Sunday, December 24, 2006


This fall we were asked to design costumes for the Dynasty models of temple University in Philadelphia. Oseyi hooked us up with this one as she is the one in Philly. Granted, this is not really wat we are about but it was hella fun designing costumes. The models were thicker than we were used to...Im talking nice ass bodies asper Beyonce and em. It was a hell of a challenge but we got through it. The models did a great job in the show. The show was very different from wat we were used that none of us had ever witnessed a model competition in our lives but after like 10 mins...we were screaming alongside with the rest of the was fierce and wild but hilarious and Everybody needs to get a chance to see one of these shows.. Trust that we r looking forward to the next competion in our arrrreaa!!!!!

Links ( we designed the vargas inspired sailor costumes only) (this is European Runway..check out the fly guy with the white suit....fierce!)

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