Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Hello gorgeous!!

It HAS been a WHILLLLLLLE since my last blog!
And so, one might ask, "Dee, just what have You been up to?".... Well i would joyfully reply with loads of love in my heart, "Absolutely Nada suckers!"....psych... i am just kidding....well kinda kidding....i HAVE been taking a LOOOONNGG break from Cranberry work....focusing more on job interviews and spending my money and time on ME, ME, ME (its very much needed).

The Spring show is next week thursday....and i am SO not ready....its actually quite unbelievable! i hope the show coordinator doesn't read this blog:(.....if she does>> (Gurrrrrrrl.. dont worry! we will be done by next* I have about 3 dresses to finish...yeah right....MAKE by next week...its extremely possible if i work undistracted....but with these damn interviews and my dear sweet niece(i babysit) in the picture...its sort of a tight squeeze....but its the nature of the BIZZZZ...and it will be taken care of ryde or die...bcos i wouldnt want Cranberry to eff up anyone's show...yup!

>I peeped out a blog from one of my sweeties, leornard aka lenny of the flyest cats i know...he has a blog showcasing everyday HU students on their way to classes via the Yard (also called the runway at Howard)....this plug is targeted for HU students that Hit up our blogspot...u guys should def check it out , it is, ""....truthfully some of them are hitting it!...others are just AIIIGHHHT....i really dont think HU is what it used to be b4...those days i used to get blinded by people's a good way....DAGGEM!!....nowadays everybody looks just a bit too commercial for my taste ...bah*

Thats my lenny!

A few outtakes from the outchic blog...

George!..our fave runway coach...Ms jay hasnt got shit on!!

Will...i love his wayfarers.

Naima on the fine art building steps.

>Speaking of style and fashion, I have come across a special someone who is not AFRAID to express his unique and very dangerous style. This dude has left me baffled on every occasion i have come across his picture(on bella naija's blog) i must give him a shout out on here...afterall he has made me ponder..????...I believe his name is Denrele....

I dont understand exactly what he is going for..???..with the hair, clothes and accessories...but one thing i know is that he gives it 110%...and is always very consistent in doing...whatever he g'head bro! you have a fan albeit a very confused and bewildered one!

Also on the style and fashion tip, i have to give it up to our front row girl Manika on her totally cutesy glam cocktail dress inspired by sienna miller and beyonce...she explains how she came up with the idea...

"so..i really loved Sienna in that Marchesa dress especially the flower...i hated Beyonce's dress at the La Premiere of dreamgirls but i adored the color and empire i managed to find a similar dress and added a sash with a flower to tie the look together!..and there you have it"..Manika


>On a very fun and interesting note, there might be a collaboration btw ns1463(teeshirt company) and is still in works AND talks...we have no ideas yet...but i know if it does happen it is going to be SO cute(by chineke's grace)...we predict a homerun...cranberry teeshirts??!!...who woulda thunk?

I am going to sign off this blog with pictures of my cran partners ozzy & Joan.....too cutee!!......MUAH***

Sunday, March 11, 2007


It is an ***aweesome*** week in north east is clear and summer is near....loving it!...just saw 300 and i must say, SPARTANS ARE BAD ASS MUTHA'(SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!) is sick! sick! sickity sick!! was so sick i had to email my greek civilisation professor(from last yr) to gush about it with him...what a movie!!...what a nerd :(..

Unfortunately, sickness is ALSO in the air....i feel its ugly tentacles reaching out to grab my delicate throat...*cough*...joan, ozzy, juliette and even my oldest sister Sally have succumbed to its charms...sigh*...i am very afraid :(....

I am currently in PHILLY!!...had a very "interesting" night at an after hrs bar...pulse...where the BLACK AS HELL DJ sold out and played house music almost all frigging night BAH....but he did revive it at the end with some old school naughty by nature, run DMC and big pun...very interesting mix....unfortunately the night also had some little glitches with me going against my usual inclinations and allowing a "stranger" to buy me a drink....dang...i have learnt my about PAYBACK being a bitch....i couldnt dance all night without him stopping to remind me that i had to dance with him WHENEVA he was ready and he even had to nerve to bring some of his friends to meet me and TELL them in front of me that if they ever want to dance...he bought me a they should go right ahead..???.....i mean...did i sell my soul when i accepted the drink??...i didnt sign any contract??....hiss...the eye i gave them cleared up any confusion......
The moral of the story is : Dont allow unattractive men to buy you drinks...they dont have anything to lose ....fine boys usually have pride and if you aren't interested, they just brush it off and go meet the next girl......not these men, these ones will bugg your ass with NO SHAME!...never again!

Oh and walking home...we watched one really unfortunate dude crash into ralph talking crashing INTO the store Ralph Lauren....i mean his car was inside the store...sunglasses...shirts....out in the open......I felt so much PITY for really sucks to be him right now:(...his insurance company is going to dropkick his ass....poor poor to watch film trick lol....
Moral of the story : DONT DRINK AND DRIVE!

Cranberry has a photoshoot this weekend, its very very impromptu....infact it took a quick call to make it happen and frankly im kinda wondering how its going to turn out...the Photographer is really him!...this is going to be fun...he is providing the model...and frankly so far it seems that we are just going to be sitting pretty on this one.....hmm...we will see!

meanwhile i love me some Ajay.

rocking SOUL BOUTIQUE...

Also checkout our myspace page....

It is controlled by Ms ABBY and i think she has done a lovely job with it!(she paid me to say that...i keed! i keed!)...


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Next stop....?

I believe we are slated to show in the HUspring fest fashion show on April 5th...yeah i know...another HU we have always been FANS of HU spring fashion show!!!.....since we were freshman...we have never missed a show(yup ozzy included and she lives in philly) yeah NEVER!...this was the show that in 03 had the whole all white setup...with girls dancing behind white screens....this was the show that in 04 had serena williams walk out(okay i know she is usually a fashion don't but she is BAD!)....with the background setup as a junkyard....this was the show that in 05 had the clothing racks on the stage as the it always seemed like pple were changing on the stage...while the models were walking cool!....this was also the show that had my current obsession of that year...MS EVA walk out and SHOCK yes i love the springfest HU show!!....i cant vouch for it being SO hot this year tho...after all, the fashion pple of them days have graduated....but i HOpe it will be....infact it has to be hot....they have no choice!.........this year they plan to do it on the Yard...and not in cramtom auditorium...hmm...thats intriguing....some bryant park type imitation.

Anyway we met with the coordinator Ms Lauren Body last week and she seemed happy with the clothes we showed her...she was also quite okay with our showing clothes that were to be featured in the ASA show...and since we aren't done with our spring collection...we assured her that she would have new pieces in her there we go!.....unfortunately after she saw the ASA show though, she has a few concerns ....she loved the show BUT she worried that the pieces shown were too memorable...and being that both shows would probably have the same HU student audience....she didn't want it to look like they were piggy backing off HUASA.....i see where she is coming from.......dang...anyway she only requires a few pieces...3 of which are coming from the clothes we didn't show in HUASA.....but really there is no way that something from the HUASA show isn't showing tho..are you serious?....quite impossible....there is only so much strength i have....but i am definitely excited about continuing my sewing which i stopped back to the machine i go....and oh yeah congratulations to joan and I for getting into dental school(all the schools we applied to holla heehee) yay!!...i have about 6 months to kill with cranberry so i vow to do all i possibly can in that time span....wish me luck!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Lights, Camera....SHOWTIME!!!

FINALLY, the show is over!!! Its funny how hard one has to work just to put together a presentation that lasts a little over 5 or 6 minutes..and oh man did we work hard! The Show was a very huge success in general...and we were so happy with our scene... according to our good and well paid (lol) friends, Cranberry rocked the house!! We were the eigth designers to show, and by then we were already nervous because all the previous designers had been sooooo good, mostly African inspired designs had been showcased, and we were worried our clothes were sooooo different, and because we didnt have much time to dress our models. Because of the way the auditorioum is built, the dressing rooms were quite a distance from the stage, and in the end we carried our things unto the stage so the girls that had to change could quickly do so backstage..thank God Americans have no shame about nakedness lol. We had a few minor glitches...3 of our models didnt show! 2 were unable to catch the bus from philly, and one, our plus size model who we had in the MOST fabulous attire dropped out the morning of the show. So we had 3 outfits that didn't make the runway. Anyway, we'll let the pictures speak for themselves, and we were able to get the (almost) full video footage (minus two dresses) of the show, and we're going to upload that as well.

The theme of the show was "hollywood" and reinventing old era's...and when they saw our clothes, they thought we were best suited for the 80's scene (wonder why?! lol).. so we went for old hollywood glamour..think Breakfast at Tiffanys meets pretty woman. We wanted some man candy in the scene lol..but we dont design mens clothes, so they were more like accessories for the ladies. Girl power! The women were strong powerful fabuously dressed ladies in control of their boytoys. SO we had the men in tiny little black panties and leather jackets lol. Leonard and Marcus were our poster boys, and they brought the sexy! lol...and if you heard the screams you'd know they served their purpose! We were very particular about this show, so we styled all the clothes down to the earrings. We wanted upbeat music, so we chose Crush on you, Kiss, and of course the Cranberry Anthem: GLAMOROUS. The models did an excellent job, and they really captured the persona that we wanted them to have. They LOVED modelling in the clothes and they had so much fun on the runway, some of them were even dancing lol.

After the show, we got a lot of positive feedback some OVER enthusiastic lol..but then again who is going to tell us that our show was bad? EHN? lol... but we have so many requests for dresses and pricing that I even started avoiding people. We were able to get our hands on some quality pictures courtesy of Bryan Jones (hopefully our future photographer cos he did an amazing job capturing the moments on the runway). Here are some of them:

Yes we play favorites...our fave model ..Naima..

Joan ripping the runway..our guest model


Gabrielle...LOVED her walk

Haha..Leonard the flyest...our man candy!


Fern & Nicole..

Our other fave model.. Monica..those legs!

Fallon...loved her energy!

He was supposed to be in his panties, but he messed up and left them home.. but he still worked it out in his jeans..

Sarde... stayed pulling her skirt down..



Naima & Monica..finale

Titi (the self stylist...peep the leggings under our DRESSES)

We don't have the pictures of the other clothes (YET!) but we caught em all on tape.
We obtained the video footage courtesy of our darling Abby and Sapna..who helped us backstage dressing up the girls (which was CRAZY believe me! we didnt even care what earring was supposed to go with what anymore, we were just throwing things on these girls so they could get out there.) We started off the show with a little video montage we made to introduce the cranberry scene, of 80's movies, album covers, Tv shows, and of course breakfast at Tiffanys... and then we kicked the show off with the girls dressed as vargas girls. This got a little butt-cheeky since none of the models came in their black sheers like they were supposed to (isn't it annoying when simple instructions are not carried out?? Ive modelled in shows before when the designers ask you to bring things like jeans, pants, skirts etc..all we asked were ur pumps and sheer tights (and ur underwear pls!)..and still some people were negligent). One of the models even wore black LEGGINGS under two of her dresses which we didn't notice till we were watching the video after, and we're like ?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!....noone asked her to add her personal touch?? How are you going to put black leggings under a cocktail dress? sheesh... well shes still a cutie so it didn't look like the disaster it was destined to be.
We're gonna give u guys 2 clips...the first is the montage which played on the big screens before the show began, and the second is the actual show itself. Its a bit choppy since we had to sort of "glue" it all together, but we did what we could to make it easy for you to view. Hope you enjoy!!
Cranberry Kisses x x x

Montage: It ends after the cranberry banner (so please press stop lol)