Friday, November 9, 2007

Gray is the new black!

It turns out i have been really digging the color gray recently, i just love how gray pants, scarves, shirts or sweaters add a coolness to an outfit....its very calming and minimal...I especially like seeing a white dress shirt with a gray sweater buttoned over it or guys rocking very well cut gray just looks so CLEAN and put together.

Gray dresses are very chic item to wear to events...because of how unassuming the color is, you just look like you arent trying SO hard...a breath of fresh air ...Short or long, it still looks classy.

Digression >.we are specifically referring to NICELY cut dresses (cus there are all these stretchy gray lycra HOOCHIE ugly dresses lying around).

On a more sour note, have you noticed that when you really want something, you see it everywhere you loook....its very interesting..and slightly depresssing :(....
So during my search for a gray wardrobe, I have been noticing(naturally) loads of ladies rocking my new favourite color.....from sweaters to dresses they rock it successfully( which is the most important thing lol) I love it!..
So here is to some ladies in gray who i think wear it well!

Nkem is rocking a casual gray dress but she chooses an interesting pair of sandals to go with...taking it from casual to more it.
I dont know where vel got this dress from but i love it! is formal yet sexy...all in the length baby!

ogo is killing it with this dress which left me confused.??? where can i get one?...okay this is really fly!..the hair is ridiculously hot, i MUST say.

Marian is a stylist so its her job to put clothes together!I absolutely love the gray sweater on the opaque tights...and wait. do i spy a patterned inner shirt??...loves it!

Abby got this gray jacket at a vintage store in sweden, its patterned, it has gold buttons, its gray...its chic....i want it...its impossible to get it cus the chinatown bus doesnt go to sweden...:(

Chichi is rocking a silk shirt plus a gray cotton skirt...its classy, its formal, its sexy...i dig it.

These ladies are all rocking different shades of my new it colour, i especially love candace's gray striped shirt dress on the right...its gorgeous...

Gabrielle (on the right) and friend are rocking cocktail gray ensembles fabulously....i loveee gabrielles dress!!!!!...its a LOT of gray happening with the shoes and the purse but it looks GREAT!!!...and the shoes???!!...they sparkle!!...i am a sucker for sparkle!!...very ruby slippers!...her friends shoes are so fierce...very 50s inspired.


Anonymous said...

check out limited, they have very nice gray pencil skirts.

tee said...

OMG, Ogo is totally wearing Peter Som!!!!!!!! uhm, isn't that dress like 2 grand, lol? that's HOT. sigh. one day! lol. all the ladies look great!