Friday, January 4, 2008



Its 08, woohoo!!

I hope you all had a great time ushering in the new year, i know i did!!!,

We were in NY for the countdown, it was a great time from start to finish and there is nothing better than entering a new year surrounded by family and friends!

This year strive to keep your resolutions (i never do!)

Also this year i encourage y'all to :
  • Be kind to others.

  • Cut off friendships that are harmful to you. We are all getting older, no need for all that fake nonsense.

  • Get closer to your family
  • Get closer to God

  • And upgrade yourselves - there is always room for improvement lo
Okay i am done with that!

So anyway i included a couple of pictures from our awesome NYE celebration! Enjoy!

On our way to dinner, guess who we saw filming her reality TV SHOE ? Kathy Griffin!

WOA - never feel comfortable enuff to say Hello to a celeb (whether or not they are on the D-list) - they sure will make u feel like a FAN!..bitch!

Dinner with my girls and Abby.

I and ozzy woohoo!; I and my gentlemanly fashionable friend M; Joan posing!

Party people!!

ozzy boogying with niki; my french cousin perry, tito and my sister juliette; my glam sisters, ozzy, abby and joan.

Have a great 2008!

Cranberry Kisses***


Anonymous said...

i love your blog, it always keeps me entertained. Keep up the good work young ladies.

Anonymous said...

Na una dey enjoy oh, no be small talk. Una no seem to they no no dey kampe... Na una big oh.

BTW, you girls should also consider modelling for real men! especially the skinny one..she looks like 5'9 size 0.(or i lie?).oh well im sure you get that alot, but u guys need to go for it will be haute

jaja said...

happy new years to you ladies! nice resolutions. i've never experienced nye in ny, too many people. but it looks fun!

Wale said...

here's to a fantasti year *cheers*

Anonymous said...

you guys dress like the pointer sisters....u should check it out..excatly the ssame....are they ur inspiration or something like that?