA with, because it just doesnt come naturally, you know what i am talking i always say, even if you have one friend, its all good!...its better to have peace of mind, than to constantly be waiting for the axe to create a home in your back.....and yes! i am bitterly speaking from experience....Thank God i love myself too damn much to waste my time playing the game of "who is faker" just to ensure peace. I firmly believe in politely cutting people out. Kinda harsh, but you cant make someone who doesnt like you, like you, especially when you have only been nothing but kind to them...ask about me, i was brought up to have respect for people and to be nice and friendly, anyone who says otherwise does not know me.....

At the end of the day, everyone has their own fair share of insecurities, but unfortunately, some are dealt a heavier blow, and as always they remain in my prayers.

So in summary, watch what you say and whom you say it to, because the most wicked thing to do, is give someone a nice chunk of juicy jist that You Yourself couldnt keep to your own damn self and then expect the person to not tell...JUST one person...and the cycle begins the worrrds of the Roots, dont say nothing!

Anyhoozy, have a fabulous weekend y'all!!

As Always

Cranberry kisses!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008



Its 08, woohoo!!

I hope you all had a great time ushering in the new year, i know i did!!!,

We were in NY for the countdown, it was a great time from start to finish and there is nothing better than entering a new year surrounded by family and friends!

This year strive to keep your resolutions (i never do!)

Also this year i encourage y'all to :
  • Be kind to others.

  • Cut off friendships that are harmful to you. We are all getting older, no need for all that fake nonsense.

  • Get closer to your family
  • Get closer to God

  • And upgrade yourselves - there is always room for improvement lo
Okay i am done with that!

So anyway i included a couple of pictures from our awesome NYE celebration! Enjoy!

On our way to dinner, guess who we saw filming her reality TV SHOE ? Kathy Griffin!

WOA - never feel comfortable enuff to say Hello to a celeb (whether or not they are on the D-list) - they sure will make u feel like a FAN!..bitch!

Dinner with my girls and Abby.

I and ozzy woohoo!; I and my gentlemanly fashionable friend M; Joan posing!

Party people!!

ozzy boogying with niki; my french cousin perry, tito and my sister juliette; my glam sisters, ozzy, abby and joan.

Have a great 2008!

Cranberry Kisses***