Monday, October 11, 2010

Wiz Kid - Holla at your boy

This is such a cute video from WIZ KID, He is under Banky's EME record label. Obviously when the video started I had a sideeye moment, like who goes to school in "MURPHTY" LOL, this aint no damn Nigerian High school! But honestly by the middle of the video, i was charmed by the entire concept, I see what they were going for! The girls in the video were so cute, the dudes had the whole newboyz schtick going on (which i think is adorable), ANd i saw some dougie"ing" and jerkin going on...i love me some o that!

In conclusion, I give it a two snaps and a twirl!

Cranberry kisses!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Interviews, Mrs Seal and Side Eyes

Hey guys...I am on my way to MD for the weekend...Lately I have been spending only my week days in NY and my weekends in MD....funny..this used to be the other way around...but you know wat they say abt living in a place..NY is currently my prison...still love it tho...kinda..
Anyway....on Thursday I went for the launch of Heidi Klum's new line of athletic wear for females...and they made me do an interview...oh lawddddddd!!!! I almost died from fear...I have this fear of public speaking...when I hear myself speaking and I realize the seriousness of the occasion...I just begin to say rubbish...and I can hear myself and in my head I am like wtff!! get it togetherrr!!! And I don't :( I hope the interview never comes up anywhere...I dont want to embarrass my parents :(
Aside from that the event was really nice...lots of drinks, a perfomance by some dancers, I got to see the models from project runway again and the designers too, and we got to watch PR on a huge screen...I still cringe when I see myself on see I will never get used to this...NEVER!!! Abby, Ify and I had a lottttt of fun :) Good times....however since we are nothing but hungry children :) we ended up going to Tao for din din after the event...YUMMMY! and we bumped into Nelly and Ashanti... *side eye to Nelly and Ashanti who are currently denying a relationship*....just tell the truthhh! lol....and then we went to One Oak later and enjoyed a perfomance from Chris Breezyy...Nelly and Ashanti were there too...hmmmmmmm *side eye*

Cant wait to get back home and watch sonny with a chance with my awesomest sistterrr!!! woohoooo!!!!
Cranberry kisses

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OMG Awesome Halloween Makeup!

Yessss we are at an all time Halloween High!!
Blogging All things Halloween~! woohooo!
Whilst Searching valiently for a costume idea(and failing woefully :( ) ...i came acrossss this awesome Halloween Makeup Artist!! A dude actually....Now this dude seriously has talent.
I want to be transformed into another Person for halloween! This is the only holiday i get to be another person but Me!! So I am def taking notes...
*presses play*

This is a tutorial on Maleficient from Sleeping Beauty.

Totally AWESOME!!

I love this asian girl, she is soo cute!!

A lot of makeup artists have great halloween tutorials up, check them out for inspiration for your halloween costume!

Cranberry Kisses!

Video we love!

We saw this and we knew you guys would love it! This is what I want in a man...a man that wants to have fun with me...and of course etcera etcera :)

Flexing my Fingers

You know what...Its been too long...I swear I don't even know how to use this "machine"
Seriously though...what has been going on with you guys? Is anyone still out thereee?? HELLLOOOO!!!!!!!

Moving on....

Dress up season is finally here....I am having the worst time trying to figure out who/what to go as...this year I might just pay homage to the super hero females..hmmm...female empowerment anyone??

Some of my favs from comic books :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I love them all...I also love Poison Ivy, Cat Woman, Black Cat and soo many more!!!! I hope I end up picking the right costume cus my competition is fierce :( Anyway...I guess you guys will see who I go as after our halloween party...btw...I am of course making my costume :)

Lady Gaga's costumes go Viral.

The Lady Gaga's costumes this year are so Awesome!
What the hell? Totallly unexpected.
They recreated some of my Favourite Gaga Looks and the quality does not look half bad! I must say as I am surprised!
Check em out below!

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ahem* Naturally they are all sold out. Sorry.


Beyonce on the today show.



And we are on!

I have been wailing On "the twitter" (Betty White)about missing Beyonce my boo! AND lo and behold, she appears on the today show! surprising the Hosts (how sweet) and supporting her mother Ms Tina (An angel). I think she looks absolutely beautiful in that black dress and I love her fresh faced makeup. Like she says, Beauty on the outside fades but beauty on the inside, lasts forever.
Err still working on BOTH sides, inside and out.
Just call me a work in progress hehe.

Cranberry Kisses.