Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Under 50 club


If you think you are going to see that designer bag you have been eyeing on Mary-Kate's shoulder for a week now, this is not the place for can probably find that somewhere in New York either at Bergdorf's or in Canal Street..

If you think you are going to see a fab pair of Louboutins on this list..think again...they didn't birth me a magician unfortunately..

Basically don't dream of seeing anything that has a designer label attached to it because those items are rarely ever under 50 bucks unless you want to buy a pair of socks just because they are "designer".

Anyway...being the ever so gracious blogger that I am, I scoured the net in search of nice, beautiful items of clothing that were on sale online and in stores at the request of one of those who remain to stay would much rather be online shopping than reading for Physiology right I thank you for the distraction.

After doing this challenge, which I must say was every challenging and exciting so to speak, I found a lot of uhh good "finds"? and I hope you enjoy my picks for items under $50! Here it goes!

This cute babydoll dress with a brocade skirt says chic all the way!! Pair it with opaque black tights and black round toe pumps or just go bare legged (sexy!) ...accessorize with either a chunky gold chain OR some fab earrings.

Price Tag: $49.99

Store : Arden B

This white satin loose dress is soo cute! I love it! It has a ballon skirt and I love the way the model wears it. You can opt to play it sexy by going without the tights but either way the look is hot. You can wear it loose like she does or cinch it with a THIN (NOT THICK) gold belt if you wish to show more of your feminine wiles.

Price Tag: 39.99

Store: Urban outfitters

This is such a hot look for summer. I love the color of the definitely will compliment your skin tone! Wear it with some nice sandals and rock the breezy summer chic look and look expensive doing it. Since the dress is already busy, do not over do the jewelry. Simple studs will do.

Price tag: $29.99

Store: Arden B

I love the color of this dress! It is very simple yet so very stylish. Try an updo (and I do not mean an elaborate one PLS!) with this dress to show more neck as it has a high neck and pair it with some nice gold earrings.

Price Tag: 49.99
Store: Arden B
This little black dress is so simple yet so chic. The whole look is so cute. It is cinched at the waist but still very free. Add gold earrings and leave your neck bare to dress it up. For a more casual look, place a white camisole beneath the dress and accesorize with a long chain necklace.
Price Tag: 39.99
Store: Urban Outfitters
Sweet!! Again, I love this look. You can opt to be less adventurous and replace the socks with black opaque tights...don't touch the shoes though! They are hot!!!
Price tag: 39.99
Store: Urban Outfitters
Glitterati! Pair this fab sequined shift dress with black tights and black pumps and PLS don't overdo the jewelry..the dress is already shiny enough!
Price Tag: $39.99
Store: Urban Outfiters

So it is sooooooooooo difficult to look for shoes under $50 but these are very cute. To make this look more stylish, pair with opaque black tights and a cute dress.

Price Tag: $49.99

Store: Urban Outfitters

These are really cute and would look really nice with a pair of skinny jeans or a really cute dress. Look out for it in different shades. Love it!

Price Tag: 29.99

Store: Ninewest

These sandals are oh so cute for summer...Definitely trying to stock up on my summer gear and I absolutely love it. pair with a nice flirty summer dress and nice pedicured toes cus we don't want you looking crustayy!
Price Tag: 34.99
Store: Urban Outfitters

I feel like everything looks good with the these are some really cool accesories to dress up your outfits. The earrings are so cute and so not typical. The leaf shape is very cute and will get people asking where you got your earrings from. The bracelet is so cute and would look good with almost all the dresses I put up. The long necklace is so cute and there are so many of them out there so just go on and pick any of them because they are sure to dress up your outfit.
Price Tags (Clockwise): $ 9.99, $14.99, $17.99
Store: Urban Outfitters

The belts are so cute and as you can see will look awesome with either black or white...(but you can pair it with other colors if you want) They help to cinch your waist and dress any outfit. Best of all, you can retire that fat belt today.
Price tags( Clockwise): $14.99, $19.99
Store: Urban Outfitters

I absolutely love this purse. First it has the long chain strap which I personally favor. It is very stylish and dressy! Perfect for a night out with your girls...
Price Tag: $29.99
Store: Urban Outfitters
Okay so I hope this helps...and honestly there mad sales just have to find out when they are going on. It is easier to find sales online though because people are crazy and they will buy out the sale section in me I have been on both sides of the fence.
I have to go I said..I do have to study my Physiology...but in the meantime...stay fab and Cranberry Kisses all the way!!!


DAVID said...

LMAO @ Best of all, you can retire that fat belt today.
The contemporary abortion belt era was quite a sad one! lol

Emm, I love this post. GREAT finds!!!

And thanks for adding my blog to your 'Hot Blogs' tab.


Rola said...

I have the old belt....absolutely love it!

Zena said...

I love you guys, I saw the title and I havwn't even read and I'm excited

Zena said...


thanx guys, for actually taking the time out

Nigerican said...

I heart ArdenB :). I'm so going to , i'm addicted to shoes.

Anonymous said...

Like many have said, great finds!
But those shoes are Prada and Balenciaga rip-offs...not cool!

Cranberry said...

@ Anonymous...thanks...however I don't really see the shoes as being "rip offs" per say unless you want to call every single non designer store a rip course every body gets an idea or two from the big deal designers...imitation is the greatest form of flattery...they weren't purchased with the names prada or balenciaga scribbled over them and found in canal off or not, the shoes are cute and cheap and that is why they are here..damn can a poor man eat too????

thanks guys...i hope this somehow helped...btw david, loved the belt era until it basically exploded in my about!