Sunday, March 23, 2008


Our BUSIEST week/weekend is over!!!! I cannot begin to express how relieved i am! This week was one of sleepless nights..working on the new collection/ Having to stop midway to run down to NY to do the BK fashion weekend show was wayy worse that you can possibly imagine. We finally got on the daggone bus, believe me, 4 hours was hardly enough sleep, straight with all sorts of luggage to Billy's burg (my 2nd foray into brookyln i might add...i find that i really like williamsburg though..) to fit the models at the show (as we had been informed the night before that even tho we were previously scheduled to show on sunday, we were now showin that friday at 6pm)...SIGH..! Well, i was very impressed with the show was a very well put together, REAL fashion show, with a lot of industry folk and media (ugh im cringing at the amount of video interviews we did lol) met a lot of photographers/models etc.... One thing though...this dude called Nana Boateng was showing as well..and boy oh boy...the male models...Oh my goodness...I swear every girl in that place wanted to pass out...I can safely say that i have never seen so many HOT men in one gathering before...*swoons*...okay back to the business at hand...the show was a success!! Ideally, we would have only wanted to show only our new collection, but as last minute as it was it was quite impossible to have finished making a collection and shown it by friday unless we were really rushing, and we didnt want to rush the new collection or have it be sloppy in any kind of way, so we just agreed to use the 6 new pieces we had made and a couple of old dresses from our previous collection. The response was very encouraging, its always very humbling when people appreciate what you do. All in all I think the stress of the weekend was worth it, we made a lot of contacts and also it was good to set the ball rolling again. We'll be back with more and with a whole mess of pictures, but I think I need to fall back asleep I'm still worn out lol. HAPPY EASTER FOLKS!!!!!
love, Cranberry.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sleepless nights!

Its 8 : 15 AM and "we" are sitting in my Apt's business complex (because my printer is broken!) WAITING to catch the 9 45 am chinatown bus to NY ( i hate those buses !) - I am tired as hell, didnt sleep a wink and i cant wait to literally PASS OUT on the damn bus! stitching, sewing, revamping ALL WEEK sprrrrrrrring break is sooo terrible and yall know my dental school attending ass couldnt WAIT for a break!!..
SO why am i up THIS EARLY and dressed up!... its the BKfashionweekend thats why! and we are showing in it, i hope its better be fun lol - it was a very last minute thing BUT i am excited to show "some" new clothes, about 6 in total, fitting is at 2 and the 8 am bus is SOLD OUT...which is why i am biding my time....this is why i use amtrak...damn chinatown buses....sigh last minute always sucks!
I am kinda shy about this new collection, cant wait to see how the clothes look on TALL people aka models!!
I know i dont sound as hype as i should be but damn it i cant lie i am tired and grouchy!!

okay we are about to leave...woohooo!! wish us luck!!!

Cranberry kisses!!
AND my camara is charged and reeady to go, ill take pictures for everyone!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hey Guys!!

We are busy on the new collection right now....HECTIIICCCCCC!!!!!! but we will be back ASAP!!!

PS: Halle has given birth!!! I cannot even begin to imagine how BEAUTIFUL that child is!!! So happy it is a girl!!! Move over Shiloh!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Anyone who is a project runway fan will truly appreciate this clip...LOL! and that "woman" needs to ask herself why in the world she looks so much like christian...pure comedy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

PART 2: the Fashion Bomb!!

Hey guys...ITS ROUND 2 and we made the cut!!!!YAYYYY!!!!!!!! so excited....Thank you for all the votes...we totally appreciate and love y' seriously we do!!! Please take time out to vote for us again!!!!!!

Cranberry Kisses!!!

Ooo Me likey!

After a rash of Ugly midterms i am FREEEEEEE from the clutches of studying for at least TWO WEEKS and its feels sooo good!!

So doing what I LAVV to do best i went SNOOPING around for ANYTHING i DEEM FAB!

First HAIR!

I always say if your Hair is Wack, your outfit looks wack PERIOD!! Your haircut/style needs to be tweaked perfectly to accentuate your fabulous self...please ladies its extremely NECESSARY for your hair to be on the pulse!!!


I want to introduce the first EVER Impromptu Cranberry hair Awards!!!

Category - Short Haircuts!

Oooo Tchal and Maki are doing it with the really risque Fab cuts...i lovvvee it!!

Category - Short Bobs!

Dayo and Nkechi look so chic with this sleek cut! lavv it!
Last Category - BIG HAIR!!

Omonye & Aibee are taking it back with their voluminous hair! they rock it so well!!! love it!!

Love the great hair ladies!!! Keep up the good fight!!

Moving on from hair, i ran into the trend of the Geeky glasses which i personally rock from time to time (BECAUSE I AM HALF BLIND) ..upside is -its so cute and its always very alternative and fashionable!

Migan jean -V, Akin D and a really hot cute!!

Moving on to my next trend watch is these caaaaayute shoes which i am not going to front like i know its name lol, whatever they are i love em!!

its Anu! (Dav!d's sis) and Loza and its cute that they wear these *shoes* almost the same way in an all white getup, its pure sex!!
MY next trend is the Peace pendant which i have been spotting everywhere and i frankly love it!The message is peace which we all support so hey, why not rock it!
Ozzy lol. and kesh rocking it in different ways!
Speaking of Kesh!!
She is such a fab girl! She has the cutest teeshirts (which i am reallly loving right now!)
She has a very hi-strobe fashion sense, bright colors, big earrings, big hair, very vintage 80s which is what i loveeee, so she is a really fun girl and it would be greeeeeat to meet her someday!!
Here is one of the K-shirts.
Her T-shirts have been rocked by fashion loving celebs like Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West, so its really big things for this upcoming bright babe!
She has a blog as well which y'all should check out
Since i am on the Featuring tip, all you fashion lovers who shop vintage should check out this fab vintage store which added us on Myspace page, i absolutely love their stuff, its very stylish...i mean like instantly STYLISH without having to squint your eyes to see whats cool about it, thats HOT!
its MAKIMAKIVintage!
Also check out a new blog
I endorse its fabness!!
I promise to blog TWICE as more now that i am semi-free!!
Cranberry Kisses chicas and chicos!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fashionbomb Tee shirt contest!!

OMG! Great Teeshirts from everyone!! I love it!!!!
Go vote for CRANBERRY at!


Friday, March 7, 2008

Getting ready with cranberry!

More fabulous videos on tv!!

Bolaji, kudos to your editing skills! WE LOVE IT!

Check Out More videos On HauteTV {}

Last weekend*Mini Style watch* Random

Allo allo! (who remembers that show?...really I think its only in Nigeria that a bunch of africans are addicted to a flippin german show lol...remember those mute dogs as well...the things we suffer on NTA..) Anyways I digress...hows everyones week been? I have been mad busy with school...sigh design school aint no joke...and Parsons..even a bigger non-joke..! I literally have a new garment due every week, countless illustrations, this and that...its utter chaos! Its so much worse than being a biology major albiet 100 times sweeter lol...

Last weekend was utterly fabulous...My dear friends dammie (Editor of Haute magazine) and Bolaji (editor-at-large and USC film student/ naija movie conneseur (sp?) lol) and I went down to DC for the weekend, and of course our lovely hosts were my cranburr* sistahs! So we had planned a little film segment for Fashion Africa ( ---> check it out..nothing short of amazing), ie a mini interview for the Haute TV section, and also as part of the Haute magazine team, we were conducting backstage interviews for the HUASA fashion show that also was that friday. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! Well that is when we were not a bundle of nerves...the pressure of being on video is so intense LOL we had to do like 20 takes just to be relaxed. Hopefully, Bolaji will have it up on the website sometime this week, but ill up you on more info on that later!! We also attended our friends saki's 25th birthday at the ritz carlton, a very small and elegant affair that just reeked of fabulousity! There is nothing I love more than seeing a bunch of stylish people together, and I appreciate it when people make the effort to look hella good (there is nothing worse than trying to throw a cocktail event and someone shows up in are serious? I always wish i was a lot ruder so i can throw 'em out.....:)

The HUASA fashion show was nice had been such a long time since we sat down in crampton JUST to watch a show and be in the audience (really its sad, i feel like i went to Howard i am a little over familiar with the school as a whole lol), i enjoyed every minute of it. Canadian cutie Eniola of DAVID debuted her collection and it was so cute, i totally lavvved it!!

SO, the moment that doreen, joan and I have been waiting for is here! We are finally about to launch our second collection. It has taken a while for us to synchronize our busy schedules and also to decide in what direction cranberry was headed. We are currently collecting our inspirations and sketching our designs. Next friday, J and Dee will be coming down to NY so we can approve each others sketches (a collection has to be a COLLECTION right..?..) and go fabric sourcing, so we can get down to the nitty gritty. We are also hiring interns to help us make the whole thing move much smoother. Right now we are talking to some exciting photographers (let you know more about that when plans are more solid) and planning a shoot scheduled for sometime this march...SIGH...its all madness but thats what we live for right?

Mini Style watch
I am a complete sucker for anyone stylish...and recently ive been carrying my camera everywhere i go to capture the stylish people i know in their everyday lives, so if u ever see me come at u with a camera lol dont duck, its cos i think ure worth shooting haha

anways Niyi always stays styling... I ran into him at school and immediately bullied him into taking a photo... i just love the whole look PERIOD, the green shoes are just genious... always so damn fabulous.

I love to see young Nigerian models, and Matilda is certainly holding her own AND staying stylish whilst doing so :)

Same goes for Adesuwa...stunning

The gorgy and ever stylish Chalya, is a stylist and known for taken fashion risks. We also styled her for a 'fashion life' spread in Haute Magazine and she rocked the hell out of it!

My dear Rukky, a true fashion maverick. check out her blog
as she shares the true woes of the unexpected move back to lagos..

Ndali - love the casual dress, sweater and tights look, thrown off with the blue & white jazz shoes...loves it!

and some man candy: always encourage my nigerian brathas GQing it out..koye, efe & lere looking dapper ;)

On some random ridiculousness (who can tell that i read wayyyy to much ybf?) seriously addicted to craigslist...couldnt tell you why honestly...i just love to read what people are selling/buying/ looking for, men looking for women, women looking for women, rants and raves...i mean craigslist is my personal entertainment center lol...i have seen the most riduculous things there and the WEIRDEST offers (free rent for sex, company etc). Anyway i ran across this couch for sale and thought to share... apparently its supposed to be er....well..figure it out for urselves....

STAY FAB!!!! *Kisses!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hey guys!!!

Last weekend was awesome...the fashion show was cute...the models, the designers, the stage, the dancers!!! everything!!!

Sooo I have this problem with African Shirts for is something I don't really get. I know nobody died and called me Anna Wintour BUT this trend has got to stop. It is UGLY and I have never seen an African wear one unless he is a bus conductor in Nigeria of course...I don't understand why African designers feel the need to add this item of clothing to their already nice collections....if it is hard to design male clothes, DON'T! it is really not by force. I cannot count the number of times I have seen male models walk down the runway with an unattractive short sleeve shirt made of African fabric with a pair of jeans. I mean at least can we have like some designs here and there? Cap sleeves if any and pls can we mix some other materials in there so that we can actually differentiate that particular shirt from the many others that are out there. I always ask my male friends if they would wear those shirts and I always come up with the same answer.....starts with N and ends with R...I am not trying to knock anyone down but I know that most of these designers are creative and that they can actually make this "African male shirt" work. I mean damn...their female clothes are hot so why can't their male clothes be abi????

ANywayyyy.....we totally went for a really Fab! event this saturday!!! I love Fab girls!! They are awesome!!! It was my friends bday and we all went...Bolaji included. It was at the Ritz in G-town...awesome location by the way....Got to meet loads of cool peeps and stuff...unfortunately my memory stick is gone so alas! I am without piccies!!!Oh the HORROR!!!

Before that though, we had an interview for HauteTV....I was soooo AM SHY! and so what????but I think it went pretty well....cannot wait to see it!!! It is coming soon to HauteTV tho! For now, check out Doreen interviewing Ifueko of Idia at I think she did a pretty good job considering the fact that this was her first attempt at interviewing.

Hope you guys have a great rest of the week...I have exams and I am trying to sketch for our next collection so wish me luck oo!!!!

Cranberry kisses!