Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hey guys!!!

Last weekend was awesome...the fashion show was cute...the models, the designers, the stage, the dancers!!! everything!!!

Sooo I have this problem with African Shirts for is something I don't really get. I know nobody died and called me Anna Wintour BUT this trend has got to stop. It is UGLY and I have never seen an African wear one unless he is a bus conductor in Nigeria of course...I don't understand why African designers feel the need to add this item of clothing to their already nice collections....if it is hard to design male clothes, DON'T! it is really not by force. I cannot count the number of times I have seen male models walk down the runway with an unattractive short sleeve shirt made of African fabric with a pair of jeans. I mean at least can we have like some designs here and there? Cap sleeves if any and pls can we mix some other materials in there so that we can actually differentiate that particular shirt from the many others that are out there. I always ask my male friends if they would wear those shirts and I always come up with the same answer.....starts with N and ends with R...I am not trying to knock anyone down but I know that most of these designers are creative and that they can actually make this "African male shirt" work. I mean damn...their female clothes are hot so why can't their male clothes be abi????

ANywayyyy.....we totally went for a really Fab! event this saturday!!! I love Fab girls!! They are awesome!!! It was my friends bday and we all went...Bolaji included. It was at the Ritz in G-town...awesome location by the way....Got to meet loads of cool peeps and stuff...unfortunately my memory stick is gone so alas! I am without piccies!!!Oh the HORROR!!!

Before that though, we had an interview for HauteTV....I was soooo AM SHY! and so what????but I think it went pretty well....cannot wait to see it!!! It is coming soon to HauteTV tho! For now, check out Doreen interviewing Ifueko of Idia at I think she did a pretty good job considering the fact that this was her first attempt at interviewing.

Hope you guys have a great rest of the week...I have exams and I am trying to sketch for our next collection so wish me luck oo!!!!

Cranberry kisses!


Debo said...

i'm a fan of your blog and your collections! dnt have any of your dresses yet! :( but will soon!!! good luck with the skecth for the new collections! and also on your exams!

tomi said...

u ladies are on FiyaH! say no to the shirt!!!

Wale said...

LOL. i agree...those shirts are straight up ugly. i have better ideas of making "african fabric" work for men. hoping to collaborate with some designers one of these days.

anyways...keep up with the good work ladies!

Anonymous said...

lol!!Me myself, I am TAYAD of those shirts...and i feel they are so ironic especially as African men are like the best dressed in all occasions.What the designers need to do is step up their game and say no to the shirt. LOL you ladies crack me up!!

DAV!D said...

Tee hee hee! You girls know wassup! The shirt issue is too obvious that I won't even speak; what really bothers me is the fact that 'African' designers use our rich fabric as crutches and don't even turn their creative volumes up afterward... Oh well!

All the best in your test missy =)

And you girls should hurry with the new collection (no pressure, just pure anticipation!)

Zena said...

Well good luck with your tests and the sketches ladies
Hopefully,I'll be able to cop a dress

Anonymous said...

It is basically an excuse for the men to show their bodies on the runway apart from that I do not see the point in this trend. By the way I love the picture. Forever stylish cranberry girls! And I cannot wait for the new collection! I need to get my hands on your clothes because they are tres fab! Love it!

no.1 Fan

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

absolutely true about the shirts... one thing i do like are those linen things(especially in white) that naija men wear with sandals.. they look fantastic... I actually want one... maybe if they made the pants skinny for me(fitted of course).. id actually wear em.. lol.. its serious love... keep on rocking ladies... the world is your oyster

Anonymous said...

...a bus conductor or a brick layer, take your pick. those shirts are the fugliest..and the male models will be strutting down the runway with SUCH conviction? wtf? So...umm...erhh, STOP TRYNA MAKE THOSE SHIRTS HAPPEN, THEY'RE NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

I adore that G-town Ritz Carlton spot. Fahrenheit right? Such a posh little hideaway.

Meanwhile, what's the skinny on this highly anticipated sample sale? xx

Ngozi "La Mode" Nmezi

Sij said...

'I have never seen an African wear one unless he is a bus conductor in Nigeria of course' - - > LMAO. I saw one of them walking down the runway and I said to my friend "Eww! That looks like something a house-boy/conductor will wear in Lagos"! They just don't work!!!!
All the best with your test! Patiently waiting to see the new collection. . . . .

ps. I want Ozzy's dress pleeeeease?!