Friday, November 30, 2007

I love Broadway!!

This is Wicked! i havent had the opportunity to see it yet but i have heard soooo many good things about it and i cant wait to find the time!

Lion King - gives me goosebumps! absolute best broadway show i have been too - makes me so PROUD to be African - Rafiki was played by a south african lady who did such a GREAT job as you would see in this intro!

Last but not the least is the original dreamgirls performance featuring jennifer holiday! the Intensity and the emotion she conveys is soooo "shivers' - homeboy should PLEASE STAY, i mean damn!


DAVID said...

Cranberry! You know I must comment. Devoted fan that I am, lol.

That Jennifer Holiday performance sends shivers down my spine whenever I watch it. Did you see her perform it backstage at the Grammys? LMAO!

SouLBoutiQue said...

I love plays to death, haven't made it to a Broadway show just yet...but will in the near future. And you just reminded me of one of my dreams to one day be in a broadway musical! geesh, you're making me more depressed over here in professional school D!

Ms zee said...