Monday, August 6, 2007


Dear blogger, its been about 3 mnths since my last log in....
Okay so I knew this would eventually happen...but dang I didnt think it would last this long?!!!!...I last blogged in may?!!..Its may isnt it?!...aww shucks * blush*......I apologize to all those who actually frequent this blog....summer is actually more mesmerizing than i thought:(....

So one might ask, "Missy, what the hell have you been up to?"...To which I would reply, " Everything!!!!"....I am squeezing in as much fun as i can possibly have before I start school, i am trying to make sure that i have NO REGRETS!!....I want to make sure that i am sooo sick of going out that i have no complaints about being stuck in a classroom from 8 till 5....I am waking up everyday at 1 .30pm....and going to sleep at 4 am....Forcing myself to go to lounges on weekdays...yes people....I party on to NYC to watch all my broadway favourites....lion king, beauty and the beast, wicked, chicago, mary poppins....:)....just having fun in the sun!!...but all good things come to an end :(.....I have about 2 weeks of freedom left....and frankly i am READY!!!...I am sooo sick of moving back and forth...cant wait to be in a classroom...cant wait to use my brain....cant wait honestly....I have been flipping through dental textbooks to get myself ready(efico stuvvs)...woohoo i cant wait!

In the meantime, ALOT of things have been happening that are really exciting!

A certain special someone got into an acclaimed fashion school....congratulations banana!!!!

A special person FINAAAAAALLLY turned 21(youngin hiss*)...AH HA!!!i love the aging process in other people!

There is a wedding(this yr) in my family!! AWWW...SOB*...i cant believe my sister is getting married..eewww..

Harry Potter Lives AGAIN!!!! - In theatres and in the last SAGA where he finally defeats the evillll Voldemort....and on that note, I AM NOT ASHAMED OF MY LOVE FOR HARRY so all sneers directed at me for this statement are openly accepted..

Haute Magazine is having its first Launch in NYC...its going to be Gorgeous!!! Cranberry is in the lineup...woohoo!!

Beyonce(my hero) fell down at her concert (and got right back up...superwoman!)...

On a Cranberry note, this summer, we chose to focus on a fall collection rather than a summer one because we needed more time to determine the looks we wanted to produce.

We wanted to create looks that were a very different spin, yet still very cranberry, the sketches so far are quite interesting(considering we dont have a tailor...yet) and honestly Jesus should please just take control lol.

We did create a few new garments this summer which we showed at our friends events. We took inspiration for the early 50s, Bettie Page(the most popular 50s pin up girl) & Marilyn monroe were our main focus.

I will leave you all with a couple of pictures from this summer!! i will be blogging more often! I promise...have a cranberry summer sweeties!!


Happy birthday Joan !!!( On the left, joan is OFFICIALLY handing over her fake id BACK to our older sister juliette lol)

My Gorgeous friends!! i love you guys!!...

Cranberry outfits!

50s party!

Harry potter event - the party was held at diagon alley..harry potter fans should know where that is lol..

Cranberry + 1...


Anonymous said...

i missed you guys! im glad y'all are back!


Cranberry said...

aww that is so sweet lara!

Omowunmi said...

Love the outfits ladies!