Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Crazy Apple

Aloha! Its been ages since Ive blogged and a lot has happened since :) Its pretty hard to stay away from this blog cos every step i take someone is issuing a severe warning to UPDATE PLEASE!! After feeling severely chastised, I think its imperative to drop a few words for the good folks, so I'll just update you all on my happenings so far...


So after heavy deliberation (more like arguments and pouting) in the summer, My father finally heaved a heavy sigh and gave me the go ahead to attend Parsons!! I dont know if its the school or the people or i dont know what, but i have been obsessed with that school for as long as i can remember, so I couldnt actually believe that I was goin to be sitting in the same classroom as the Erin Fetherstons, Proenza Schouelers, Donna Karens, Marc Jacobs amongst other friends...
So...I took the plunge, moved to the big big (dirty) apple..!!! Newyork is everything that i expected it to be, and aside from the obvious drawbacks, its a totally exciting experience. Ever since the first time i visited here, i knew this was where i was meant to be, and im totalllllly LOVING IT!!

To summarise Parsons in a few words:
- A chuckload of extremely rich, spoilt, snobby blonde girls and boys (On the first day i already discovered my roomate was close friends with Lauren Conrad from the hills, and ive met several other laguna beach residers..believe me the first few weeks of school i was having panic attacks). These people are walking billboards for any designer you can think of. Luckily being rich does not necessarily equal being talented :)
- Quite a number of extremely TALENTED students, migawsh, and of course even more silly airheads ( re: my first day, someone telling me to make sure i use the school counselling services because it all becomes "too much" (like dude seriously, im African, after cramming synthesis reactions in Organic chemistry the night before an exam ive pretty much got the stress but covered))
- The workload did turn out to be extremely RIDUNKULOUS!!!!!! But nothing i cant handle :) (Okay seriously im drowning here, the work load is a loooootttttttt, thank God i actually enjoy it or i would be flunking!!!)
- SKINNY men and women...ive developed an eating disorder since i started here (and by that i mean that i have attempted and failed at the beyonce diet at least 3 times..infact when i intend to diet I put on more weight because I find myself totally consumed with obsessive thoughts of food and i even order things ive never tasted before just out of total greed..phew!)
- Connections, connections, connections!!! 'Nuff said!

Soooo, I also started an internship about a month ago, at Catherine Malandrino which is fun so far, and i totally love my fellow interns. When i used to intern at a hospital in my college days, whenever i looked at my watch after what felt like 3 hours, only 5 minutes had gone by!!, but with this its like, one minute its 11am, next thing its 3pm and i dont even realize when time flies. And most important, Im not fetching coffee or anyones lunch or making photocopies, its a real apprenticeship which is very fortunate and a reason that i wasnt trying to go after any huge name company, cos all they do for the most part is coffee runs :)

So, id say so far so good!!!!! And just to alleviate curiousity or just cos several people have alluded to it, No, attending parsons does not mean that i plan to leave cranberry and blah blah blah....im making us the connections that we need *wink wink* while Joan and Doreen are working on coming up with the starting capital LOL..please o! Become doctors fast so I can have a plan B!!

Anyways Ill end my boring monologue now, and i will try to blog more often...so, till the next time i can catch a breather!!


Zena said...

Congrats Ozzy,
Hope it all goes well

Anonymous said...

Congrats! NY rocks... You should consider doing PR if it comes back on air!

jaja said...

Congratulations! Parsons is like Harvard for the arts! And those "rich kids" could be your next clients, so keep 'em close...

Miss Yasmine said...

love the post. keep it rockin in the 08' girl..