Friday, March 7, 2008

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Allo allo! (who remembers that show?...really I think its only in Nigeria that a bunch of africans are addicted to a flippin german show lol...remember those mute dogs as well...the things we suffer on NTA..) Anyways I digress...hows everyones week been? I have been mad busy with school...sigh design school aint no joke...and Parsons..even a bigger non-joke..! I literally have a new garment due every week, countless illustrations, this and that...its utter chaos! Its so much worse than being a biology major albiet 100 times sweeter lol...

Last weekend was utterly fabulous...My dear friends dammie (Editor of Haute magazine) and Bolaji (editor-at-large and USC film student/ naija movie conneseur (sp?) lol) and I went down to DC for the weekend, and of course our lovely hosts were my cranburr* sistahs! So we had planned a little film segment for Fashion Africa ( ---> check it out..nothing short of amazing), ie a mini interview for the Haute TV section, and also as part of the Haute magazine team, we were conducting backstage interviews for the HUASA fashion show that also was that friday. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! Well that is when we were not a bundle of nerves...the pressure of being on video is so intense LOL we had to do like 20 takes just to be relaxed. Hopefully, Bolaji will have it up on the website sometime this week, but ill up you on more info on that later!! We also attended our friends saki's 25th birthday at the ritz carlton, a very small and elegant affair that just reeked of fabulousity! There is nothing I love more than seeing a bunch of stylish people together, and I appreciate it when people make the effort to look hella good (there is nothing worse than trying to throw a cocktail event and someone shows up in are serious? I always wish i was a lot ruder so i can throw 'em out.....:)

The HUASA fashion show was nice had been such a long time since we sat down in crampton JUST to watch a show and be in the audience (really its sad, i feel like i went to Howard i am a little over familiar with the school as a whole lol), i enjoyed every minute of it. Canadian cutie Eniola of DAVID debuted her collection and it was so cute, i totally lavvved it!!

SO, the moment that doreen, joan and I have been waiting for is here! We are finally about to launch our second collection. It has taken a while for us to synchronize our busy schedules and also to decide in what direction cranberry was headed. We are currently collecting our inspirations and sketching our designs. Next friday, J and Dee will be coming down to NY so we can approve each others sketches (a collection has to be a COLLECTION right..?..) and go fabric sourcing, so we can get down to the nitty gritty. We are also hiring interns to help us make the whole thing move much smoother. Right now we are talking to some exciting photographers (let you know more about that when plans are more solid) and planning a shoot scheduled for sometime this march...SIGH...its all madness but thats what we live for right?

Mini Style watch
I am a complete sucker for anyone stylish...and recently ive been carrying my camera everywhere i go to capture the stylish people i know in their everyday lives, so if u ever see me come at u with a camera lol dont duck, its cos i think ure worth shooting haha

anways Niyi always stays styling... I ran into him at school and immediately bullied him into taking a photo... i just love the whole look PERIOD, the green shoes are just genious... always so damn fabulous.

I love to see young Nigerian models, and Matilda is certainly holding her own AND staying stylish whilst doing so :)

Same goes for Adesuwa...stunning

The gorgy and ever stylish Chalya, is a stylist and known for taken fashion risks. We also styled her for a 'fashion life' spread in Haute Magazine and she rocked the hell out of it!

My dear Rukky, a true fashion maverick. check out her blog
as she shares the true woes of the unexpected move back to lagos..

Ndali - love the casual dress, sweater and tights look, thrown off with the blue & white jazz shoes...loves it!

and some man candy: always encourage my nigerian brathas GQing it out..koye, efe & lere looking dapper ;)

On some random ridiculousness (who can tell that i read wayyyy to much ybf?) seriously addicted to craigslist...couldnt tell you why honestly...i just love to read what people are selling/buying/ looking for, men looking for women, women looking for women, rants and raves...i mean craigslist is my personal entertainment center lol...i have seen the most riduculous things there and the WEIRDEST offers (free rent for sex, company etc). Anyway i ran across this couch for sale and thought to share... apparently its supposed to be er....well..figure it out for urselves....

STAY FAB!!!! *Kisses!!!!!!


DAV!D said...

Aww thanx babe! =)

That couch? Would not sit in it. Yuk! Creative though...


As in, hurry up with the new collection. lol!

Bola said...

oh wow,those models look like they are doing big things.
I too cannot wait for the new collection. I just know it is going to be on point.
I love when you profile people. Those are reall stylas. I really love it.
I have no comments on the chair. I

Anonymous said...

I can't see any of the models pictures!

Babe said...

The pictures are not showing o!!!!

Mea said...

LMAO (Allo Allo) hell na used to watch that shyt back in ghana tooo... lol smh that was a throw back

x.Caramel.x said...

I love Ndali's outfit and your blog Rawks.

[d][A][t][รก] said...

awwww...Thank you! i shall attempt to er..throw on more jazzy clothes.
p.s: ur blog is the shizzle. =o)