Saturday, March 3, 2007

Lights, Camera....SHOWTIME!!!

FINALLY, the show is over!!! Its funny how hard one has to work just to put together a presentation that lasts a little over 5 or 6 minutes..and oh man did we work hard! The Show was a very huge success in general...and we were so happy with our scene... according to our good and well paid (lol) friends, Cranberry rocked the house!! We were the eigth designers to show, and by then we were already nervous because all the previous designers had been sooooo good, mostly African inspired designs had been showcased, and we were worried our clothes were sooooo different, and because we didnt have much time to dress our models. Because of the way the auditorioum is built, the dressing rooms were quite a distance from the stage, and in the end we carried our things unto the stage so the girls that had to change could quickly do so backstage..thank God Americans have no shame about nakedness lol. We had a few minor glitches...3 of our models didnt show! 2 were unable to catch the bus from philly, and one, our plus size model who we had in the MOST fabulous attire dropped out the morning of the show. So we had 3 outfits that didn't make the runway. Anyway, we'll let the pictures speak for themselves, and we were able to get the (almost) full video footage (minus two dresses) of the show, and we're going to upload that as well.

The theme of the show was "hollywood" and reinventing old era's...and when they saw our clothes, they thought we were best suited for the 80's scene (wonder why?! lol).. so we went for old hollywood glamour..think Breakfast at Tiffanys meets pretty woman. We wanted some man candy in the scene lol..but we dont design mens clothes, so they were more like accessories for the ladies. Girl power! The women were strong powerful fabuously dressed ladies in control of their boytoys. SO we had the men in tiny little black panties and leather jackets lol. Leonard and Marcus were our poster boys, and they brought the sexy! lol...and if you heard the screams you'd know they served their purpose! We were very particular about this show, so we styled all the clothes down to the earrings. We wanted upbeat music, so we chose Crush on you, Kiss, and of course the Cranberry Anthem: GLAMOROUS. The models did an excellent job, and they really captured the persona that we wanted them to have. They LOVED modelling in the clothes and they had so much fun on the runway, some of them were even dancing lol.

After the show, we got a lot of positive feedback some OVER enthusiastic lol..but then again who is going to tell us that our show was bad? EHN? lol... but we have so many requests for dresses and pricing that I even started avoiding people. We were able to get our hands on some quality pictures courtesy of Bryan Jones (hopefully our future photographer cos he did an amazing job capturing the moments on the runway). Here are some of them:

Yes we play favorites...our fave model ..Naima..

Joan ripping the runway..our guest model


Gabrielle...LOVED her walk

Haha..Leonard the flyest...our man candy!


Fern & Nicole..

Our other fave model.. Monica..those legs!

Fallon...loved her energy!

He was supposed to be in his panties, but he messed up and left them home.. but he still worked it out in his jeans..

Sarde... stayed pulling her skirt down..



Naima & Monica..finale

Titi (the self stylist...peep the leggings under our DRESSES)

We don't have the pictures of the other clothes (YET!) but we caught em all on tape.
We obtained the video footage courtesy of our darling Abby and Sapna..who helped us backstage dressing up the girls (which was CRAZY believe me! we didnt even care what earring was supposed to go with what anymore, we were just throwing things on these girls so they could get out there.) We started off the show with a little video montage we made to introduce the cranberry scene, of 80's movies, album covers, Tv shows, and of course breakfast at Tiffanys... and then we kicked the show off with the girls dressed as vargas girls. This got a little butt-cheeky since none of the models came in their black sheers like they were supposed to (isn't it annoying when simple instructions are not carried out?? Ive modelled in shows before when the designers ask you to bring things like jeans, pants, skirts etc..all we asked were ur pumps and sheer tights (and ur underwear pls!)..and still some people were negligent). One of the models even wore black LEGGINGS under two of her dresses which we didn't notice till we were watching the video after, and we're like ?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!....noone asked her to add her personal touch?? How are you going to put black leggings under a cocktail dress? sheesh... well shes still a cutie so it didn't look like the disaster it was destined to be.
We're gonna give u guys 2 clips...the first is the montage which played on the big screens before the show began, and the second is the actual show itself. Its a bit choppy since we had to sort of "glue" it all together, but we did what we could to make it easy for you to view. Hope you enjoy!!
Cranberry Kisses x x x

Montage: It ends after the cranberry banner (so please press stop lol)



boab said...

- they're authentic and believable. i can see how your clothes fit right into the era you were trying to invoke.
- the show was very well put together and had a professional air about it.
- it takes a certain kind of individual to pull those looks off and i, sadly, don't fall under that category. still, on the right girl and at the right place, your clothes demand at least a doubletake.
- i don't know about anyone else but i found the male models a little distracting. they just didn't fit the theme...or at least i don't see how they did if they did. especially with the black and the jeans. it seemed too heavy a contrast against the backdrop of color and glamor.
- loved titi's final look.

overall, a very commendable job. FABULOUS.

Anonymous said...


I must admit, I didnt know if y'all could pull it off and I didnt know what to expect, I didnt expect such variety. All the outfits are fablous.

-Anonymous Fan

Nia said...

OMG i loved it!!!! guys need to open up a boutique like real quick! we need to talk about getting some of those clothes in my closet!!!..glam!glam!glam!....and as to the anon who said she can recreate the looks at forever 21? HUH??!PUH-LEEESEE! are you serious??....i dont get how people think their personal opinions count??...well cranberry i dont know you ladies BUt i love what you keep on doing you....ill buy it!!!!KIZZES****

Anonymous said...

LOOOVED IT!!!! FABULOUS!!!!! I didnt think i would be this impressed but i gotta say yall pulled it off. Most ASA shows i go to are amateur designs with amateur models but i guess i havent experienced HU! The show was GREAT, the theme, music...the models...WOW and the males models! ( WOWZA!)....Keep up the good work and take the 'negative" comments with good stride because they can only make yall better!

Cranberry said...

@Boab thank you!!the male models were actually a source of entertainment for the me if you were in the crowd you would have appreciated their was afterall a "school show" and our purpose was to show our designs as well as to keep the crowd "entertained"...

luciouslucy said...


Ms zee said...

Good job girls..... I loved it a lot... and your designs are fab!!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY! You guys did an excellent job...that was the BEST and ONLY ACTUAL scene of the HUASA fashion show. No offense to anyone else, but NO ONE stuck with their theme like Cranberry. I was so proud!

It was great seeing you guys at the after party. Rock on..


Anonymous said...

you girls did great, i loved it. i thought it was the best part of the whole show


Sade said...

Loved it! You guys did a fabulous job. You guys are really great.. Good job girls.

Bella Naija said...

Absolutely fabulous and gorgeous!
Everything looked so so amazing!
Woooot....uber fab

Ineka said...

I Loved your scene. You guys did a great job, I missed most of the show but from the rest of what I saw, cranberry was the best.
I REALLY loved that Gold sparkly dress. Gawjus!

i c y A F R I C A N A said...

That was absolutely beautiful.. kudos ladies.. kudos

Dammie said...

It was a good show indeed!!!!!

Ashley was smiling by the way, LoL


chichi said...

your girls really tried and your music selection was too bonz!! Prince rawks!

Mari said...

FABulous, ladies. Totally fabulous. Your models also did a great job modeling the clothes and thats what makes the show a blast.

SouLBoutiQue said...

Thanks you guys. anyway sha, you guys did great! the best scene in the show! Keep it up!

SouL BoutiQue

Elle Woods said...

80's is def the bomb.....felt like i was in a time warp dirung your line.
Nice sewing skills.

Jaja said...

Your dresses are so fab! The male model looks like he is twisting more than the girls! lol!

Justme said...

congratulations ladies! There's nothing like working hard and seeing the fruits of your labour. How do ladies finance your work? How do you get your hands on such nice fabrics especially in the u.s??

undressed*polaroid said...

we love body conscious 80's....gosh u guys can rewind some 20 years and be right at home then and even now...

great stuff!!

Si'Jour said...

I absolutely loved the outfit in picture no. 12!!!

Aibee said...

Great job ladies.

Did you design the clothes or did you just put the outfits together.

And, where did you have them made? if you actually designed them.

Cranberry said...

@ aibee,Thank you! we designed and sewed the clothes ourselves.