Thursday, December 28, 2006


So our friends (abby and Ivie) came to md yesterday to play!!!!! excited cus we are going to destroy new york this new yr!( AMEN cus ill be so dissapointed if nothing happens infact it cant happen)...For real this is MY FIRST new yr not praying feverishly in my house on my knees..asking God to usher in the new yr...not like there is anything wrong with that o....I really really REALLY just want to experience the ball drop and a new yr countdown ending in Happy new yr kisses...innocent cheek on cheek kisses lol...anyway so yeah ny here we come!!!

Anyway pple who know us know we lurveee taking of cus in the middle of being slobs in my house today we had the bright idea to make use of the prescence of abby, ivie and of cus joan to have a mini photoshoot in my room:)...Enjoy.


Hair by the fabulous ABBY...(listen she doesnt want to be known for doing hair but really she is just toooo good...)

Photography by Doreen :)...

Clothes by Cranberry.
Models - Abby and Ivie(ok i HATE using the word fabulous its played out but these r fabulous chicas love them esp ivie the HOT one HAHAHAH!Abby you know im just joking idiot i cant believe you just made me add your name again Loser)...and joan our live in model lol.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Application Blues..

Doreen's Blog.

There is Absolutely nothing as depressing as filling out college applications...YECHH*...boy am i glad i am almost done :(.....ladies and gentlemen procrastination is a bizeech:( ......anywayzzzz People wonder why I/ we/ joan and I are bothering with another 4 year institution while cranberry is still on the plate but son i tell ya...nothing is guaranteed...a secure future is more important men...if i knew for a FACT that we would blow up next year then i guess i would be willing to take such a risk...but since i dont happen to be blessed with ESPN then m'dear i have to make sure i stay BALLIN somehow...there is no rush far there is talent you always have a chance(well thats what i use to console myself)....i am going to use this next 8 mnths(schooless mnths) ahead of me to be all i can be with cranberry so i can feel JUSTIFIED that i did all i could before i start suffering all day again in the library....we will see what happens...failure isnt sexy lol....anyway these are just my "responsible" thots of the day...

Juliette's dress turned out really cute...she wanted a summer dress...cotton light fabric...and she got it....we finished it up last night and she looked really cute in it...yay!!...

green cotton fabric with emblazoned leaves..

Work in progress

Juliette looking fab in a cranberry cotton dress.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!! HO HO HO

Merry christmas to everyone!!!!!!!! Today is the day Jesus was born!! pls dont get it twisted THAT is what christmas is about...not santa and snow and eggnogg....altho the gifts part is integral...after all baby jesus got gifts on his birthday :).....and thats THAT!.

In other sad and depressing news....ozzy left for Nigeria yesterday sigh*.....hopefully she will be calling us soon with jist cus aint nothing going on here!....hopefully she WILL be kind enough to search balogun market and co for some cheap ass fabrics.....and not spend her entire vacation going to parties ....HMMPH:(....and on that note...we love you boo!!!

Cranbaby bizness will be starting up as soon as friday when we can hurl our butts to new york and attack fabric rows on 39th and 40th street....New york has the most delicious fabrics...we are talking serious can actually Imagine a fabric which you believe you formulated yourself and find it in one of them stores....its ridiculous...and might i add...expensive as well:(...sigh*...nothin comes easy....anyway on 39th street you get a student discount if you "act" like you are a parson's student...we prefer to call it acting rather than other harsh terms like lying :)........

And on a Totally random note...Everyone and i mean Everyone needs to watch "A christmas Story"...If you havent watched it, its Totally hilarious and so real...we caught it like 3 times today on tbs...Ha so much fun!

And on an ending note...PLS PLS PLS watch Dreamgirls...Oh My GAWD it was a Production....The clothes...the clothes....the glittery shimmery clothes...LAWD knows we love glitter...please we died and went to heaven....the music was wonderful....jennifer hudson did a GREAT job as Effie...she was soo real and so full of soul and sass and attitude...go ahead mama!!....NOONE gives props to miss anika(??)....i guess the SUPPOSED stupid ass contrived beef between jhud and bee has obliterated the chics existence...she was great...she was funny and engaging lol...and of cus eddie and jamie and the guy who played cici...Thumbs up...Loved it!!!...and of cus Our Lover and Queen Ms Beyonce...did a Great job!! the first one to criticize her acting but i gotta give it up to her...she WAS all yall haters really need to quit it...she did a Great job period.....and That chic is too damn fly GAWSH.....Ouddie!

we will be uploading pictures of Juliette's christmas present...thats whenever we finish it...started it today and its almost done...hooray :(

Sunday, December 24, 2006


This fall we were asked to design costumes for the Dynasty models of temple University in Philadelphia. Oseyi hooked us up with this one as she is the one in Philly. Granted, this is not really wat we are about but it was hella fun designing costumes. The models were thicker than we were used to...Im talking nice ass bodies asper Beyonce and em. It was a hell of a challenge but we got through it. The models did a great job in the show. The show was very different from wat we were used that none of us had ever witnessed a model competition in our lives but after like 10 mins...we were screaming alongside with the rest of the was fierce and wild but hilarious and Everybody needs to get a chance to see one of these shows.. Trust that we r looking forward to the next competion in our arrrreaa!!!!!

Links ( we designed the vargas inspired sailor costumes only) (this is European Runway..check out the fly guy with the white suit....fierce!)


so yes friends mock us that we stay wearing cranberry clothes....we are going to call out the chief hater miss Abby Omoruyi...yes we do rock the do...why not?!...its hot and noone else will have it! instead of shelling out cash for new frocks that someone else has...why not just be original and design something new and fresh!!... it doesnt mean we are broke and cheap LOL...besides it keeps the creative juices flowing...and abby dear we know the hate stems from that fact that we havent hooked you up .....we are still making u a beeyoutiful frock for ur 21st birthday!! i know thats what you have been gunning you loads!!!....anyway just want to throw in some pixels of us in cranberry gotta love it!!

Oseyi's birthday in Philly, Doreen and Uzoma...Doreen wearing a cranberry cotton original (Major boob action going on..LOL)

Our friend Seye's bday in NYC..Joan and Oseyi...rocking our new line of Cranberry Minis

Bukky's bday in MD...Doreen rocking an 80s inspired sequined cranberry cocktail original (she's blinging!) and a friend, Ben.

Joan rocking the mini and Oseyi rocking the cranberry stretch minidress and the shrug..and editor of Haute magazine..Dammie looking hot as usual!

The cranberries...Doreen's minisocial in MD....all wearing the do!

Joan looking like a Stepford wife in a cranberry cotton dress.