Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"As i Live and Breathe! Its New york New york!!"

So this weekend we FINALLY broke the "I hate New york" merry go round!! WOOHOOIE!

Honestly! New york REALLY sucks when "You don't have an APARTMENT to crash " or are BROKE...There is NOTHING worse than trying to hit the clubs whilst riding the NY subway..Truly and deeply sucks!!....You just look like a group of whores on the train..haha dodging advances from lusty crackheads...its ugly trust me!!....
Anyhoo Thankfully ozzy FINALLY *side eye at ozzy* found an Apartment...and so we came down to Bless it with some good old fashioned jollification!....I mean timing was excellent...right after My pathology AND microbiology yall know i was dying for a drink!...a night of blatant alcoholism was an absolute MUST...after 100 sleepless nights...i just couldn't wait!!..Oh God I Hope my Mother never reads this Blog!lol...MOMMY I AM SORRY!..its just that FUN RESIDES IN A VODKA BOTTLE! I didn't make the ruless!!!....

Anyhooie, in a nutshell it was reallly fun!! Our girlfriend Niki was around from New Orleans as well as Abby from Boston!...Girls Night out...short dresses and stilettos...awesome!...I usually hate club hopping...usually when i get to zone A, I AM GOOD!...But we decided to be really adventurous and it turned out to be quite woohoie!!...and oh on Friday we ended the night hanging with Naeto C, Ikechuckwu and Co who were around to shoot their new videos (which I assisted to style the ladies)...Fun dudes...Fun times!!it was an all round fun time coconut chips!lol.

Girls just wanna have fu -un!!

I was present for the making of Naeto C's new vid (Ringtone)...okay like i am obsessed with that song..."i really like your ringtone...ooooo oooh ooooooooohhhh""...very sexy....but yeah It was so much fun watching a video being made!...There are so MANY details and its so took soooooo long...we were there from about 10 AM to 11 pm...There were two different locations...and this was just DAY 1!...all for 3 mins of material!....well let me just confess that a fantasy of mine is to be a Video girl...sigh*....But i am WAYYY to chicken for all that....Like everyone on set just watching you wriggle and shake your goodies....My HIPS ONLY MOVE SO FAR!!...gosh ill turn RED!....and worse of all, You know how wicked Nigerian comments are...talking about "she cant even move her hips" or "where is the Nyaaansssssh"" No thanks...Ill just keep on fantasizing from afar!..

Ringtone! Chalya Styled the Video!

But anyhoo, its Ozzy's 22nd birthday this weekend! We shall be Back in Cut!!...hopefully it can be as sexy, romantic (blush), gorgeous and fun as last weeekenddd!!

*On on another note, Aren't men just the MOST confusing species ever?!!...Who do they want??! The Bitch or the submissive girl...Both?....*rolleyes*...whatever!" lol.

Sayonara sweeties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One who smokes Cannabis :)

I love NYC...hahaha....its strange cus I swear everytime I have gone to NY this year.....its been like "ohgodnotagain"....hahaha..... and my sweet sister skipped out on thursday last week right after
my microbio exam and decided it was time to end this plague (i guess). So we got on the bus crossing our fingers and hoping that this time in NY it would be more fun than the regular blahhh that I usually experience (i dont know im old). On the way...I finally had time to gather pictures for wat I was going to blog about and I did and it was fun until I fell asleep and proceeded to anger Doreen for the rest of the ride cus my head kept fallin on her shoulder (in my defense I only sleep this ugliness sleep when I havent slept for an entire week..and thats the kind of suffering I was suffering :() Anywayyyy....we got to NY and Oz was not picking up her see she just moved and like we didnt have an addy to get to...and it was not soo nice out and I was looking kinda nice in my little cute of course I wasn't happy....kinda knew at that point that I was going to have a sucky ass NY experience...:( thennnnn TADA! she called back and we were whisked away by a really cool cab driver to Ozzy'z really fab apt (with a cutie as a roomie to add to the sweetness of her life...) Yeah but anyhow...this weekend was like soooo much funnn!!!!! I can't even begin to explain..met loads and loads of cute found a nice grp of errrr educated working errr brothas hahahahaha....a first for me......i got romantically all of us did...weird but totally awesoooommmmeeeeeee and generally just had fun with my girlieesssssss!!!!!!

*****Oh btw in Soho....some dude stopped to take a pic of me for V magazine...AHHHH!!!!! I love NYY!!!

I was originally going to talk about blazers only but I obv got sidetracked. So lets see....
blazers....hmmm....I started wearing blazers early on in and I had these matching sailor outfits (skirt and blazers or jackets like i used to call them) hers was white..mine was blue...I obv always wanted the white one..heyyy....but yeah Ive totally worn blazers all my life even tho at 1 point I mixed blazers and jackets up...there is a difference oohh and I learnt it the harsh way..but anyhow...I love blazers....didnt always fancy them esp in Lagoon when they wanted to change our uniform and incorporate blazers into the already heat gathering ensemble....(it doesnt make sense for anybody in Africa to wear blazers...or socks or shoes hahahahaha) but yeah blazers are soo cool...I esp love the pic of Kate Moss below...that oversized blazer is soo coooll!!! loveee itt!!!

Arieta and Ashi looking sooooo good with their blazers!!

On my way to NY!! stealing a blazer :)

Oh by the way...I hope you guys are watching Americas next top model....hahahaha.....who are you rooting for?? I love the girl with the red hair (now inky black) and the Angelina Jolie look alike....errr the man chick is cool you know...and as for project runway...I am sooo tired of the retro girl...she thinks she knows everything...she needs to cool down Abeg and Suede needs to shut up about Suede already...hahahahahaha......I guess thats all for now.....


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blog plug!

Yay!! My Fabulous, gorgeous friend Nkem has a blog!!
She has been featured on here a couple of times with her "twin" lol actually her younger sister, Nkechi for their style wattage..
I spent a weekend with Nkem two summer's ago in DC and she UNKNOWINGLY taught me a very valuable taught me How to be a LADY!.....I mean after that weekend i made a mental note to myself To TRY and edit my tomboyish ways lol.....Anyone who knows Nkem, Knows she STAYS coiffed!..Not a hair out of place, Nails did, Outfit, pressed and of course gorgeously tailored, hand bag right, shoes on point....its ridiculous!! i love it!!...even this summer whilst we were at the beach for a friends bday...Nkem showed up with a finished face, soft tousled waves in her hair, OUTFIT (lol cus i know you planned that outfit down to your slippers lol) but that didnt stop her from kicking people's butts sprinting on the beach!! see...Although at first glance, your first impression is OMG this girl is such a diva!...after spending some time with her you will realize that she is also really cool, REALLY FUNNY and down to earth! I especially LOVEE watching Her and her sister bicker!! is just a SLIGHTLY more vicious version lol of joan and I fighting...loves the sisterly love!!
So to my fabulous DIVATASTIC FRIEND, i bid you welcome to the Blog world!!
So guys check out her blog!!
Its really a fab read!! I endorse!!


Monday, September 8, 2008


While i was quietly watching Gossip girl .....i was pleasantly SURPRISED by a trailer of Confessions of a shopaholic..and i must say...I AM SO FRIGGING EXCITED!....I am a total CHICK FLICK movie Bufff....and although i must admit i only read the sophie kinsella's first book (for some reason i dont fancy popular lit)....the trailer just blew me away...and to top it all off...its being directed by JERRY BRUCKHEIMER!!(sp?).....Awesome!!.... wait!! ...sigh...oh february i await thee...

RANDOM > I love Blair Waldorf...thats my Bitch! lol....

And OH hell no.....I see I innocently posted a Happy Birthday Beyonce post and I had opinionated people hating on my all good...She brings the BEST (me) and the worst out in people...thats why SHE IS A STAR!! anyHOO I cant wait for Her performance on fashion rocks tommorow.!!!....can't wait for Rihanna's either!! and Justin Timberlake.....

Yay my Bee!

Speaking of Rihanna(And I am a fan)...she looked Gawjus as always At the VMA's....she has a Body Made for clothes....its ridiculous!!!.... BUT BUT BUT her performance Ability/singing live needs some SERIOUS polishing...Its like she is just so mechanical and BLAH on stage...which pisses me off because i feel she could push it so much more....I am always like on the edge of my seat like just going, "This Bitch looks damn harder...sing harder....sweetie DO SOMETHING!"...but at least i have my fingers crossed for tommorow where she performs a MADONNA Number (vogue i think?) Till tommorow!...She is totally on the rocker chic stat and to BE a ROCKER CHIC you have to BE A ROCKER CHIC....Madonna, pink, paramour's head singer, Tina has to be HARD, RAW and EDGY....and she Falls FLAT...forcefed movements...weakass mean dissapointed....I know she is young...but is till she can convince me she is the real deal...not just a singer who Is Just on some Management controlled Persona.....i am going to just keep rolling my eyes at the Rihanna's is a Rockstar crap which is sweeping the nation....Her star power cannot only be based on Looks & style!.....sigh...i just expected so much more from her yesterday because I LOVE DISTURBIA....Blah!

Anyhoo....Off to study!!

Kisses bellas!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008