Friday, March 13, 2009

Chloe babyy!!!

Hey Ladiess!!!! How are you...I think I have a sore throat..and its awful....I feel like Im 2 seconds away from gettin an equally awful cold....boooooooo!!! I hate it sooo muchh.....Today is Friday and I hear the game should be on....not the game game..the game with Tia Mowry :) I can't wait..I absolutely lovvvvee that show!!! 

Soooo....I was going to talk about Julian Louie today but I saw the Chloe collection and I got side I'll talk about that later...if I remember :) Anyway...this collection..ohmigod...I think its great!!! The clothes are so glamourous but not in a fighting glam! I especially loved the velvet jumpsuit...Ok first of all...I am really not a big fan of jumpsuits...whenever I think of a jumpsuit I think of  leopard print and lycra...yeeeshhhh! Nightmares....but yeahhhh...these jumpsuits were greatt!!!! collection is described as a soft version of the 80s...and I can see exactly why... there were big blanket coats, high waisted fluid pants...which I loved of course, pleated pants! lovely!! and flowy dresses and skirts...which were just divine!! This is the rest of the collection..lemme know what you think!!!

I also love the shoes...The boots (The black one with the shorts and blanket coat) remind me of my mom in the was fashionable back theeeeeeeeennnn....and she lived in Paris sooo yeah...hahahahhahhaa....anyway tell me what you think....Right now I soooo hungryyyy and Ive been watching the food channel while blogging :( I know..not the best idea....

Aight ladiess byeeee...Its Friday...Make sure you go outtttt!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Amber Rose?

So my friends and I were talking about this Amber Rose chick...and we were really trying to figure her out...Is she is Fashionable? Is she being dressed by Kanye? Is she dating Kanye? Is she just being used as a prop for Kanye? Is she the next Rihanna? Is she really a lesbian? Was he reffering to her when he said " I'll do anything for a blonde dike and she'll do anything for the spotlight"? hahaha...I know there are ppl dying all over the world and this is sooo irrelevant BUT I really want to know what is up with this chick? What do you beautiful ppl out there think? 


Monday, March 9, 2009

Im a Vmailerrr!!!!!!

Hi ladies!!

    Sooooo as I was checking my gmail today I got this random msg from a random person and I swear I was soooo confused. Apparently he saw my pic in a mag and he liked my smile...aww sweet..thanks luv! Still mega confused I racked my brain for all the crazy things I had done and then I remembered that some dude in NY had approached me and asked to take my pic for Vmagazine!!! and so I went on google and searched and I saw my picc!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!! I'm supposed to get a mag in the mail but I want to go out and get it right now!!!!!!!! Lol....Im happy and I like the pic..but I wonder if I will keep getting mail from ppl...hmmm?!

Look Inside >> 
Spring Preview 2009


Saturday, March 7, 2009

UnOfficial Video Release!!!

Lol, you know we had to drop a little bit of entertainment for yall!!