Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ice Cream anyone?

Hey guys...no we are not free yet...we are still suffering but not in silence..lol...I have been complaining to anyone and everyone who wud lend me their ears on the wickedness that is grad skool....MY GOSH!! Will it ever end?? I cannot lie I am soo jealous of those that are graduating this yr...they seem so excited...so happy....I mean they are DONE!!! I wish I WASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :( Not fairrr!!!

I just wanted to tell you guys...you icecream laffers that today is free cone day at BEN AND JERRYSS!!! YAYYYYY!!!!! I have one right next to my aprtment....will definitely be hitting it up since I am a believer in free things.....

Also if you do not make it for the free Icecream today...At BASKIN ROBBINS they are doing a 31cents scoop night tomorrow!! Talk about COMPETITION!!!...But Awesome regardless!!! I can't make it for this one cus I have to climb back into my hole to study....but hey Icecream no go kill pesin...lol ( I know I suck at pidgin but it was worth it!)

PS: the Baskin Robbins promotion is actually in Honor of the Firefighters!!!



Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Checking in

First of all....CONGRATULATIONS TO MY ONE AND ONLY QUEEN B!!!!! I cant believe she got hitched, I know that wedding was emotional, and I am soooooo super happy for her (even though I wasnt invited...why now? lol) I seriously considered hopping on the metro and going down to 195 Hudson to stalk that building...I had to physically restrain myself...sigh. The wedding was sooo romantic, and honestly it was my ideal wedding (very small, just immediate family and close friends invited)..i dont know how it is possible to be Nigerian and have that sort of wedding but Lord knows I am going to offend a lot of people by giving it my best shot hehee..

Please noone should ever insult beyonce or JayZ again by linking him to that small girl, the respect he has for beyonce is UNTOUCHABLE!!! (speaking of Rihanna - don't she and Chris Brown make the absolute cutest couple..as unbelievably convinient as that relationship is??). Anyhoo, May GOD bless their union!! I believeeee in the lovvvveeee!

**Taking a break from being a stan **

Moving on... I've never really been a fan of Nigerian music before, it was always a little hard for me to buy into the fake westernized rapper/ rnb wannabe thing...but I have to duff my hat to Mo Hits records...amazing! D'banj/ wande coal/ etc are simply amazing..omg...i never thought I'd see the day where im desperately searching for a Nigerian song on itunes...but im totally smitten with their music... My good friend Bolaji Kekere-ekun, who Im sure youve seen on our blog quite a bit, and who is the epitome of a REAL fool (lol) made a mock D'banj/wande coal sketch that is completely brilliant!! LOL....everyone is talking about it, I literally went to some house thing yes'day and overheard some strangers discussing it, thats how crazy it is!! Check it out...


Did anyone tune into the make me a supermodel show?? Its like the best thing since ANTM...wayyyy better than ANTM...it was like an ACTUAL modelling show, with real models who can get real jobs and who got realistic experiences not all that made for tv crap on antm... anyways i was soooo upset that my lucious BEN didnt win!!!!! I was so in love with him (sob!!) and with his love triangle with Ronnie heheee.... He was so sexy tho..I mean why couldnt one of the dudes have won, who the hell voted for that dry looking girl?

I have to whineeeee about the fact that I am going to be homeless in less than a month!! What is it with these Newyorkers and renting me somewhere to live?? They dont even want to hear it when youre a student..most of them ask that you make 70 x the rent even if its some crappy ass place...like seriously!! NY is pissing me off right now! arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Anyhoo, this was just a pit stop on my procrastination train, I have 10,000 drawings to make before 9am tomorrow, and I am looking for anything that can distract me before the inevitable occurs! SIGH...i hate school! Good luck to J & Dee on their upcoming exams!!!!

I think Doreen already mentioned, but our next show is april 16th at the hudson in NYC! If youre in town, come and show some support! and better yet its for charity..yay!
Cranberry kisses!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008



Are they getting married today or what???? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

History: Training Shirts

Sooooo pheww...another exam...another 2 nights of not sleeping....is this wat my life has become??? Hmm....


After the wonderful feedback we got after the fashionbomb competition, we decided to actually make a limited line of tee shirts....shhhhhh......its still in the works and we are still gathering ideas but we def. want to do it because we think it will be a fun idea (hmm...a profitable one too..lol) so get ready for some Tees to be coming your way!!! who said we weren't listening!!
Sooooo I'm including in this blog some of my fave tee shirt designers and also some cool folk that make this Tee shirt business soo hott! Enjoy!!

---> Soul Boutique is a clothing label with Aghogho Sowho as the master mind. Its designs are African inspired and unlike her counterparts, Aghogho uses cut outs and paints the T-shirts hersellf as opposed to producing a regular graphic shirt. The shirts are tastefully done and are so artsy and so we love them so much!!!!

---> Perfectly Flawed
I stumbled upon this Tshirt label and I have to say that I absolutely love it. It has the right combination of everything. They really think out of the box. The illustrations are hand drawn to create the graphics. They are bold, fresh and raw!! Sweett!!! Check them out at perfectlyflawedlondon.blogspot.com

So apart from these really fab designers, some folks are just killing it with their Teeshirts!!! Not everyone can rock tees and look this cool...I love!!

Ladies first!

and of cus, we love us some dudes!!

So basically I cannot wait for summer so that I can rock my own Tee! I mean is it just me or is this winter just a tad bit too long....ewww.

Love, Cranberry



Our domain name is up woohoo!
The website is still in talks and works so for now... so from now anytime you want to visit our blog go to>>lovecranberry.com! Loove it!

SCHOOL came back with a bang, histology and physiology exams..sigh*..hence my absence!....So where did we stop?...okay as you have been briefed... it was a rush showing - we had in total about 6 new dresses from our new collection( called "SUGARCANE"...we named it after not the candy cane but SUGAR frigging sweet sweet cane itself...lol it was a unanimous decision!) and also some of our old stuff as well..everything went really smoothly, it was very professional and we made a lot of great contacts, all in all i am really pleased we did this show.

On the topic of preparing the collection...

Anyways what can i say, sewing with a body was awesome! Ozzy our lovely Fashion school resident had us learning draping techniques and patternmaking which was extremely helpful. We decided to finish what we could that week and get together next week to finish the entire collection..it was AN experience but what kept us going was the motto we adopted for this collection which was/is and i very proudly quote, "WHAT WOULD BEYONCE DO..(hand on the chin and finish with a HMM"....BECAAAAAUSE You know my girl gives 150% EVERYTIME!! UNFAILINGLY! THANK YOU!! lol....AS tiring as it was.. it also was intensely satisfying...

On the topic of Fabric shopping..

Fabric shopping was really fun, we went with the jewel tones and heavy brocades...sexxxy...we were going for cocktail fun and flirty..LONGER LENGTHS lol...and the next batch of clothes we make will include single pieces like tops and bottoms, TWILL BE A FUN EXPERIMENT lol...

I personally love it all and we had a GREAT GREAT feedback from the show so we feel really good!! and it is feeling REALLY REAL! so yay!! -
We have another show on the 16th in NYC, its also a really good opportunity for publicity and contacts and i honestly am very excited and better still its for CHARITY!
All the fashion designers slated to appear are verrrrry talented and i have been loving Miss Bruno (we didnt get to meet her at the Bkshow but hey maybe its fate!)and kathy Misick's work...i also loooove the simmon sisters and their Pastry shoe line...so i am like YAY!!!
I sincerely hope everything works out great :)

In NYC, ozzy's apt.

Ideas and More ideas!

Fabric shopping!!

Went out for drinks and laughs! grrrreatt!

Back in Dc for the showdown!! Sugar Cane begins!

I also included a reel of the BKFashionweekend show...so enjoy luvies!!