Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Heather Collection

Hey people!!..Happy holidays!!!...we are including pictures of the heather collection 1.e Cranberry's start....all these clothes were made with a mixture of frustration and love in oseyi's apartment in philadelphia..

The very first outfit was the green bustier and 80s hot pink skirt ...
funny enough Doreen was making the bustier for a complete seperate look and oseyi was making the skirt with that same intention and at the last minute we just decided to throw them together and voila!...we had the first cranberry ensemble!...a bit RISKY yes...but you gotta have courage lol to be a cranberry girl wink*....we think its cute and sassy and hot....anyway these pictures are from a very Impromptu and spontaneous photoshoot we had in the caven's house in md..shot by Doreen, joan and oseyi....with help from urbane Models Damisiwaju and was soo fun! and the models really did a great job!!!...anywayz enjoy the pixs!!..




first of all i AM NOT A HATERRRRRR .....i recall saying on many occasions that you guys should take the next step and do more promotion and AS AN INTERNATION BUSINESS MARKETING AND FINANCE MAJOR LOL that was very trya banks moment but anyway for you infor i want you to know i have asigned MYSELF THE MCHIEF OF MARKETING FOR CRANBERRY BITCHESS :)

Chameleon said...

did u guys seriously sew these by hand? even the 70's inspired vintage dress?

WOW.... im impressed, my kind of style!!!