Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gentlemen's Quarterly.

Is it just me or are men really REALLY paying an extra attention to fashion? We thank God!

I dont care how fine you are if your ass is wearing a big tee and baggy jeans, it is not happening!! Granted guys make a good template( >they wake up, shower and wear clothes and still look sexy HELLO!) but if he dresses like crap and he is happy with it, no matter what you do you cant change his mind (trust me , i have tried) until he is ready and frankly i am too lazy, impatient and angry to wait around for that to happen(YES I AM SHALLOW LIKE THAT!) - (unless he is Will demps then he can wear a kente turtle neck and red hot pants for all i care)

I am notorious for "dressing up" all my "willing" male friends, helping them shop and suggesting ways to improve their sexy -insert earrings, black turtlenecks, nice fitted jeans (NOTE -i didnt say crotch stifling) nice shoes, watches (i am very particular, i detest leather straps eew), sunglasses (we chics can get away with rocking urban outfitter 15 dollar knock offs but guys HAVE to wear designer SORRY but its a must),signature scents (a dude has to smell like himself - there is nothing sexier! DOUSE YOURSELVES BOYS! DOUSE!!)

But anyway, right now Nigerian young men are going crazy with this fashion thing, we have everyone and their granddaddies wearing tight suits and cravats and pocket squares trying to do the grown and sexy or rocking keffiyeh's with tight Jeans and teeshirts - blah blah blah..i am bored:(....

I digress -"THIS IS ALL THANKS TO JAYZ, KANYE AND DIDDY and that damn bottle popping lifestyle that Nigerian boys are scrambling to adopt.

Like i always say, "fashion changes but style remains", I salute the gentleman who have been looking cool and dapper since before looking cool and dapper became cool...

So we decided to compile a list of my African men(apart from one) who are interesting, naturally fashionable, cool,who look good in whatever they wear, who i can shop with, who put clothes together in the RIGHT WAY and most importantly who stand out from the crowd.... since i am a SUCKER for suits, most of them are photographed looking very GQ ....who said African guys cant dress?!...

Enjoy ladies, i know you will, i know i did *wink*- definitely one of my top five lists lol.

Chike is an actor in New york and i love love Love his style! he always looks very put together and it doesnt hurt that he is hottie! - sorry i am a sucker for earrings-- sigh*

Kemka always looks good!He wears his suits really really wel!lLove it!...

I love Buffy's cream suit on the left on the right with the coffee coloured tie?! lovely! - he rocks a polka dot cravat with a sweater and a gray suit...which is really hot. Love it!

Shumo-el is such a sweetie! and he looks great too..ALL THE TIME! okay... On the right, its genius to rock a very bright bold coloured dress shirt with a dark suit! and i am a sucker for turtlenecks with suits like he does on the left - its sooo sexy!

Bolaji, a future movie director is such an interesting person! and it transcends to his style, there he is on the left looking really GQ at the haute magazine launch, and i love his tie on the right- very 80s spin to a classic cut suit.

Okay tobi's jacket on the left is ridick! love it! and the suspenders on the right is hot! me likey!

Niyi is a fashion student at parson's, i love his style, the tuxedo jacket on the left is genius- the row of buttons on the cuff ?! i want that jacket! -on the right i love the bold purple tie with the dress shirt and the shoes, very interesting how he put it all together...love it.

There is noone who loves fashion more than my handsome uzoma! love the picture on the left - ridiculously cool! -on the right - love the shoes! and the belt!

Micheal -(look out for the apprentice in Africa)-is sooo GQ in the left picture, smouldering lol - he always looks great! love it!

Sigh* I love it! kevin looks great! where do i start?...you tell me!

The fit is so important and Ike is proving it! he looks great in this suit! - the tie is polka dotted, and the pink pocket square is a great touch!..i am a believer!

Chiedu is looking great in his gray suit (remember i love gray!) and a very light green dress shirt and the tie is awesome! - on the right i love the sorta casual feel to a very dressed up look! love it!

Sigh* Kelechi Odu, NY socialite and fashion designer is always impeccably dressed and he is such a hunk! Love it!


Can you guys guess who isnt nigerian on the list? its pretty easy.

Plus dont you just...love it! Fine boys + Fine clothes = How life should be- all the ladies join me and say Amen!.



shop liquorice said...

you have the coolest posts :)

- SL

Zena said...

It's between Kevin, Buffy and Micheal.
My Lord they're all gorgeous, where are they when you're looking for Single, Ambitious and Sexy?

Anonymous said...

Amen!! LOL

topsylavy said...

Amen! so hot!!!! i must say a well dressed man and alright looks is sexy...

Dammie said...


Anonymous said...

beautiful...fine man really plus fine clothes

Anonymous said...

oh lorddddd that Kelechi Odu is sooooo fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

love th post girls

DAVID said...

Chei! See fine men oh! LOL! All black, all beautiful, love it!

2ndCorin5:17 said...

PLEASE let Michael be IGBO from Anambra State... lol... and sinlge, lol!

LOL. ahn ahn i was expecting some other pple 2 make d list now?
Nice stuvs tho' I LOVE the compilation! U shud do this often

Like who looked a hot mess at what?Kinda like "in Touch, ET, and e.t.c

Doreen said...

lol oh really? please we dont do critics! we dont need anyone waiting in corners to break our legs lol!

2ndCorin5:17 said...

lol... i know right... but maybe it will work still... lol

Lol... nooooo, it may cause trouble furrealz... eyah.. it wuda been fun sha.. ah well

Anonymous said...

I think Kevin is the non-nigerian...why u ask..cos I know almost all the other dudes on ur list :-)