Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blog plug!

Yay!! My Fabulous, gorgeous friend Nkem has a blog!!
She has been featured on here a couple of times with her "twin" lol actually her younger sister, Nkechi for their style wattage..
I spent a weekend with Nkem two summer's ago in DC and she UNKNOWINGLY taught me a very valuable taught me How to be a LADY!.....I mean after that weekend i made a mental note to myself To TRY and edit my tomboyish ways lol.....Anyone who knows Nkem, Knows she STAYS coiffed!..Not a hair out of place, Nails did, Outfit, pressed and of course gorgeously tailored, hand bag right, shoes on point....its ridiculous!! i love it!!...even this summer whilst we were at the beach for a friends bday...Nkem showed up with a finished face, soft tousled waves in her hair, OUTFIT (lol cus i know you planned that outfit down to your slippers lol) but that didnt stop her from kicking people's butts sprinting on the beach!! see...Although at first glance, your first impression is OMG this girl is such a diva!...after spending some time with her you will realize that she is also really cool, REALLY FUNNY and down to earth! I especially LOVEE watching Her and her sister bicker!! is just a SLIGHTLY more vicious version lol of joan and I fighting...loves the sisterly love!!
So to my fabulous DIVATASTIC FRIEND, i bid you welcome to the Blog world!!
So guys check out her blog!!
Its really a fab read!! I endorse!!



Kemberly said...

awwwwww...thanks Doreen :). OMG, I'm totally speechless! Thanks so much for the love...and wow...I didn't think you thought all that of me! wow! thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kemberly,
I LOVE your hair! You look awesome. I'm gotta check out your blog soon.

Again, I will keep you girls updated about the movie. Still trying to edit the one I did in August. Holler! Hope all is well.

Ade Adeyemi said...

think cranberry glitz is a great idea! well done girls! Great intro for Nkem...

Buttercup said...

i love kemberly's blog!

i followed the link of urs from hers..i must say im impressed with ur creations!

i wish i had the talent so i'd just give up accounting!


great post honeys.

Awa Chery said...

hey Kimberly,
I am frequent reader of ur blog, it has inspired me so much with my sense of style. i went to check ur blog recently and notice that it is now private, pls add me to the list of invited readers, my address is i know this is a long shot u probably wont even read it, but hey i gotta try.
from a lover of ur blog

Jordan Sneakers said...

The new line is absolutely stunning! I have been so entertained by your blog,keep smiling and take care!