Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Reality Shows I stay on!

So I know this girl that works at VH1 and she pitched a show that revolves around us to her boss and they like totally want to do a show about us!!!yayy!! NOT ! Gotcha! Hmm...I won't lie..I wonder what it would be like to have a reality show...I can see it now...they'd call it "Being fab on a dollar", "A bunch of crazies","America's next top dancer model idol or whatever that show was They'd probably need to add subtitles though cus lawd knows that we have nigerian accents and sometimes we Nigerians can only understand ourselves.
A sneak peak of said show would probably be like this....
(Taurean minx already outed us on her blog a coupla months back, we might as well shame ourselves furthur and feature it on here lol)

Reality TV
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I watch television more than anyone else I know...I really encourage others to do the just makes conversations much more interesting..yeah...i mean i went on a date with some dude and here I am trying to talk about stuff and it turns out that he doesn't even watch tv..i mean dude does not even know what the simple life is...really? GOSH!

Anyway, I got a chance to watch Kimora Lee Simmons show, "Life in the fab lane"...I swear I was totally not going to watch it..HA! I don't like to see what I don't doesnt do much for my condition. Also..I'm not a big fan of baby Phat...I think the chains on everything and anything kinda distracts me..but hey thats just man's meat is another man's poison abi? Back to the show...I actually liked it...she's's always nice seeing a pretty person on the big screen...her kids are them..not too sure about the big white dude crying...i was really waiting for her to fire him cus he is such a cry really can't wait to watch the next episode..thankfully they are not showing too much of the clothing line...hmm

Life in the fab lane!

Baldwin hills...Hmmm...Okay this show is supposed to be about rich black kids between the ages of 16 and 19..think Laguna Beach meets black folks..its cute..BET is trying to step their game up...i think they need more lighting in the show tho..i dont know if its just me but has anyone else noticed that MTV is brighter and shinier than BET...i mean..what is that really about...can we get some LIGHT plsss??? The kids on the show seem like good kids and I really appreciate that...theres no cussing or wat not...apart from the kid from the other side of town...hmm..i wonder what they r trying to say..poor ppl cuss more that rich ppl? just saying...however..Gerren of the models I have been trailing since she came out is on the yeah I'll continue to watch like the loser I shame in that.

Gerren Taylor

So you think you can dance! lol...this is soooooo my show!!! Love it...I already have two favorites...Danny and Sabra...I wonder if it's cus they are black...i really hope not lol...Ok I can't say it is cus last yr I was hoping that Benji would win so yes ppl I am not biased....I am a fan of Neil and Lacey tho..and Pasha too...sigh! I really love this show...they are killing it every week, choreographers and dancers..damn I even like the judges ( maybe not the Mary chic..err..her screaming gets on my nerves)

Danny and his it!
Making the band 4 or is it 5? I'm not so sure...Diddy came back to make yet another band...(I really don't understand why ppl wud like to sign with bad boy since 6 months after they are released, they die a quiet death..but...oh well!) I watch the show because I think the guys are pretty talented. I'm happy with the twist at the end although I am sure some others beg to differ. Diddy telling America to vote for who they want in the band this yr makes so much sense to me because I am sorry, Diddy has not impressed me with his other bands...I just pray America picks Willie and I will be fine....I mean he is hot, he can dance and he can sing...what more do we want from a man???hmmm...can't wait for the season finale though..August 26th...I can imagine the kind of special effects Diddy has in store for us...this whole season has been one of special sounds and suspense where there needn't be any..sigh!

So we come to the end of the list...I can't wait for project runway to start again......i also can't wait for crazy tyra to come back with ANTM..dont really care too much about A.I..I hope I will be able to watch T.V when school starts...a lot of ppl have been telling me otherwise...i can't get rid of all my hobbies for my career..i don't think that seems fair you?

Cranberry kisses!


Anonymous said... post!

Anonymous said...

love sabra. She is small but mighty. I hope a girl wins this season!

Omowunmi said...

Willie is a hunk! I don't blame you..

Cranberry said...

@ anon..thanks! and yes..sabra is small but mighty...I feel the same way about the chica!

@ Omowunmi...haha!I'm happy that you feel me lol!

Mari said...

Lol, we should get together and see who watches more television.
I made a mental note when I first saw a poster advertising Kimora's show that I wouldn't be caught watching it - LIE. I watched it and well, wouldn't exactly say loved it but I'll definitely be tunning in again and more often. I can't stand "Baby Phat" either. A lil too ghetto for me, if you know what I mean. Am just curious about her coz I think I might have prejudged her a little too much.

The Hills is returning with a 3rd season. Am super excited about that. Laguna Beach is no more but a new show, a new town/city and new faces will be taking over. Can't wait for that either. There's so much on the fall schedule, I hope I keep focus on more important stuff in life.

Anonymous said...

LOL! i dont know u guys but the video was Hilarious!!! love the whole concept and the fact that y'all can appreciate making fun of urselves. Love Life in the Fab lane too! such a cute show but she needs to improve her clothes! maybe yall can help her out?