Monday, August 13, 2007

Dream Wedding

Or maybe not...

Saw this on and just had to share it with y'all. This has got to be the worst wedding I have seen in a while...I mean WHAT are they WEARING????peep the bridesmaids dresses and the little girls look like mini strippers or something....meanwhile the bride cannot even get into the limo without the help of like 4 dudes...ha! She is like 18 orange tan has got to about oompa lumpa....however i hope their wedding works out...young love is so darling! or maybe not....

Friday, August 10, 2007

Taking my Cue from the rest....

OK..i am the worst blogger in history...I'll admit i havent blogged on here since maybe february, and sooo much has happened this year its ridiculous... First of all...

***I graduated (finally!!!!) YAY me!! I thought I was going to expire from sheer exhaustion in my last semester :(.. I would put a graduation picture up but sadly I havent yet broken my streak of never attending my graduation;
- Primary school, left from pry 5
- High school...was literally just chilling at home..then my dad calls and u at ur graduation..and i said yessss daddy! and he says..but im here and i dont see u...*GULP...i made it at like the very end...
- Now college...i just couldnt be bothered..i really dont care about my Biology degree..and i told my 'rents we'd go to the one in Aug..which unfortunately got i am! no ceremony once day, one day....
what can i say? Im my mothers daughter..

***I grew fat! yes everyone has rolled their eyes at me..but i am finally experiencing my delayed puberty...I have a nice rounded butt according to Monique African men should find me more attractive right?? Woe is metabolism is no longer what it used to this that AGE of which they speak..nooo i dont wanna be fat..sigh, so now im experiencing Nicole Ritchie syndrome and ive been tryin to diet the whole summer..but Ive just been gettin greedier and greedier..

*** Joanie and Abby finally turned 21!! yes guys im comin...gimme about a month or so (I cant believe how young I am...yes everyone thinks im the oldest...eew!) So im still flossing my fake Id complete with bank card and insurance card (yes im gangsta i get all the bases covered). I hardly ever get stopped..except once...u shudve seen the sputtering..."What? umm excuse me that is ME okay i dont know what ure talkin about..its not that serious..jeez this is ridiculous"....YEA right!

*** So everyones been asking me..whats next whats next...blah blah blah... I don't like to think of myself as a spoilt like nothing better than to cut the apron strings off right now..But sadly thats not how it works..especially when ure a Biology major.. am i supposed to get a job in a lab? I dont know anything!! Unfortunately the job market is limited unless you are some kind of proffessional when it comes to the sciences. So im taking a year "find" myself...I going to be applyin to schools and blah-di-blah...get some kind of job..u know the works...such a thankless major..after all that Ochem...hiss

*** I got admission into my DREAM school..Parsons the new school for design. If youre not a project runway fanatic or you simply dont know what that is..well some of the alumni include:
Marc Jacobs, Donna Karen, Proenza Schouler, Badgley Mishka, Derek Lam...
yeah I could go on and on about it..I have been stalkin this school for a long time..and applied as a bit of a joke really..just to see if i could actually get in (and hid the fact that i applied so incase i didnt get in..u shame involved)... Had to hand in a couple of projects..when i got called in for an interview i was so scared..abeg o..i dont know anything about fashion! Terminology or otherwise..but the interview was really relaxed and all that... and then i didnt hear back for like months and i was like oh screw this crap..and then I got the letter!!! and i was stunned! i guess I really could get in after all...
Now to actually another story for another day....

*** I found out that i am SUCH a city girl..I moved from my apartment in the heart of the city..walking distance from every bar and every lounge and every store...complete with my gays and transvestites that frequent the area (i miss them so..they upped my gaydar 500%..i can spot a 'gay' for miles..) suburbia and I just think I am goin to die!! I cant take trees and nothingness for miles..So i got my license! yay me..but sadly im too scared to drive...I miss my old apartment!

***Summer was/is great!!! I think we really overdid it just cos i dont know when we're goin to get a chance to act stupid again with them kiddos going to Dental school (effin jealous i wish ive skipped over all that exam and application process..). We went to all kinds of broadway shows ( I cry at every one..i know im a loser), and we also set an 'experiment' of sorts for ourselves. We wanted to see if we could actually enter all these so called 'premiere' lounges that are for 'celebrities'...and from our 'ethnography'
- FLY lounge Dc...if u havent heard of it..please if your in the yourself a favor. Its the cutest...its designed to look like an airplane..and all the females that work there are dressed as sexy air hostesses while the bouncers are dressed like sexist but so cute.. The BEST Dj..period!!! Its so hard to get in the bouncer doesnt even look at you lol... you just have to swallow ur pride and be standing outside like a mumu lol.. but fortunately for us..we met the manager and he fell in love with Joan(oyinbo men like joan so she had to take one for the team.. and so we never even went up to the bouncer...we had our garaunteed back door entrance everytime lol. And the owner AND the manager are so handsome sigh...

Joan and Piero...

- Now the NY lounges make me sick...Home, Bed, Marquee, Pink Elephant to name a few...pretentious, pretentious, pretentious!!!! I cant stand it...I need good music and fun people not all these oyinbos with sticks up their butts...attention seeking coke snorters that all frequent the place. Imagine a drink was $ die!

*** Okay im coming to the end of this monotonous soliloquy.... I think ive overdone it as i bid you Adieu! much love and cranberry kisses~

Ill leave you with the video of the best song this ghetto girl crush.. Bed by J Holiday..peep Ijeoma in the video..half nigerian half red indian..isnt she that chick from 4400? well..either im right or ive started a vicious rumor, cos i sure do tell everyone i meet.....Oh well!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Reality Shows I stay on!

So I know this girl that works at VH1 and she pitched a show that revolves around us to her boss and they like totally want to do a show about us!!!yayy!! NOT ! Gotcha! Hmm...I won't lie..I wonder what it would be like to have a reality show...I can see it now...they'd call it "Being fab on a dollar", "A bunch of crazies","America's next top dancer model idol or whatever that show was They'd probably need to add subtitles though cus lawd knows that we have nigerian accents and sometimes we Nigerians can only understand ourselves.
A sneak peak of said show would probably be like this....
(Taurean minx already outed us on her blog a coupla months back, we might as well shame ourselves furthur and feature it on here lol)

Reality TV
Uploaded by dcave84

I watch television more than anyone else I know...I really encourage others to do the just makes conversations much more interesting..yeah...i mean i went on a date with some dude and here I am trying to talk about stuff and it turns out that he doesn't even watch tv..i mean dude does not even know what the simple life is...really? GOSH!

Anyway, I got a chance to watch Kimora Lee Simmons show, "Life in the fab lane"...I swear I was totally not going to watch it..HA! I don't like to see what I don't doesnt do much for my condition. Also..I'm not a big fan of baby Phat...I think the chains on everything and anything kinda distracts me..but hey thats just man's meat is another man's poison abi? Back to the show...I actually liked it...she's's always nice seeing a pretty person on the big screen...her kids are them..not too sure about the big white dude crying...i was really waiting for her to fire him cus he is such a cry really can't wait to watch the next episode..thankfully they are not showing too much of the clothing line...hmm

Life in the fab lane!

Baldwin hills...Hmmm...Okay this show is supposed to be about rich black kids between the ages of 16 and 19..think Laguna Beach meets black folks..its cute..BET is trying to step their game up...i think they need more lighting in the show tho..i dont know if its just me but has anyone else noticed that MTV is brighter and shinier than BET...i mean..what is that really about...can we get some LIGHT plsss??? The kids on the show seem like good kids and I really appreciate that...theres no cussing or wat not...apart from the kid from the other side of town...hmm..i wonder what they r trying to say..poor ppl cuss more that rich ppl? just saying...however..Gerren of the models I have been trailing since she came out is on the yeah I'll continue to watch like the loser I shame in that.

Gerren Taylor

So you think you can dance! lol...this is soooooo my show!!! Love it...I already have two favorites...Danny and Sabra...I wonder if it's cus they are black...i really hope not lol...Ok I can't say it is cus last yr I was hoping that Benji would win so yes ppl I am not biased....I am a fan of Neil and Lacey tho..and Pasha too...sigh! I really love this show...they are killing it every week, choreographers and dancers..damn I even like the judges ( maybe not the Mary chic..err..her screaming gets on my nerves)

Danny and his it!
Making the band 4 or is it 5? I'm not so sure...Diddy came back to make yet another band...(I really don't understand why ppl wud like to sign with bad boy since 6 months after they are released, they die a quiet death..but...oh well!) I watch the show because I think the guys are pretty talented. I'm happy with the twist at the end although I am sure some others beg to differ. Diddy telling America to vote for who they want in the band this yr makes so much sense to me because I am sorry, Diddy has not impressed me with his other bands...I just pray America picks Willie and I will be fine....I mean he is hot, he can dance and he can sing...what more do we want from a man???hmmm...can't wait for the season finale though..August 26th...I can imagine the kind of special effects Diddy has in store for us...this whole season has been one of special sounds and suspense where there needn't be any..sigh!

So we come to the end of the list...I can't wait for project runway to start again......i also can't wait for crazy tyra to come back with ANTM..dont really care too much about A.I..I hope I will be able to watch T.V when school starts...a lot of ppl have been telling me otherwise...i can't get rid of all my hobbies for my career..i don't think that seems fair you?

Cranberry kisses!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

That girl!

One thing i really admire is personal style.
It is very easy to mistake personal style with being trendy. To be trendy is to be in, to always have the new clothes, bags, gadjets of the moment, but being stylish surpasses the new clothes of the moments, it is staying true to yourself despite the new looks being thrown at is basically mixing what makes you YOU with the current short, it is your own personal expression......

If i were a superhero, my powers would be having the ability to tell between cultivated style and Natural style...i am not kidding....speaking from experience, i once tried to emulate the rocker chic style...i felt so stupid the entire WAS NOT me....judging from the shocked stares i was getting, *cough* i am sure it was apparent to everyone as well ....i looked like micheal jackson on crack...sigh* goodtimes lol.

Nowadays it is VERY in to be trendy...i mean you go to a party and everyone just looks the same...i can tell you before i go out 6 outfits that i am sure to is quite interesting, you should play that game sometime...ull be shocked at how good you

DISCLAIMER - i am not knocking being trendy...i appreciate people looking good and rocking new clothes and everything....not everyone gives a shit about fashion like that, and we thank stores for allowing everyone to buy a dress and instantly be fashionable.....but i personally lean more towards style than fashion....i love seeing people put in more work than the i said, thats just me sha...

I have seen girls wear a plain white t shirt and jeans and look a million times better than the girl decked out in a million dollars.. its just the style in which they wear it....i have some friends in new york city who are originally from paris, and the way they wear their clothes men...its so disheartening! their style, their poise, they can make a paper bag look like prada...its ridiculous...but anyway before i further digress...i am including pictures of a few ladies whose style i duggeth...

Ogo (A model) always & forever looks fly...

she is looking jailbait chic on the left with the heavy gold chain round her neck...sweet**...and on the right, i love how she paired a poufy eighties skirt with a plain stretch cotton tee...yummy!

Vel Mensah goes from casual to evening muyyy comfortably....on the left, i dig the high waistbands shorts(which are really trendy at the mo* mo*) and the lacy cream camisole paired with a white botton down cotton shirt?...sweet**...on the right vel goes vintage with this number..with the puffy sleeves, very east meets west....i confess, i am too chicken to pull it off...but she does it with such aplomb! LOVE IT!LOVE IT!

I love Rachel's white ensemble on the left, a very clean look that only a few people can pull of( i always feel foolish in all white)...the pale belt works and so do THOSE SHOES!!....lovely!....on the right she goes totally opp. with a hot pink & aquamarine number...i mean those colors really??!!..together??!!...and it works?!!!...totally 80s chic!...the big hair looks great too! a sucker for big it!

Oh God i cant believe i am about to include Abby's big head hiss...BUT all hate aside, my sweetie always looks good! her look is very put together, nary a hair out of place, ....i love the picture on the right...taken by me(of course)...the pink *goody two shoes* dress with the pale pink preppy cardigan is at odds with her rocker style hat ala* pete doherty & icy it!....on the right i love how she dresses up a simple outfit of black turtle neck and jeans with a modish little jacket and a big silver chain, the shoes dont hurt as well...umm...although ill go for a different color is really cliche....haha!! sigh* its always refreshing to say something negative LOL...abby dont kill me o..i kid!

Okay i love this picture of Manika...what?!...i have featured her on this blog like thrice already BCOS she always looks fly!...this is casual chic Really!...i love the loose fit of her shorts.......looking like my girl beyonceeeeee...manika go ahead girl!!

(Plug) check out Manika's celeb blog at

Stacy is also doing it casual chic, i love the tucked in camisole with the high waistband shorts...i love how she wears it!

Gynthia! Okay she is... (i hate this word >) FABULOUS!....i love the big natural hair look!!-- on the right, its very know...the short sleeved cotton shirt tucked into her denims...clean & fresh....on the right she looks like she just popped out of the 80s, the earrings are fresh, that top is so Donna Summer, oh lawd, DISCO!!

Kareen on the left, looks absolutely precious in that green dress..she wears it simply with gold earrings...i love it, on the right i just love seeing dress-shirts paired with cardigans..the beenie on her head..hmm...its very "common"(the artist i mean lol)...soulful preppy..the red nails show that she is still a diva(ok so she didn't tell me that lol, I just ASSUMED lol)..

NAIMA!!bohemian chic..peep her brown handbag...i love it...looks very vintage...she looks very flower child don't hurt the plants lol......

And finally

This girl whose style made me GASP*(rarely happens)


Janelle Monae

She hails from cote d'Ivoire

she is an artist ..whose music is very andre 3000 meets should have a listen if you haven't had a chance, i believe whole heartedly that this girl is going to blowww UP!! i am a FAN! Anyone who is unique with a talent, deserves to be heard! she is a sTAR!

(Plug) you can check her out on

I am so stealing this look and acting like its mine lol.

Gawd!!should i shave my head bald and start growing it natural again?!!...the woes of relaxed hair :(..

ANyway I bid you all ADIEU!!!! i will be blogging again As Soon as i can...i promise it will be soon...perhaps you loads and cranberry kisses for the summer!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007


Dear blogger, its been about 3 mnths since my last log in....
Okay so I knew this would eventually happen...but dang I didnt think it would last this long?!!!!...I last blogged in may?!!..Its may isnt it?!...aww shucks * blush*......I apologize to all those who actually frequent this blog....summer is actually more mesmerizing than i thought:(....

So one might ask, "Missy, what the hell have you been up to?"...To which I would reply, " Everything!!!!"....I am squeezing in as much fun as i can possibly have before I start school, i am trying to make sure that i have NO REGRETS!!....I want to make sure that i am sooo sick of going out that i have no complaints about being stuck in a classroom from 8 till 5....I am waking up everyday at 1 .30pm....and going to sleep at 4 am....Forcing myself to go to lounges on weekdays...yes people....I party on to NYC to watch all my broadway favourites....lion king, beauty and the beast, wicked, chicago, mary poppins....:)....just having fun in the sun!!...but all good things come to an end :(.....I have about 2 weeks of freedom left....and frankly i am READY!!!...I am sooo sick of moving back and forth...cant wait to be in a classroom...cant wait to use my brain....cant wait honestly....I have been flipping through dental textbooks to get myself ready(efico stuvvs)...woohoo i cant wait!

In the meantime, ALOT of things have been happening that are really exciting!

A certain special someone got into an acclaimed fashion school....congratulations banana!!!!

A special person FINAAAAAALLLY turned 21(youngin hiss*)...AH HA!!!i love the aging process in other people!

There is a wedding(this yr) in my family!! AWWW...SOB*...i cant believe my sister is getting married..eewww..

Harry Potter Lives AGAIN!!!! - In theatres and in the last SAGA where he finally defeats the evillll Voldemort....and on that note, I AM NOT ASHAMED OF MY LOVE FOR HARRY so all sneers directed at me for this statement are openly accepted..

Haute Magazine is having its first Launch in NYC...its going to be Gorgeous!!! Cranberry is in the lineup...woohoo!!

Beyonce(my hero) fell down at her concert (and got right back up...superwoman!)...

On a Cranberry note, this summer, we chose to focus on a fall collection rather than a summer one because we needed more time to determine the looks we wanted to produce.

We wanted to create looks that were a very different spin, yet still very cranberry, the sketches so far are quite interesting(considering we dont have a tailor...yet) and honestly Jesus should please just take control lol.

We did create a few new garments this summer which we showed at our friends events. We took inspiration for the early 50s, Bettie Page(the most popular 50s pin up girl) & Marilyn monroe were our main focus.

I will leave you all with a couple of pictures from this summer!! i will be blogging more often! I promise...have a cranberry summer sweeties!!


Happy birthday Joan !!!( On the left, joan is OFFICIALLY handing over her fake id BACK to our older sister juliette lol)

My Gorgeous friends!! i love you guys!!...

Cranberry outfits!

50s party!

Harry potter event - the party was held at diagon alley..harry potter fans should know where that is lol..

Cranberry + 1...