Tuesday, August 7, 2007

That girl!

One thing i really admire is personal style.
It is very easy to mistake personal style with being trendy. To be trendy is to be in, to always have the new clothes, bags, gadjets of the moment, but being stylish surpasses the new clothes of the moments, it is staying true to yourself despite the new looks being thrown at you...it is basically mixing what makes you YOU with the current fads.....in short, it is your own personal expression......

If i were a superhero, my powers would be having the ability to tell between cultivated style and Natural style...i am not kidding....speaking from experience, i once tried to emulate the rocker chic style...i felt so stupid the entire day....it WAS NOT me....judging from the shocked stares i was getting, *cough* i am sure it was apparent to everyone as well ....i looked like micheal jackson on crack...sigh* goodtimes lol.

Nowadays it is VERY in to be trendy...i mean you go to a party and everyone just looks the same...i can tell you before i go out 6 outfits that i am sure to see.....it is quite interesting, you should play that game sometime...ull be shocked at how good you are...lol.

DISCLAIMER - i am not knocking being trendy...i appreciate people looking good and rocking new clothes and everything....not everyone gives a shit about fashion like that, and we thank stores for allowing everyone to buy a dress and instantly be fashionable.....but i personally lean more towards style than fashion....i love seeing people put in more work than the obvious....like i said, thats just me sha...

I have seen girls wear a plain white t shirt and jeans and look a million times better than the girl decked out in a million dollars.. its just the style in which they wear it....i have some friends in new york city who are originally from paris, and the way they wear their clothes men...its so disheartening! their style, their poise, they can make a paper bag look like prada...its ridiculous...but anyway before i further digress...i am including pictures of a few ladies whose style i duggeth...

Ogo (A model) always & forever looks fly...

she is looking jailbait chic on the left with the heavy gold chain round her neck...sweet**...and on the right, i love how she paired a poufy eighties skirt with a plain stretch cotton tee...yummy!

Vel Mensah goes from casual to evening muyyy comfortably....on the left, i dig the high waistbands shorts(which are really trendy at the mo* mo*) and the lacy cream camisole paired with a white botton down cotton shirt?...sweet**...on the right vel goes vintage with this number..with the puffy sleeves, very east meets west....i confess, i am too chicken to pull it off...but she does it with such aplomb! LOVE IT!LOVE IT!

I love Rachel's white ensemble on the left, a very clean look that only a few people can pull of( i always feel foolish in all white)...the pale belt works and so do THOSE SHOES!!....lovely!....on the right she goes totally opp. with a hot pink & aquamarine number...i mean those colors really??!!..together??!!...and it works?!!!...totally 80s chic!...the big hair looks great too!..im a sucker for big hair...love it!

Oh God i cant believe i am about to include Abby's big head hiss...BUT all hate aside, my sweetie always looks good! her look is very put together, nary a hair out of place, ....i love the picture on the right...taken by me(of course)...the pink *goody two shoes* dress with the pale pink preppy cardigan is at odds with her rocker style hat ala* pete doherty & icy wayfarers...love it!....on the right i love how she dresses up a simple outfit of black turtle neck and jeans with a modish little jacket and a big silver chain, the shoes dont hurt as well...umm...although ill go for a different color ...red is really cliche....haha!! sigh* its always refreshing to say something negative LOL...abby dont kill me o..i kid!

Okay i love this picture of Manika...what?!...i have featured her on this blog like thrice already BCOS she always looks fly!...this is casual chic Really!...i love the loose fit of her shorts.......looking like my girl beyonceeeeee...manika go ahead girl!!

(Plug) check out Manika's celeb blog at http://sweet-mystique.blogspot.com/

Stacy is also doing it casual chic, i love the tucked in camisole with the high waistband shorts...i love how she wears it!

Gynthia! Okay she is... (i hate this word >) FABULOUS!....i love the big natural hair look!!-- on the right, its very simple...you know...the short sleeved cotton shirt tucked into her denims...clean & fresh....on the right she looks like she just popped out of the 80s, the earrings are fresh, that top is so Donna Summer, oh lawd, DISCO!!

Kareen on the left, looks absolutely precious in that green dress..she wears it simply with gold earrings...i love it, on the right i just love seeing dress-shirts paired with cardigans..the beenie on her head..hmm...its very "common"(the artist i mean lol)...soulful preppy..the red nails show that she is still a diva(ok so she didn't tell me that lol, I just ASSUMED lol)..

NAIMA!!bohemian chic..peep her brown handbag...i love it...looks very vintage...she looks very flower child don't hurt the plants lol......

And finally

This girl whose style made me GASP*(rarely happens)


Janelle Monae

She hails from cote d'Ivoire

she is an artist ..whose music is very andre 3000 meets prince...you should have a listen if you haven't had a chance, i believe whole heartedly that this girl is going to blowww UP!! i am a FAN! Anyone who is unique with a talent, deserves to be heard! she is a sTAR!

(Plug) you can check her out on http://www.janellemonae.com/

I am so stealing this look and acting like its mine lol.

Gawd!!should i shave my head bald and start growing it natural again?!!...the woes of relaxed hair :(..

ANyway I bid you all ADIEU!!!! i will be blogging again As Soon as i can...i promise it will be soon...perhaps tommorow...love you loads and cranberry kisses for the summer!!!


jaja said...

OMG! Two posts in two days?!? Welcome back to the blogosphere! I love what Ogo is rocking...I have a dress like that in my upcoming collection.

Senasu.Star said...

Ogo's style totally rocks; all day, everyday!

Janelle's hair is the life. I already cut off about 40cm of relaxed hair so I can go natural. That IS the way to go!

I'm glad your blog is poppin again, I was getting sad already. lol

I love Cranberry. =)

Omowunmi said...

love the white outfit rachel is rocking! love!love! this blog!!

Brittany said...

i love manika and vel's casual chic style. I do not see myself as a fashionable person so it is a bit difficult trying to look for fashionable pieces to throw together becasue I know I would just look messy so I love the fact that you put in these girls together that are wearing normal day to day pieces and looking really fashionable. Nice Post!

Anonymous said...


lol mm i wore those red shoe 1.5 yrs ago before it was over done

but yahhh the blog is back and you know how much i love your writing