Thursday, February 28, 2008

I can't wait for summer!!!

  • School is over!!
  • Release of our next collection *FINGERS CROSSED*
  • MIAMI!!!
  • HEATWAVE!!! (my body isnt made for this weather...i am a tropical BEING!)
And most importantly being able to wear outfits like this...sandals shorts and tank tops...sigh!

Cant wait!!!

This weekend is going to be an interesting one i believe.
We have an interview with Haute Magazine's Bolaji Kekere Ekun for Haute TV. Yay!. He is over for the weekend and he is soo talented and a really good friend of ours!!
Our crazy imagination PLUS his is bound to create HAVOC lol...i have NO idea how it is going to run! i HOPE it would be fun...considering that i hate interviews and public speaking lol....Last time he came...was....hmm.... that would be the weekend of the Harry Potter final saga release, now wouldnt it?!......oh...and there was a midnight Harrypotter release costume party at borders...which we "cough" attended....I feel no shame because Harry is one of the people on my "i will fight with you if you make a nasty comment about him/her list"...i love Harry!
And of course we did what we love to do....have fun whilst acting the fool! lol.

Gasp! A dementor!

Albus Dumbledor(Before he came out lol) and professor McGonogall!

After the event! My sexy sexy Bolaji!

Enjoying a very STIMULATING game of Ayo afterwards lol...I have no idea where he found this game...Loves it though...move over monopoly!!...what doooo you know about thisss!

Meanwhile, the cranberry team keeps growing and growing and i am just so excited!! We just added "Wadamie" as our PR person(haute Magazine's editor)...she is GREAT at PR...her networking skills are ON POINTE and Gawd knows that is not our strong point...but I AM learning ...albeit slow..but learning nonetheless....i just dont know how to approach anyone all....i think we are extroverted introverts...or just shy...or just all interchanges...but you cannot be in this type of business and succeed if you think you can do it all on your own lol...sigh* But she is steering us or be more out there....and its fun! far.. ...she encouraged us to enter a teeshirt design competition at ""(its a very Fabulous & famous blog, yall should check it out).
We have no background in graphic design or fashion illustration but we can all naturally Joan and I went for it...we did a little lol graphic type thing which embodied the concept of the "fashion bomb" ...we actually submitted it yesterday!... *cough* ...i am not trying to be negative here but we did it for purely for fun! there are alot of people who have more experience in teeshirt design that are going to enter the competition..but i am just happy i actually went for it! i am such a debbie downer...but seriously i know my chances lol....but on a POSITIVE NOTE i LEARNT from this experience that we can actually design graphic images! i am going to see if i can print out a teeshirt with the image i made and if its hot...screw urban outfitters! i am going to be making my own teeshirts!
CRANBERRY GLAMCHIC TEES COMING SOON lol(thats if it is hot though!)...
I really dont know if it is against the "rules" to show off the image we in order to avoid being "disqualified"lol.. i wouldnt till the 14th which is when voting begins....damn i want to feature it so badly...i honestly think it is really cute...considerrrringggg that ..err...this aint our forte...
Oh...hint hint*...yall heard me say, "VOTING begins"....right?......ah ah my sisTas now....why are you acting like this......ah guuuuuyssssssssss nowwwww....i trust you guys...wink* LOL...i am throwing in a Please and Thank you at the end!


Tommorow is the HUASA show...woohoo! is going to be fabulous as always...and i cant WAIT to see the the designer's collections!!...Goodluck everyone!!!!.....Cranberry is going to be interviewing backstage for Haute hopefully if everything works out fine y'all will catch the show on's "HAUTE TV"...yay!!
Hope everyone has a fab weekend!! I am off to study BAH** (my life sucks!)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Janet's MTV Spoofs!

Yes! I hope Janet is Back!
I have always been a huge fan.
I listen to "love will never do" EVERYDAY
She rocks.


Is officially open!!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's new PussycaT?

Last weekend was really the most unserious weekend I have had in like forever and I really have to thank the American presidents for that...w/o them I would never had had the fun of my life....MOVING ON....

What's new cus I have been out of it for like 2 weeks....Caught the new lil mama track...loveit!...normally she looks like an oily hardened soul with weave BUT she actually looked good in the vid...I was so proud of her (btw I'm a fan)....Also caught the grammys...loved bee's performance (DUHH!)...putting tina and bee together..uhh PURE GENIUS!...Meanwhile, caught the new "Making the Band" show and I was definitely left who is Diddy kidding....why do we have to watch this show AGAIN...i mean what is the point?

Beyonce and Tina, Grammy 08

Anyway...Fashion week has come and gone and sadly, I was in DC studying my tush unfair :( I did however follow it as much as I could and I was blown away by kudos (lol..i feel like my English lesson teacher) to them all.

Here are some of my favorites:

Peter Som for Bill Blass: "A mix of luxurious opposites"

Marc by Marc Jacobs: Had an eightyish feel to it

Diane Von Furstenberg: Channeled the forties.

Herve Leger by Max Azaria: The sexiness of the bandage dress.

Nicole Miller: Channeled the bravery of Joan of Arc

PS: Would love to feature more designers but I'm seriously about to get Carpal Syndrome from doing this...

I just found out that Jourdan Dunn is the 2nd black girl to grace the catwalk for Prada (Naomi being the 1st 15 yrs ago)...I'm going to try and disbelieve this story bcus it is soooo 1970.

The girl is hot and I can see her going places!

I cannot believe that Tyra woman is about to bless us with another bout of America's next top model...hmm...can we breathe some pls....Selisha (sp?) hasn't even flexed her wings as "the top model" yet and here we are about to crown someone again with this useless title...I will be watching it today I don't think any of them get anything really from it....apart from maybe hosting BET rip the runway like Eva Pigford did a couple of yrs back...hmmm.

I love bravo shows..Project Runway, The Real Housewives, Top Chef, Top Design and now one of my fave shows....Make Me a Super Model!!!!!! I love the challenges on this show and the fact that they could get on Fashion week!!!! I also love the fact that there are guys too...I love Perry, Ronnie, Ben, Casey, Frankie!!!they are just awesome!

Tyson Beckford hosts the show along with
fellow model, Nikki Taylor.
And yes, I love Tyson too.

I started watching Flavor of Love 3...ok like that show is a train wreck...Flav, the girls, their clothes, I cannot help but just stop and stare. This time around, it is soo obvious that the girls are just here for TV not for Flav ( aren't they always abi). The problem is that many of them are really really not cute...I mean what type of TV would want them? At least before, they could get away with being like video hos..sorry models :) but now I can only wonder what artist would want them in his video?


So Kelly R and Rihanna decided to both go to the Brit Awards in London last night and they both had on some really hot silver dresses. So I have decided to ask the ever so popular question:

"Who ran it?"



~*Cranberry Kisses!!!!*~

MY Bee/ Keeping it locked up/ Rant!

My beautiful stylish Talented Bee..

Okay as an INTENSE, FEVERISH and very DEDICATED B'STAN, i cant help but be constantly injured by Hurtful, hurtful words her "unadmirers" constantly toss at her.

I personally try not to cram her down anyone's throat - This is our blog, yet despite the overwhelming love we have for her, we never speak about her here, maybe ONce or twice but really thats about it.

I dont speak about her to people who obviously dont care much for her and i dont force anyone around me to listen/watch/ or do anything pertaining to beyonce ...i could...but i really dont...BECAUSE i am respectful of people's opinions, likes and the end of the day, what matters to me most is my being UNAWARE of the negative comments...yet...i constantly get bombarded by them just because i am a fan..for some reason i am the "GO TO person for beyonce haters....i mean there i am just minding my own daggone business when someone sends me a msg "Oh. beyonce is such a fake bitch, oooo she is so fat, ooohh she lips synchs...i am like ??????....and there is the CONSTANT effort of People asking me, time and time again why i like beyonce and TRYING their best to UNFAN me.....Am i not ALLOWED to love her! it UNPOPULAR to like beyonce?..I really dont know how she ended up the enemy of all, when she is very Talented, HARDworking, dedicated, BEAUTIFUL and an all round A!....

I personally dont care much for Alicia keys or Mary J blige but i still respect their HUSTLE, i still listen to their music and i still admire their efforts...but i just do not get the GENERAL OVERWHELMING DISLIKE of my sweet BEE..did i miss out on the controversy she wrought on the general public..i mean daggone it!!.....

Granted Bee was everywhere this past year with endorsements, appearances at events, Performances...whatever...i think its very stupid of people to get irritated because she is endorsing so many things, What the hell is the essence of the music business, If its not to entertain (which she loves to do but people still complain) and to make profit (which is what she is doing with all her endorsements but people still complain)... she doesnt beg for the endorsements, they are offered to her!...Beyonce was the second woman on the list of forbes top 10 african american millionares and i aint mad at have to hustle while you can...would you turn down the chance to make money??.....All good things things eventually come to an end, why not squeeze the hell out of it before that time comes..??...while she is still at the top.... nothing lasts forever ergo Lauryn hill(who i still have my fingers crossed for)..why not make millions why you can..makes no damn sense...

And the whole Lacefront ish...i find it really funnny because for the last 2 yrs i have been wearing braids in my hair and now i just took it all off and i am now rocking my hair and i have no intention of relaxing my hair until 6 mnths from now, so i need "something" i could wear on my head that wouldnt damage my hair, when my hair eventually gets unmanageable (which i am crossing my fingers it wont since i am really conditioning the hell out of it) ...and frankly thats what a lace front does, it allows you to grow out your hair!!!.... its just so silly that pple call her out on weave when MOST if not all of the perpetrators have weave attached to their own damn scalps!!---Besides... calling beyonce "BEYAKI" is so intelligent you must feel whilst doing so...In the entertainment industry everyone and their mama wears weave including caucasian women, why is she solely picked on???..even that rihanna's fab new haircut has tracks all up in that ish...its not humanly possible for her bangs to be long on monday and the short on wednesday and then long again on friday...hmmm..

Oh and the comparisons never end, can we Negros ever just get along???why must there only be ONE black woman doing it big, why cant alicia keys, ciara, beyonce, rihanna, et all not just exist all together without comparisons being drawn of who is the best at what...they are all in different genres of music....pick what you like and stop comparing...Beyonce is nothing like alicia keys, there is always that one person stressing that beyonce' music is too "poppy" and not deep like alicia's ...well good for you if you like alicia key's music...its just aight to me...personally i like Bee's music...why should we stop playing it just because YOU dont like about you let her fans enjoy it without blessing us with your UNNEEDED and UNINVITED dirty opinions!

I know alot of blogs pick on beyonce, they put her picture up and insult her about her hair/body weight or something equally shallow all to generate rabid comments of "oh i am soo sick of her! and stuff.....if not for blogs we wouldnt know what she was up to, would we?....if everyone is so sick of her why not stop making posts about her, but they dont anyway because then they would lose their comments....

Personally as someone who has yet to Hate on anybody's hustle, people need to just practice turning down the vol when Beyonce is on tv or just looking over a post of her, thats what i do for several celebrities, there is no reason to be a pot of venom and just hate someone for the point of hating her.

In my opinion black women hating on other black women have given white bloggers the right to say disrespectful shit about Black people, i am on dlisted( i know he is asian) and he is going around calling Beyonce, Beyaki and things...??....are you serious??....and marykate and ashley whose Heads are CHOCKFULL of weave are said to have "extensions" in their hair...oh really?
....or even TMZ calling beyonce a Roboho...This is that disrespectful far as i am concerned, Bee minds her business, loves her family and is one of the best entertertainers out there ...she gives a 100% to her audience and for that i am truely appreciative, as someone who likes to do the same...i appreciate...i can tell a Bee hater a mile away and i personally dont care if you dont care much for beyonce, thats fine...but if you are someone who hates her enough to be in my face about it whilst i am trying to respect your right to dislike my sweet wonderful bee....we will definitely fight...and as always i will win. I am not going to lie my friendship is inversely proportional to how much you hate bee....if its too much, we really cant be today i am not sure if my BF likes or hates Bee, but i will never know...and thats what is important LOL...

I hope i didnt step on anyone's toes, and my intention is not to force anyone to like Beee, i am just AIRING out the anger in my heart after i someone left a stupid comment about Beyonce in my inbox...i am off to fight that person...for now...*WHOOOOSAaaaaaAA*


And OH, on another note, My people (nigerians) are the most OPINIONATED people i have ever seen in my life! LOL, i mean it is in our BLOOD to feel like we Know better than everyone else, "No, no do it Like this!! dont do it like that" ....ah ah....i was just on *cough* someone just posted up his new music vid and i mean it was a really fun vid! and i just dont understand why some "people" felt the need to list out all the faults of the video and things...right there...for the whole world to see....?? "nice try but you need to work on blah blah blah"...i thought it was mad funny because that ish always happens, ESP in this fashion bizzzzzness i am constantly warned about shit i already know...

To an extent i understand the importance of constructive criticism but sometimes you can tell that people are just taking the piss and are just trying to be unnecessarily mean, stuff like that is not cool! there is a way that you can give criticism and the person being criticised feels ENCOURAGED, i know because i have felt that way...i have been motivated and encouraged and mistakes have been pointed out in a way that you feel like you can do better but when people just say shit in a way that makes you feel discouraged, i wonder just what their purpose is....I personally feel that everyone and their mama has an opinion and people need to just take note of the people whose opinions really matter! ....On one hand you will have those people that tell you that whatever you do is GREAT! when its really need someone who has Knowledge on the subject at hand and is blunt enough to tell you it sucks and wise enough to give you pointers on how to correct your mistake, thats what i think....

Lol, i am the most OPINIONATED person out there....i personally think i can do it all...if i see someone fixing a car, i just know i have to give my own opinion on the subject lol....BUT due to past circumstances of my ass being cursed out by my older siblings i have learnt the HARD WAY to how to hold myself back!..nowadays i only give my precious opinion when asked.....or provoked lol...

When we first started this Blog we had a rash of destructive criticism, which is how the comments got moderated - There are lots of cool people who rock the blog like Elle woods (who is mad funny, ur blog is soo cool) and eny and zena and a lot of other familiar people who i can tell like our product and who i know (or i think i know) would Constructively give us their opinion on cranberry when asked because they actually like what we do and are not anonymously saying whatever the hell they want and bouncing leaving only irritation and confusion like "what did we do to that stranger???" thanks YALLLL!! ..We are sketching and putting together the looks for our next collection and hmm..and i am soo excited....cross your fingers for us and damn THIS IS A LONG ASS BLOG! lol.

Cranberry kisses***

Style watch!

Ooo La La!

I got some new looks i LAV!

Arieta M. Undeniably cool. very clean, lady like look on the left with the mustard colored tights and the belted plaid dress and on the right, she goes more masculine with the james dean/rocker swagg and ooh look! sneaks!!

Imade (Ozzy's cousin) - love the tights, the dress, the shoes and the GEM girl face paint, lol cute!! i love young fashionistas!!

oohh look, its cinderello okello again! i totally love the casual vintagesque look, with the silver sandals...and the right picture is rocking...the lace inner blouse is pure sex!

i really have no idea where vel shops, where do you find this???...the little bitty buttons are so cute, and its just sooo cute...and the shoes are the truth!...brilliant jewel blue, soo sexy!!

Oroma's look is really edgy, i love it, she is a model/boutique owner and she also is the covergirl of the next Haute Magazine issue!

She is one of the coolest girlies we have worked with! laid back, chill and very talented And Enthusiastic, all round a very gorgeous young lady...that dress on the left is rocking, with that BIG head of hair (gorgeous!)...

You should check her out on her blog!

And on a disgruntled note, why the hell is Agyness deyn so fly? she pisses me off!

Cranberry kisses! MUAH***

Monday, February 18, 2008

Cupcakes.Facehunter.Fashionblogs & Funtimes.

Sigh* its been a great exam free week/weekend and boy have i spent it doing ABSOLUTELY nothing! (a little bit of studying here and there but in all actuality and with a little bit of shame i admit i did almost nothing) (AS IT SHOULD BE!)
My girls came down, Abby and Ozzy and we had a very swell relaxing weekend!(AS IT SHOULD Be!)

I cannot believe class starts tommorow at 8am, with 2 exams on monday GASP!......but anyway before i get caught up in school and its crraaazinesssssss...i want to blog a little bit about nothing and everything!

First of all, we FINALLY printed out our business cards, i know i know! very late of us lol but still it was always impossible to come up with one we actually with the help of my veryyy efficient older sister Juliet (who is like clockwork) we had it done in like a week and she designed it and others herself and this is the one we chose! love it! its very cranberry, dont you think?


Speaking of Juliet, she does like the cutest cupcakes ever and she is also awesome at party planning! No cranberry and Caven event is absent of her touch! Her cupcakes are fun, fab and muy deliciouso!! I constantly encourage her to go into business cus she loves doing it and when you love doing something and you can actually "do" it lol, the sky is the limit!!

These are some of the ideas she came up with for my sister's breakfast at tiffany's themed bridal shower!


party favours containing a diamond ring key chain and candy!

powder blue cupcakes with a tiffany ring!! love it!

Of cus the classic Blue and white balloons with silver strings! i love breakfast at tiffany's!

So i was sent a link to a fashion blog by one of my friends a couple of weeks back, and i checked it out, it was a fab read! it is written by Ekei Henshaw, a stylish young new yorker! and i know it would be fun read for those who enjoy high end fashion! Loves it!


My stiletto snagged on the fab tights of this stylish chic by the name of Cinderella okello whilst browsing through, can we say fab..much?

And on a very Fab note, i am waiting with bated breath for the launching of Fashion, cranberry FUX with Haute Magazine, as the Creative Director (uSa), the website is a Big huge deal! and it is awesome! and fresh! and just WOW!!

Everyone needs to check it out because it is truely HAUTE!

Can't wait!

On a Cranberry note, I and my favorite designers + one had a bit of fun with the freedom of the weekend and did what we do best! TAKE PICTURES!! all whist waiting for the!


My girlies!

Ozzy channeling her inner masculinity - and we love her for it!

Cranberry and the ever Fab Abby!

Luv yall! MUAH***