Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ooo Me likey!

After a rash of Ugly midterms i am FREEEEEEE from the clutches of studying for at least TWO WEEKS and its feels sooo good!!

So doing what I LAVV to do best i went SNOOPING around for ANYTHING i DEEM FAB!

First HAIR!

I always say if your Hair is Wack, your outfit looks wack PERIOD!! Your haircut/style needs to be tweaked perfectly to accentuate your fabulous self...please ladies its extremely NECESSARY for your hair to be on the pulse!!!


I want to introduce the first EVER Impromptu Cranberry hair Awards!!!

Category - Short Haircuts!

Oooo Tchal and Maki are doing it with the really risque Fab cuts...i lovvvee it!!

Category - Short Bobs!

Dayo and Nkechi look so chic with this sleek cut! lavv it!
Last Category - BIG HAIR!!

Omonye & Aibee are taking it back with their voluminous hair! they rock it so well!!! love it!!

Love the great hair ladies!!! Keep up the good fight!!

Moving on from hair, i ran into the trend of the Geeky glasses which i personally rock from time to time (BECAUSE I AM HALF BLIND) ..upside is -its so cute and its always very alternative and fashionable!

Migan jean -V, Akin D and a really hot cute!!

Moving on to my next trend watch is these caaaaayute shoes which i am not going to front like i know its name lol, whatever they are i love em!!

its Anu! (Dav!d's sis) and Loza and its cute that they wear these *shoes* almost the same way in an all white getup, its pure sex!!
MY next trend is the Peace pendant which i have been spotting everywhere and i frankly love it!The message is peace which we all support so hey, why not rock it!
Ozzy lol. and kesh rocking it in different ways!
Speaking of Kesh!!
She is such a fab girl! She has the cutest teeshirts (which i am reallly loving right now!)
She has a very hi-strobe fashion sense, bright colors, big earrings, big hair, very vintage 80s which is what i loveeee, so she is a really fun girl and it would be greeeeeat to meet her someday!!
Here is one of the K-shirts.
Her T-shirts have been rocked by fashion loving celebs like Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West, so its really big things for this upcoming bright babe!
She has a blog as well which y'all should check out
Since i am on the Featuring tip, all you fashion lovers who shop vintage should check out this fab vintage store which added us on Myspace page, i absolutely love their stuff, its very stylish...i mean like instantly STYLISH without having to squint your eyes to see whats cool about it, thats HOT!
its MAKIMAKIVintage!
Also check out a new blog
I endorse its fabness!!
I promise to blog TWICE as more now that i am semi-free!!
Cranberry Kisses chicas and chicos!!!


Anu H. said...

Oooh do I ever feel privileged to be featured in your blog! Thanks :-)

Funny, DAV!D purchased those shoes :-p

You girls rock!

Oh ps: I love the big hair you featured too!!

The Style Endorser said...

I love your blog! I find it very inspiring! Don't go changing!

The Style Endorser!


SouLBoutiQue said...

YAY!!!! MY D, MY ACE!!!! Dayo, stays FAB! It's in our genes, lmao! anywho i totally agree if your hair is wack so is EVERYTHING ELSE, please preach!!!!

and two weeks off, ditto. i can't wait but i'll be doing mad studying. wish i could come back to yankee, miss you LOADS!!!


DAV!D said...

Omg, this post was just FUN!!!!!! Love the layout and all.

Glad to see my baby sis there rocking those spectators to death!
Amaka Osakwe rocks my socks! lol The other ladies and guys look FAB too!

Ambrosiality said...

stumbled upon.
hmm about 2 links in the post weren't clickable

I see kesh everywhere, and i really dont understand how she blew up. Her clothes are cool, but they don't seem to be developing, it seems almost all the same style.

but i love Maki Maki Vintage!

Elle Woods said...

..been a fan for a while now.
I have a girl crush on Kesh.....she is just so effortlessly Haute!!

Gorgeous Black Women said...

Damn. Where do you live? Dallas? Austin? Brooklyn? Arlington? There is an over-representation of Nigerian people on here. Not that I'm complaining.