Sunday, December 24, 2006

The creation story

As you might have observed from the previous post, the heather collection pictures were shot in a catalog like context. It was actually meant to be EVENTUALLY printed out...the key word being "eventually" we had more stuff being made so we postponed it to a time when we would be fully equiped with a vast amount of cranberry creations to put into the catalogue.

When most of our friends peeped out the catalog they were asking us whether we were stylists or designers and the ANSWER to that question is that we are BOTH...yes people we really try to do everything...if possible we would sew, manufacture fabric, do make up, take pictures and MODEL in it as well...everything m'dears!...creativity is yes we do tell you how to wear cranberry and whenever we do fashion shows or shoots we do make sure we style the clothes OURSELVES....its all love....

The catalog creation was so fun to do lol...yes it might look a bit amateur but hey it was our first and hopefully our last time using microsoft publisher lol...but anyway whilst doing it we came up with this really cute if we may say so ourselves creation story sorta like the biblical creation story from the almighty bible...yes we all love jesus....anyway here it is....enjoy!

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