Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Beginning of Cranberry.

Cranberry although then not "named" had always been at the back of our minds. The idea of having a fashion line was one we had constantly argued about amongst ourselves. I mean we three were/are Biology majors with no connection whatSOever to fashion so really fashion designing was quite a stretch. Undoubtedly we KNOW fashion and we know style...and whilst lugging around those big ugly biology and chemistry books our outfits didn't quite fit the picture. Being mistaken for fashion students was soo PAINFUL being that we were NOT....but hey we loved it! Friends kept nagging us about starting a fashion line BUT at that moment school was in session...Doreen and Joan were about to graduate and frankly it was TOO everyone and their brother had a fashion line lol....and most importantly it wasn't the right time. So we just harboured the fantasy of one day doing what we really loved and hoping that when we did it...we would do it...Just right!...

So the right time finally came was summer...sigh*...and of course came new fresh ideas....we were all out of school with free time on our hands and we decided...why not now?? we got a sketch pad and began sketching and looking at fabrics. We wanted the first collection to represent a very bold outlook on life...we are talking color! bold patterns! ...and deliciously daring styles :)....we were inspired by the 80s and early 90s....and we named our first collection the "Heather collection" reference to the winona ryder movie the Heathers...(A must see...the clothes were awesome)...But the downer was between the three of us...we hadn't ever sewn...i mean there is the occasional sewing a tear...but like seriously...we had never made any thing expected to be worn by human there we were with fabric and sketches and honestly Cranberry began that day...when we realised that we were able to create outfits using mere needle and thread. It was great realising our talent and our passion to create beautiful things that we love to wear and THAT is what cranberry is about...its about loving life and loving style and fashion and wanting to be unique and exciting....It is New and Fresh and young and bold and sexy and Everything fabulous!!(we can keep on going!lol).....but its our baby and its growing slowly everyday...and we are without a doubt to be watched out for...because its bound for follow the glittery road...because next stop is Cranberry!

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