Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's new PussycaT?

Last weekend was really the most unserious weekend I have had in like forever and I really have to thank the American presidents for that...w/o them I would never had had the fun of my life....MOVING ON....

What's new cus I have been out of it for like 2 weeks....Caught the new lil mama track...loveit!...normally she looks like an oily hardened soul with weave BUT she actually looked good in the vid...I was so proud of her (btw I'm a fan)....Also caught the grammys...loved bee's performance (DUHH!)...putting tina and bee together..uhh PURE GENIUS!...Meanwhile, caught the new "Making the Band" show and I was definitely left who is Diddy kidding....why do we have to watch this show AGAIN...i mean what is the point?

Beyonce and Tina, Grammy 08

Anyway...Fashion week has come and gone and sadly, I was in DC studying my tush unfair :( I did however follow it as much as I could and I was blown away by kudos (lol..i feel like my English lesson teacher) to them all.

Here are some of my favorites:

Peter Som for Bill Blass: "A mix of luxurious opposites"

Marc by Marc Jacobs: Had an eightyish feel to it

Diane Von Furstenberg: Channeled the forties.

Herve Leger by Max Azaria: The sexiness of the bandage dress.

Nicole Miller: Channeled the bravery of Joan of Arc

PS: Would love to feature more designers but I'm seriously about to get Carpal Syndrome from doing this...

I just found out that Jourdan Dunn is the 2nd black girl to grace the catwalk for Prada (Naomi being the 1st 15 yrs ago)...I'm going to try and disbelieve this story bcus it is soooo 1970.

The girl is hot and I can see her going places!

I cannot believe that Tyra woman is about to bless us with another bout of America's next top model...hmm...can we breathe some pls....Selisha (sp?) hasn't even flexed her wings as "the top model" yet and here we are about to crown someone again with this useless title...I will be watching it today I don't think any of them get anything really from it....apart from maybe hosting BET rip the runway like Eva Pigford did a couple of yrs back...hmmm.

I love bravo shows..Project Runway, The Real Housewives, Top Chef, Top Design and now one of my fave shows....Make Me a Super Model!!!!!! I love the challenges on this show and the fact that they could get on Fashion week!!!! I also love the fact that there are guys too...I love Perry, Ronnie, Ben, Casey, Frankie!!!they are just awesome!

Tyson Beckford hosts the show along with
fellow model, Nikki Taylor.
And yes, I love Tyson too.

I started watching Flavor of Love 3...ok like that show is a train wreck...Flav, the girls, their clothes, I cannot help but just stop and stare. This time around, it is soo obvious that the girls are just here for TV not for Flav ( aren't they always abi). The problem is that many of them are really really not cute...I mean what type of TV would want them? At least before, they could get away with being like video hos..sorry models :) but now I can only wonder what artist would want them in his video?


So Kelly R and Rihanna decided to both go to the Brit Awards in London last night and they both had on some really hot silver dresses. So I have decided to ask the ever so popular question:

"Who ran it?"



~*Cranberry Kisses!!!!*~


Bhookey said...

i like kellys better!

Anonymous said...


Elle Woods said...

Even tho i stan for RiRi i have to go with Kelly...homegirl is so toned!!!!

Paris said...

um i'ld say both. but if i really had 2 pick i'll say rihanna but thats just cos i think she has her fashion game right.

Zena said...

rihanna, maybe I'm a little biased

I really don't get the point of a new ANTM either, and I hate the girls, did you catch the show? I went to bed... I was that bored

alero said...

hey cranberry..being the fashonistas that you are, I think your right for this task

I need a favour from you...where can I get sheer metallic tights from? I dont know if that makes sense..but if it does can you post where I can get one...I need a reply asap..thank you thank you..muah muah
I'll be watching this space

Cranberry said...

Hi Alero..Okay..sheer metallic tights..WTH! lol..I kid...You can probably find them at American Apparel..Another place you should check is Intermix, I cannot find them on the website but I got some sheer metallics from there like last yr so they might still have them in stock..You might also want to check Neimans and Searle NYC but first,check the links below to see if we are on the same wavelength k!!

alero said...

we are so on the same page...

thank you thank you...muah

aydaa said...

oh rihanna ran this one for sure. love her look of late. not so much punk rocker chic but with some elegance

Fausset said...

i think they both rocked, but em kelly