Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Oh Yeahhh! I promised myself that I would do something productive today since I decided to pull a Ferris Bueller...( was snowing OKAYYY!!!) . I'm sure most of you do not know but Doreen..aka my sister aka..BeUche or whatever it is they call her these days turned 23 yesterday...whopptidooo!!! Yes we are all getting older one day at a time...any way...we decided to throw her a party this saturday...and it was great....we had a blast!! and I wish we could do it again! YAYYY!! I dont think we mentioned Oseyi's party...but September 28th was Oseyi's birthday...yes that old person turned 21 and she too had something in New York Citayy..which was fun...I cannot remember much of that day due to the magical effects of Stoli's and champagne but it was fun...and homegirl looked grrreeatttt!!!!!

Oseyi on her special day

Doreen on her special day!

My Rant of the day!!------------------------------------------------------>

OMG...I dont know whether anyone caught the Tyra Banks episode where she brought men of different races to talk about women of different races...KAI! I have never felt so ugly in my entire life...if you see how they dissed black chicas ..DAYUM....I mean even the damn black guys couldn't even defend the poor black girl who in my opinion (call me biased..i dont care) was wayy finer than all the other chicas...rubbish...It made me so madd but for the first time in my life I agreed with Tyra Banks on something( you know that chick is crazy)...anyway she said that while she was a model, although she was more of the runway model at first, she tried to appear in more sexy shoots so that dudes could see that black women could also be sexy...and for that I appreciated her a lot more...because honestly it is not fair...It is so easy for people to see a female who is tall, slim with blonde hair and call her the finest thing on earth and disregard the black girl who in actuality is more beautiful just because of her skin color. I guess I am just sick and tired of many of these blogs like dlisted and even some of the black blogs that just pick on black women..calling them robohos, masculine, aliens and Fat etc...It is really getting on my damn nerves.

Sigh..okay im done now!

So is anyone else watching Project Runway because I think this season is err kinda Wackkk....I'm sorry but I expected much more from them and I am still yet to see some extreme talent...although I must say that the winner of the first challenge ( dude with the gray dress with the flower) is my favorite...that dress (although I hated the flower) was really nice and well tailored. I think the worst thing about this season are the models..Oh LAWD...those girls..i just dont get it...they are horrible.

So Kanye and T-Pain are going to be in Nigeria on December 14th..woowwyy!! I like the way they say Shine Shine bo bo...took me a while to realise that that was what they were saying...I actually thought it was a new song the way they said it with their American accents..and yes people..I have NTA..straight up...and that channel is still one of the worst channels in the world...They need to step their game up...STOP sending your children to school to study medicine and law...some people need to be studying broadcasting...we need some people to rescue that channel abeg!

Anyway I'm going to leave you guys with something that made me smile. Enjoy!!

Cranberry Kisses!!!!


Bimbo said...

Am I first? That made me smile as well.You girls look great as usual!

Anonymous said...

You know wat is funny, we were just talking about that episode the other day. It is so dissapointing where we as black women stand in this society. That wedding vid is so hilarious. You blog is hilarious!

Vicky O.

DAVID said...

Black women oh! As said before, ''Victims of multiple oppressions'' is what we are! *Sigh* We'll change it, we will.

And PLEASE, NTA from where??? In Yankee? You gotta be kidding! Please, hook a sista up with info on how that is possible.

Anonymous said...

fan of your blog..are u girls look like,how tall are y'all

tiwalade said...

really pissed that I'm gonna miss knaye and T-pain in naija:(

it's so true about black chicks beauty not being appreciated, but I think its cuz black chics aren't what typical white guys like..u know the whole curvy thing...I have an italian guy friend who totally dislikes girls with slightly big asses...he likes them flat! I think its more up to black guys to appreciate black chicks beauty and black women simply appearing the way they want to be seen.

nyways, love ur blog!

Zena said...

I will pay money to know how u got the NTA Channel,plssssss

2ndCorin5:17 said...

LMAO at the Video... awwwww, they r soo cute, they actually practiced!

Love dis posting... unfortunately I don't watch any of d shows u mentioned... Black is Beautiful.. ALWAYS!

freedom said...

cool. u garls r bringin the 80's back with ur pretty outfits..did u make those ones? and yeah ya'll r pretty tall and all model like. go on with ur 6 ft

Cranberry said...

lol..we get NTA from comcast...the excitement only lasted 30 mins..

lol...we really arent models...I WISH! lol @ 6ft...err..not quite...thanks though..really appreciate it!

Paris said...

hey!! gr8 blog. i feel u on d tyra thing. chick is pshco!! im so over d blonde beauty thing. u gtta have a high self esteem these days if not anything and everything will tear u apart. i would have been pissed 2 if i watch that episode 2

oh by d way very hot dresses. cldnt pick which one i liked d best.