Sunday, November 18, 2007


Soooo...i caught the last part of the best man like 2 days know the part where they are at the wedding and he starts bawling when he is saying his vows...yes that part. First of all...Morris Chestnut looked soooo damn good in that movie......I hope my husband can look like that on my wedding day... sigh!

*off to say a prayer*

Anyway...that got me thinking about weddings. I know it is on most of your really shouldn't be on mine but since my family and friends have decided that this is wedding season..i have no option ya know! I cannot count the no. of weddings that have gone down this past yr and those that are coming up next yr...(im so happy for you ladies! you know yourselves!) Anyway, weddings are sooo stressful...migosh...I need to get a wedding planner for mine because I honestly don't think I can handle all of that stress. Call me crazy but I have also decided the color of my bridesmaids dresses...I'm thinking Languid Lavender or something...I think it compliments our skin tone. You know there are a lot of things that have to be put into consideration when planning a wedding. Apart from the location...which has to be uhh fabulous....the wedding party has got to look really good...which is the reason why i have decided to put out an age limit for my if you are above a certain age..and unless you are halle just arent going to make it...sorry! But seriously though, I really am not one of those people that want their bridesmaids to be looking busted so that they can shine or whatever. I mean like pictures are going to be taken and we can't have busted pics can we?

(courtesy: etiquettehell)

They left me shocked and appalled!

Ok so enough on the bridesmaids..lets talk about the BRIDE!!!

First of all I would like to focus on those brides that decide to look busted on the big day. I mean, it is damn near baffling. I just don’t understand why this happens and I have seen it happen one time too many. I always thought that your wedding day was supposed to be the most special day of your life ..a day you want to remember forever…a day that you should be looking the best you have ever looked. I mean for goodness is your last day as a single lady and your first day as a married lady so for that reason you have to be looking your best…NOT BUSTED! I don’t know whether I am vain…(maybe I but I really feel that you have to do all you can to look damn good. Get in shape, get your hair done, get a makeup artist…I repeat GET A MAKEUP ARTIST (one that knows what she’s doing preferably), PAMPER YOURSELF, Make sure your dress is magical (and that it fits you and compliments your body type). I mean, people need to be confused. I’m sure I’m not the only one that does this but I have been to people’s weddings and complimented the bride thinking to myself, “What was she thinking???” I mean why in this world does she look like she just got up one morning, decided to wear a white dress and, packed her hair into a pony tail and hustled her way to a church? Makes no sense to me at all.
Anywayy… I am putting pictures of my sisters wedding and my cousin’s wedding because call me biased but I think they look very good. I don’t have too many examples because I don’t know so many married people (I’m young..and my friends haven’t decided to start marrying just yet..haha) Unfortunately, I won’t be adding any examples of umm..harsh brides…just because I’m not that mean.

You know, I think all brides are beautiful..don’t get me wrong…its just that some are beautiful in their own haphazardly way that I am STILL yet to get…teehee!!!

my sister and her sisters on her big day!

she looks gorgeous!

my cousin..looking radiant!


bhookey said...

funny enuff, im already thinking of my wedding colors and i have my bridemaids picked out lol ur sis looked beautiful n elegant

BeautyinBaltimore said...

YOu and your sisters all are very preety.

Skeptic said...

I think your fam looked beautiful!

On the other hand, I think bridal wear needs to go out of the conventional sweetheart neckline and poofy bottoms. I need to think for about 2 years before that 'perfect' design pops! I don't want to be another clone...

MISS OMO said...

Hey! funny enuff i jus stumbled on your blog...this is interesting!...ok so maybe im biased bcuz i plan weddings for my job, but not all brides are! ive seen sooo many tacky brides (tacky weddin themes!) and many beautiful ones as well...i jus think they get soo stressed out about everything and get distracted by little details...they forget to just have fun and umm....look pretty!!!
u ladies looked really nice n ur sis looks so beautiful! :)
my two cents....
au revoir