Saturday, October 9, 2010

Interviews, Mrs Seal and Side Eyes

Hey guys...I am on my way to MD for the weekend...Lately I have been spending only my week days in NY and my weekends in MD....funny..this used to be the other way around...but you know wat they say abt living in a place..NY is currently my prison...still love it tho...kinda..
Anyway....on Thursday I went for the launch of Heidi Klum's new line of athletic wear for females...and they made me do an interview...oh lawddddddd!!!! I almost died from fear...I have this fear of public speaking...when I hear myself speaking and I realize the seriousness of the occasion...I just begin to say rubbish...and I can hear myself and in my head I am like wtff!! get it togetherrr!!! And I don't :( I hope the interview never comes up anywhere...I dont want to embarrass my parents :(
Aside from that the event was really nice...lots of drinks, a perfomance by some dancers, I got to see the models from project runway again and the designers too, and we got to watch PR on a huge screen...I still cringe when I see myself on see I will never get used to this...NEVER!!! Abby, Ify and I had a lottttt of fun :) Good times....however since we are nothing but hungry children :) we ended up going to Tao for din din after the event...YUMMMY! and we bumped into Nelly and Ashanti... *side eye to Nelly and Ashanti who are currently denying a relationship*....just tell the truthhh! lol....and then we went to One Oak later and enjoyed a perfomance from Chris Breezyy...Nelly and Ashanti were there too...hmmmmmmm *side eye*

Cant wait to get back home and watch sonny with a chance with my awesomest sistterrr!!! woohoooo!!!!
Cranberry kisses

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