Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry New Yr and Happy Christmas!!!

Hey guys!!

Hope Christmas was as fun for you all as it was for me. Anyway…New Year’s is around the corner and I cannot wait to meet up with my girlies again in New York. Gosh I cannot believe how fast this year went by…I mean I remember new year’s day as if it was just yesterday...sheeshh! I know I’m not the only person that feels this way!

Anyway…I was having this conversation with my Nigerian male friends recently about the kind of girls they thought were cute and obviously a huge argument started. However, it wasn’t so much of us arguing about the girls they thought were cute..I mean I have heard it one too many times that non-black chics are hotter than black chics...I have come to accept that the world thinks this way and even though I beg to differ, I am just one person. Yeah anyway…the argument started when we decided to tell these dudes that white guys were just as hot as your average black men…partly to push their buttons of course. I’m not even going to go into the drama that took place but yeah..there was drama…a whole lotta!

Seriously though, I am always confused when I feel vicious angry stares from black dudes whenever I am on a date with someone that is not black…like aren’t we as black women allowed to date other races or are we designated to only date men from our own race? I mean I remember hanging out with my male model friend in NYC (who I guess unfortunately for me happened to be a white guy) and being barraged by black dudes everywhere we went to. Dudes trying to constantly downplay the dude…talking about how white dudes can’t dance, how I needed to be with a reeeaaaaal man...hmmm….okkk. I think the worst comment I heard so far was that black girls like white dudes because of their money. KAI! Well, I guess we are prostitutes then. I mean, like honey it is not that serious though….I like fine boys period…black, white, Spanish, Asian….if you are fine I like you…I don’t discriminate. I just do not understand why my being with a white dude who is not any richer than any of the black dudes I date is a way of trying to uhh…get money. Maybe someone can explain it to me because I am just not getting it.

On the record….I do not feel anyhow about black guys dating non-black chics…I mean damn….like every single uncle of mine is married to some European woman and living somewhere in Europe…the only thing that affects me is when people don’t appreciate beauty in everyone and only see a certain race as more beautiful than the other. It is irritating as hell dammit.

Phew…finished with that! Okkk...saw the Great debaters on Christmas day and I must say that it is an awesome movie. I am so proud of all the people that were in it because they all did a great job. I cried once…it was too much for me…had to shed a few tears for the oppressed. I hope all these young children watch these movie and see and understand what their ancestors did for them. As Denzel’s character in the movie (Melvin Tolson) says, "I'm here to help you find and keep your righteous mind."

I was really impressed with Jurnee Smollett in the movie. Chic can act and it doesn’t hurt that she is cute. I have been following her since Full House….I even used to watch her during Cadbury breakfast Television on her show (with her 101 siblings) On Our own. Loved her in Eve’s bayou (loved Meagan Good there too) and then she kinda fizzled out. Till I saw her again in Roll Bounce I think with Bow wow and then here she is acting with Denzel. I wish her the best of luck and I hope she makes it big because she is an amazing actress!

back when she was a lil babay!

now she' s all grown up!

If you like watching movies as much as I do, here are some nice picks for you!

*Milk Money

*Trading Places

*Little Manhattan

Cranberry Kisses!

Lets go shopping!

To honestly tell you the truth, the last time i went REALLY shopping...was...


when i say Really shopping i mean buying clothes uncontrollably for 5 hours straight till i end up with a huge migraine, i actually have to carry painkillers with me on shopping sprees because it gets really painful around the 4th hour and i am actually not joking!


...... like last year summer...very disturbing considering that i am a diagnosed shopaholic ...unfortunately, being an unemployed so to speak TAILOR has curbed my instead of going out to buy clothes i make em or revamp vintage outfits and thus the sweettt rush of attaining new fresh numbers has been ignored..... and damnit i miss it.


I have never been a shoe person...ever....its like i am really attracted to very expensive shoes and truth be told if i cant get those due to the sheer brokesness of MY bank.... i am not arsed to get any other shoes :( has to be a certain shape, color, design(( i like weird shoes)...and i am just never satisfied with just any other when i do get shoes...i buy vintage, i have this DVF shoes i love, got it at a vintage store in philadelphia(Retrospect on south street), it was sooo hot! WAS instead of IS because it is now dead...unfortunately the strap came off -typical vintage lol.... and this ankle boots from buffalo exchange in Houston last soft leather..absolutely gorgeous...its all in the shape babes!....i also dig urban outfitters and miss sixty shoes...err and Zara sometimes..and TARGET!..ok maybe not so much for shoes but i love target...its like Disney land to me..only God knows why?? much stuff!...i love stuff!

So i pick stuff here and there when i have something of importance to attend, but i haven't really shopped like i NNNEEEEED TO...wait hold UP!... i don't understand is how a person could have a job with a steady paycheck of over 3000 dollars every two weeks...okay even about 1500 and still have a tacky ass wardrobe its so annoying...i just think people really don't choose the right stores to buy clothes from...its like....if you can afford BEBE why shop at LVLX?....or at least shop at forever 21! - I am digressing here...but i and my sister, Joan visited forever 21 today, frankly i gave up on that store a long time ago but going in today i was pleasantly SURPRISED, i mean it has so much potential, i saw things i liked, wanted to buy and bought sef and so on and so forth, but the problem with forever 21 is in their presentation! granted H&M has more clout than Forever 21 but 21 actually has more clothes! but the poor way the mannequins were dressed plus the haphazard arrangement of the clothes turns people least it does me...its like war going into that store plus you are a 100% positive that someone is wearing your ish at that party tonight! same thing with H&M but i still love H&M, regardless :)...i wish they could hire me to dress those damn mannequins!..i would do it for free sef.......

Back to my bitchin' - Arden B exists, Express, limited (is there still one), banana republic, Benetton, Fcuk, shit Jcrew!...if i see one more working girl with a jacked up closet i am going to scream!!!....shame on you!...Money is meant to be spent on first please!....then the rent and the carnote...i keed lol.....

"some can shop but have no money, some have money but cannot shop, some have money and can also shop...damn those lucky bastards"

Anyway when i am feeling BROKE i like to poor extra pepper on my open sores by window shopping online, PLANNING so to speak for the future, basically spending my money before it hits my bank account - i cant it this week, next week - two years from now...WHO KNOWS??!!...the life of the unemployed is HARD!...i have never ever not worked since i came to this country, my choice..simply because i LIKE being in control of my person, i am sorry when you don't work, you are someones bitch...all you do is just WAIT...and try to be considerate...when its the fruit of your own labour you can afford to be stupid about things but i am entirely too responsible to take advantage of my parents generosity ya ain't easy and i feel that my love for expensive footwear should not be their can be HALF of their burden lol but not all...haha..

Note - Ladies please dont spend all your cash on Gucci purses and sandals and forget about your clothes- nice purses, shoes and some crappy dress -- err nah - let every part of your body enjoy - your purse should not look better than your person...just a friendly word of advice.

I love girlshop and intermix, my top two online stores.....there is an intermix in Georgetown and a girl shop in Chelsea?...i cant remember, somewhere in new york....i have gotten a couple of stuff from both stores but only so little because their ish is PRICEY! heart starts beating EXTRA fast if i spend over 500 dollars on anything, my ass aint balling like that yet please....not just yet...

soooooo lemme show you what i imaginary bought...

I have been looking for totes for school - carrying my laptop bag, school bag and handbag makes me look like a bag i think these bags from urban outfitters work, the gray one is on mad sale - PLUS it will go great with your black skinny yay!- embrace the rock alternative look!

These are miu miu totes - i love butter cream and coffee leather...sigh ** - so soft - these purses go for about 1,445 dollars, they are stashed away in my imaginary dreams...

These are urban outfitter shoesies, i love the gentlemanly styled shoe goes great with skinny jeans as well or tights...

I dont really go for white jackets like that...very dramatic...but i love this burberry coat..its detailed in a very undramatic it.

I love simple black dresses and this one on the left is mad simple...granted to rock this very covered look you have to have BANGING long legs...but does that matter to me - HELL NO!!...if its fine its mine...i love it - middle dress is by RM - its cocktail and i love it - interesting pockets though - the last dress - i love the color - love the fabric- WISH i could work with fabric like that i would Destroy it lol...but i dont really fancy the length- it would be shortened instanta! - oh and the ruffles are divine!

These shoes are quite opposite but i love em both - i cant remember quite where i saw them but on the left i believe is urban outfitters - i like that shape of shoe -its usually very comfortable and very 80s and i also like that extra strip of silver around the edge - on the right is more elegant - are those heels blue if they are i love it - i like the woven look of the shoe - its me on a laid back i am rich bitch day..

i am searching desperately for an outfit for my new yrs celebration in NYC - that red dress is it please - its modest yet sexy - love it - i dont really love the middle dress on the mannequin but i know it would look good when draped on a real body - its very loose and its jewel toned and i am so in love with jewel colors this season - the gray dress is easy to wear, chic without much effort!

i ran across several casual jackets/coats on sale in urban outfitters - i like prints, muted colors and easy wear. The plaid belted coat was like 44 dollars?...hmm...well i know it wasnt more than 60 bucks...its stylish, a nice length and the neckline is awesome....

Yay so checkout!!!

Meanwhile i caught Forbes 20 billionaire heiresses today on E! ....*BLANK STARE*......some peoples lives eh??!!...HAI!.....i spent an HR wondering HOW, HOOW to reach that level....its almost impossible...unless i happen to trap a billionaire or something and HOW POSSIBLE IS THAT?!!!....i mean damn, this world is too unequal!...and with that i bid you all ADIEU!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

On a random rambling note...

I find it interesting how there are different boxes you people into...ya know?....there is always someone who reminds me of someone...its all very interesting how human beings fit into different categories.....

Brief preview on what i am talking about...

Disclaimer - this is all very random and its for fun, i am freestyling here people!

How comes it that...

  • there is always that fairy princess dude or chic...that head of the rat pack person who stays running things...from primary school to university....things JUST cant go on without him/her there...the party just does NOT start!! some cases its not that extreme you know...everyone can still have a life...but IN SOME OTHER CASES my dears, you need to be cognizant of his/her rules if you dare to be in his/her presence!...i have a friend who is a friend of one of these "types" and i swear this babe told me that there are certain things you cant say in front of her friend, like its just not allowed!...i was like daggonit! how do you get there???? how are you able to control people!!...that's one talent i wish i had damnit:(...

Money, looks and extreme confidence...

  • There is always that girl who is DYING to be in the so called Hot see here...its not a game for her....Please its not...this is her life we are talking about!! (my perfect example is that idiot they call lindsay lohan hiss...i had so much faith in her dumb ass!).....unfortunately these girls never catch on that if you ever struggle to enter anything, you will never be 100% accepted, you will just be that girl who was struggling to enter....forever....but still it happens everyday...and these girls will do anything and say anything to be accepted....its very sad...for some reason they aren't satisfied with their lot in life ..... the grass seems greener on the other side...we all hope that that girl one day realises that life on the other side of the fence... that grass that seems so faux grass.

Low self esteem

  • There is always that very fashionable chic, who you just stare and wonder at like dang, where the hell did you get that from?...she is fashion forward and she knows it...infact truth be told, she could wear something really ugly, which you would call ugly on every other girl but maybe cus its her, you might just think its fashion lol... and she throws around fashionable words like "tres lol" and "uber" and all that fashion lingo...okay waaaaitt hold up??!!!...quick deviation from my train of thought!... i.......... find it quite interesting that if you ever (ok i am a loser sue me) look through fbook profiles of fashion lovers, their profiles are sooooooooooooooooo flirty and chic and blah.....i mean its the same likes and dislikes...same damn thing!...everytime.....human beings stop bumping into each other damnit!...okay i do not exclude myself here okay??!...i am guilty! i need a damn lawyer hiss!

Creativity, money, time, interest in fashion...who the hell knows...this is too general!...i blame you.

  • There is always that guy who is just the BIZNISSS!!...he is hot, all the girls like him, you can deny it from here to hell but if his ass ever looks at you, its over like THAT! unfortunately, he is an AHOLE and you cant understand why girls are STILLLL messing with him..but hey...its part of the package!.....For instance, my cousin was jisting me about the hottest dude in her set, she is like in ss2 and he is in a set higher than her and like they were dating but then he started messing around with her Best friend right! ( imagine all this drama, so much TUMULT! stupid children face your studies!!) anyway when she was describing the hell he had wrought on her even shorter life, i started feeling him slightly damn this n^&** must be hot!damn! ..and thats the official reason why i am very stupid lol.

Genetics, money,self confidence, ability to be a bastard...

  • There is always that girl who is finer than you, okay i really cant stand this girl so i am going to discuss her STUPID ass with, all the hating aside, she is usually really nice too! and while you are there killing yourself with all your baffs and red lipstick she just simply wears a nice dress and puts ***her**** long naturally soft hair into a ponytail and its officially a wrap...just go home...there is no point...girls like this...i stay far away from them...but we always have them..unfortunately :(...ladies please make a point to be that girl!...oppress lest ye shall be oppressed!...which is why i hang with oseyi and joan...Holla!...I AM JOKING PLS NO ONE INSULT ME...i am aging and very vulnerable at the moment...thanks!

LUCK! (haha i keed), genetics.(bitch lol)

I am done with my random generalizations for now...ill be back with more...unless you have some for me! that would be TRES abi UBER fun lol.

In the meantime Jamie lyn spears being pregant like whaaaaaaaaa???....I worry too much...i am about to give up on this young generation....please stop.


This is what i want for christmas, please search within your hearts and donate to a worthy cause...i am willing to send you my address whenever you are ready..thanks and God bless.


WOOHOO!! its been one year since we started this blog, I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!(Line from coming to America)....but its like WOW!....a daggone year already?! holy smokes!...Thanks to everyyyyyyyyyyone who has given us support during this one year, we REALLY appreciate it!!! We are trying and hoping we can actually achieve what we want...its so hard men...soo be relevant??!! have finances?!! do what you want to do without something Being a factor...the something and time....its like...where do you even start from men??....I just pray that God can help us do what we truely love to do...cus there is nothing better than doing what you love you feel me.....its all good sha...i am getting all morose and anyway i just want to wish everyone A MERRY christmas and a HAPPY new i always say, people need to remember the true meaning of Christmas....Its about Jesus! not santa...and not new shoes...or a flat screen (which i got from my bro holla! lol)...but its about Jesus coming into this world in the most HUMBLE of ways...being born in a stable...Pride is so not the new black...we all have to humble ourselves because thats the ONLY way we can be exalted...everyone say AMEN!!...we love y'all....and MAY GOD BLESS US ALL THIS CHRISTMAS!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!...annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd EXIT!

Cranberry kisses this holiday season...

Monday, December 17, 2007


So i get a lot of people wondering what cranberry has been up to and why it seems like we've kind of 'relaxed' on the whole thing. Thats not the case at all, we are just really individually busy, but we have big plans for cranberry that are currently being set into motion, so keep your fingers crossed for us!!!


I wanted to tell you guys about a random and funny incident. Sooo, earlier this year, okay more like in August, cranberry showed at the Haute magazine launch, and even if i wasnt in attendance i heard it was a raving success. We were approached by a lovely lady by the name of Busie, who ran an indie media company called Fashion Indie and she was uber souped about Cranberry and so we exchanged contact information and all that. Now, of course we always get a lot of people approaching us asking us to do this or that or coming at us with some wack magazine and asking us to feature in some wack ass show or the other (is that mean? no seriously you need to see some of the emails we huh??) So naturally, we were skeptical but we always give everything a chance, so as soon as we got the chance, we checked the webbie out. I was honestly 100% impressed. It was all so effortlessly cool, and I really loved everything they were about (check them out --->, so we became a lil more encouraged to contact her about future collaboration prospects.

Now, perusing the website one day, i noticed a flier for a competition called project polartec, in which you had to submit a portfolio and only 7 designers were goin to be chosen to compete for $2000 or $5000 i forget. The catch was that they had to send you the fabric of choice, and you had to create one outfit with at least 90% of what they send you. I recognized the name polartec from like winter gear and all that but i still thot hmm...seems legit. So I thought to myself, let me send pics of cranberry in and see what happens. So i did and forgot about it for a long time to the point that i didnt even tell Joan or Doreen about it. Imagine my surprise when i recieved a letter in the mail sayin we had been chosen to compete in a show in November alongside 6 other designers and blabla, and a personal message from someone in their PR department saying how much she loved the collection.

I excitedly phone the ladies and im like omg guys and i tell them everything that happened. So now we have to wait to recieve our fabric....


Okay....i mean i dont know if this was sposed to be what the challenge was about, but dawg, when i say that the shipment of fabric was the absolute UGLIEST thing i ever saw in my life!!!!!! my knees almost gave way. IT WAS UBER HEDIOUS!!! it looked like....bathroom carpet. One was mint green, another sickly orange...another had like little animals drawn on them. All were that ugly velveteen upholstery looking fabric...honestly whoever came up with that needs to be fired ASAP! Once more i call Dee and joan and im like......SERIOUSLY!! they thot i was exaggerating....until they saw it. WE ALMOST PASSED OUT FROM LAUGHTER.

So, i send them an email politely declining from competing (sorry i admit defeat, there was absolutely nothing to be done with this fabric short of making a blanket... and the kind you bring out when u have too many visitors sleeping over and u desperately need warmth). Did i mention that part of the grand prize was a years supply of fabric from polartec?


Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Holidays!!!

Hey guys...We are sorry we haven't blogged in a while. We will do so as soon as possible....we just have these things called finals that we have to finish...I really wish I didn't have to take them but they are kinda like't wait to finish so I can finally blog without feeling if we don't blog before the Christmas...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
Cranberry Kisses

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Oh Yeahhh! I promised myself that I would do something productive today since I decided to pull a Ferris Bueller...( was snowing OKAYYY!!!) . I'm sure most of you do not know but Doreen..aka my sister aka..BeUche or whatever it is they call her these days turned 23 yesterday...whopptidooo!!! Yes we are all getting older one day at a time...any way...we decided to throw her a party this saturday...and it was great....we had a blast!! and I wish we could do it again! YAYYY!! I dont think we mentioned Oseyi's party...but September 28th was Oseyi's birthday...yes that old person turned 21 and she too had something in New York Citayy..which was fun...I cannot remember much of that day due to the magical effects of Stoli's and champagne but it was fun...and homegirl looked grrreeatttt!!!!!

Oseyi on her special day

Doreen on her special day!

My Rant of the day!!------------------------------------------------------>

OMG...I dont know whether anyone caught the Tyra Banks episode where she brought men of different races to talk about women of different races...KAI! I have never felt so ugly in my entire life...if you see how they dissed black chicas ..DAYUM....I mean even the damn black guys couldn't even defend the poor black girl who in my opinion (call me biased..i dont care) was wayy finer than all the other chicas...rubbish...It made me so madd but for the first time in my life I agreed with Tyra Banks on something( you know that chick is crazy)...anyway she said that while she was a model, although she was more of the runway model at first, she tried to appear in more sexy shoots so that dudes could see that black women could also be sexy...and for that I appreciated her a lot more...because honestly it is not fair...It is so easy for people to see a female who is tall, slim with blonde hair and call her the finest thing on earth and disregard the black girl who in actuality is more beautiful just because of her skin color. I guess I am just sick and tired of many of these blogs like dlisted and even some of the black blogs that just pick on black women..calling them robohos, masculine, aliens and Fat etc...It is really getting on my damn nerves.

Sigh..okay im done now!

So is anyone else watching Project Runway because I think this season is err kinda Wackkk....I'm sorry but I expected much more from them and I am still yet to see some extreme talent...although I must say that the winner of the first challenge ( dude with the gray dress with the flower) is my favorite...that dress (although I hated the flower) was really nice and well tailored. I think the worst thing about this season are the models..Oh LAWD...those girls..i just dont get it...they are horrible.

So Kanye and T-Pain are going to be in Nigeria on December 14th..woowwyy!! I like the way they say Shine Shine bo bo...took me a while to realise that that was what they were saying...I actually thought it was a new song the way they said it with their American accents..and yes people..I have NTA..straight up...and that channel is still one of the worst channels in the world...They need to step their game up...STOP sending your children to school to study medicine and law...some people need to be studying broadcasting...we need some people to rescue that channel abeg!

Anyway I'm going to leave you guys with something that made me smile. Enjoy!!

Cranberry Kisses!!!!