Sunday, March 23, 2008


Our BUSIEST week/weekend is over!!!! I cannot begin to express how relieved i am! This week was one of sleepless nights..working on the new collection/ Having to stop midway to run down to NY to do the BK fashion weekend show was wayy worse that you can possibly imagine. We finally got on the daggone bus, believe me, 4 hours was hardly enough sleep, straight with all sorts of luggage to Billy's burg (my 2nd foray into brookyln i might add...i find that i really like williamsburg though..) to fit the models at the show (as we had been informed the night before that even tho we were previously scheduled to show on sunday, we were now showin that friday at 6pm)...SIGH..! Well, i was very impressed with the show was a very well put together, REAL fashion show, with a lot of industry folk and media (ugh im cringing at the amount of video interviews we did lol) met a lot of photographers/models etc.... One thing though...this dude called Nana Boateng was showing as well..and boy oh boy...the male models...Oh my goodness...I swear every girl in that place wanted to pass out...I can safely say that i have never seen so many HOT men in one gathering before...*swoons*...okay back to the business at hand...the show was a success!! Ideally, we would have only wanted to show only our new collection, but as last minute as it was it was quite impossible to have finished making a collection and shown it by friday unless we were really rushing, and we didnt want to rush the new collection or have it be sloppy in any kind of way, so we just agreed to use the 6 new pieces we had made and a couple of old dresses from our previous collection. The response was very encouraging, its always very humbling when people appreciate what you do. All in all I think the stress of the weekend was worth it, we made a lot of contacts and also it was good to set the ball rolling again. We'll be back with more and with a whole mess of pictures, but I think I need to fall back asleep I'm still worn out lol. HAPPY EASTER FOLKS!!!!!
love, Cranberry.

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I want to see pictures!!!