Thursday, November 22, 2007


Its thursday, almost friday, No work, better still.. NO SCHOOL!! WOOHOO!!! thats almost enough reason to give thanks!!!!lol, But still.... today is the day we should all collectively take a moment to THANK GOD for all his blessings, because we are all here today and Hopefully all in good health, so THANK YOU GOD!!!!

On a more negative note lol, this holiday get K-leg!!, how did it really originate? WHAT are we REALLY celebrating?! the GENOCIDE of red indians???? how barbaric!!! So to the red indians whose land we took, cus THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND! I am sorry, you were here first...oops!..give...thanks!...for umm.... states like oklahoma and arizona??... that are still chuckfull of your people...umm i know its like only two states?!....which must be hard cus you owned like...ALL?!...but really dont be grateful! I KEED!!...Red Indians i got your back!
*MY rather shallow "Give Thanks"very short list*
So i have a slight obsession with Phylicia Allen, aka Phylicia Rashad known to most as "Claire Huxtable"...because... she exudes the class, elegance and subtle glamour that i yearn to possess ...someday.

I think she really changed television..because... after her debut as Mrs Huxtable, most of the other comedians sought really attractive, classy wives as their partners on screen as compared to the overweight LOUD black women that were supposedly the image of a "black wife"

( Which is ONE of the MANY REASONS i hate Tyler perry's new show, LIFE WITH PAYNE - Thanks for bringing back the jolly, overweight mammy image!)

DISCLAIMER-There is absolutely nothing wrong with loud, overweight black women ...IN REAL LIFE!, but in comparison to the leading caucasian ladies on TV (>insert the brady's mom, i dream of genie chic and the bewitched lady) the black leading woman on tv were purposely portrayed in that "MAMMY" light..hiss.

SO THANKS Phylicia for breaking the barriers and proving that WE ARE PRETTY, ELEGANT and CLASSY !

- I give thanks to those People who are unfazed by beyonce in a way that is not murderous or vicious, those people who could care either way about her existence, who dont have to PURPOSELY piss me off by angrily insulting her..they dont have to...because they dont give a SHIT, which i can Understand, its not by force to like her! I give thanks to those people, because as a BSTAN, i am SICK of fighting with psychos, if you dont like her, hell! turn off the tv,or radio! just turn it off!

And Beyonce, MY QUEEN! thank you for being you, I LOVE YOU!! sob*...complete me!!!!! lol...I am praying that you will continuously succeed , dont worry, as a person who has encountered her own fair share of haters, YOU MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT! be worried if you have none! advice to you sweetie, is to MAKE as much money as you can now, people might die of seeing you too much(I WONT!), BUT make it will you can!, product placements, tours, phones, SELL YOURSELF!! Money is sweet, MAKE IT!, who cares what anyone else thinks!Dont mind everyone else, they are just ugly!(how can you hate someone you dont know?! beats me!)love you! MUAH*!

- Thanks to MGM classics for creating all the feature films i love(seven brides for seven brothers, king and I, My fair lady) its a hot shame that the quality of movies produced in the 40s and 50s are still better than our Nigerian movies of today...

To be quite fair, we Nigerians are undoubtedly more interested in being Doctors and Engineers than actually learning about the movie industry, hence, the bad actors, open shameless shelling in our scripts (if we have any at all, i really believe we freestyle), obvious mistakes, and the issues of passerby's openly gawking in the background...???....all in all, i Love Nigerian movies! BUT as a former victim of "intense countryman shame" i cant help but be harsh about our movies.

I took a class in my senior year which involved watching movies from different countries and dissecting them, in terms of story, acting ...all that, I MUST say that whilst watching the Nigerian movie(which i would have normally enjoyed), I sat cringing in my seat from start to finish, just KNOWING it was about to be a BLOODBATH, the way the other students FINISHED IT EH! i was WEAK!, tore it apart, laughed hilariously! it was A MESS!! I had no WORDS! ...SO please NO thanks to Nigerian movies...lets aim to do better.

*I also thank the leaves for being our first fashion statement, Julia Roberts for pretty woman and Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook! ALL in ALL, my list draws to an end as the sweet smell of food cooked by SOMEONE else (thank you MUM!) seduces my nostrils!

Have a great thanksgiving! and THANK YOU FOR VISITING OUR BLOG!!

Cranberry kisses***


tiwalade said...

happy thanks giving..even tho we don;t have that in England. Nyway, ur thanks list is serious oh! I join u in being thankful for facebook. :)
loving ur blog

dazzle said...

i agree with u on the beyonce issue, i used to be indifferent(slightly tending towards negative) until i saw destiny fulfilled tour. That was the day i stopped sipping haterade. The girl is a STAR.

On a more serious note, bee issue aside, how can a person hate someone they do not know?...with such unbelieveable venom as well, it baffles me.

love ya blog.

Zena said...

We have a lot in common, Phylicia Rashaad exudes Style and elegance, I loved her on the Cosby Show.
I know , I'm thankful for Facebook also(even though that thing is a distractio)
Beyonce is a goddess, I love her.loved the post.

DAVID said...

Beyonce is a star. Period. One of the best of our generation and maybe the next. Nonetheless it irritates me when some people think she can do absolutely no wrong... I think that's just rubbish!

Question: What do you think of her BET Awards 2006 performance?

Cranberry said...

@ David, who in the world thinks she can do no wrong? lol, thats funny!

2006 Bet awards ? was that the dejavu performance? Is this a trick question? lol, i think it was aiiighttt, one of my favourite beyonce performances was her tina turner tribute, loved it!

DAVID said...

Ah, some people think Beyonce can do no wrong oh! lol Just read comments on gossip blogs and you'll see lifetime shockers!

Really? You thought it was aiight? Wow, I guess people really do see differently. I thought she was lousy mess that night. This year, I believe was WAYYY better. And yeah, it was a trick question! lol

And I thought the Tina Turner one too was BANGIN'...

Anyhow as some chic said 'Beyonce for President' =)

Cranberry said...

i read comments on gossip blogs(when i want to piss myself off) and only see intense hate comments -i KNOW a lot of people dont like beyonce which is why BSTANS are so "forceful" lol....I aint mad at that!....the performance was "extra", i feel she was really trying to come out with a "bang" and did too much - but i still thought it was okay..i preferred her other dejavu performances- not a fan a huge fan of her performance