Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry New Yr and Happy Christmas!!!

Hey guys!!

Hope Christmas was as fun for you all as it was for me. Anyway…New Year’s is around the corner and I cannot wait to meet up with my girlies again in New York. Gosh I cannot believe how fast this year went by…I mean I remember new year’s day as if it was just yesterday...sheeshh! I know I’m not the only person that feels this way!

Anyway…I was having this conversation with my Nigerian male friends recently about the kind of girls they thought were cute and obviously a huge argument started. However, it wasn’t so much of us arguing about the girls they thought were cute..I mean I have heard it one too many times that non-black chics are hotter than black chics...I have come to accept that the world thinks this way and even though I beg to differ, I am just one person. Yeah anyway…the argument started when we decided to tell these dudes that white guys were just as hot as your average black men…partly to push their buttons of course. I’m not even going to go into the drama that took place but yeah..there was drama…a whole lotta!

Seriously though, I am always confused when I feel vicious angry stares from black dudes whenever I am on a date with someone that is not black…like aren’t we as black women allowed to date other races or are we designated to only date men from our own race? I mean I remember hanging out with my male model friend in NYC (who I guess unfortunately for me happened to be a white guy) and being barraged by black dudes everywhere we went to. Dudes trying to constantly downplay the dude…talking about how white dudes can’t dance, how I needed to be with a reeeaaaaal man...hmmm….okkk. I think the worst comment I heard so far was that black girls like white dudes because of their money. KAI! Well, I guess we are prostitutes then. I mean, like honey it is not that serious though….I like fine boys period…black, white, Spanish, Asian….if you are fine I like you…I don’t discriminate. I just do not understand why my being with a white dude who is not any richer than any of the black dudes I date is a way of trying to uhh…get money. Maybe someone can explain it to me because I am just not getting it.

On the record….I do not feel anyhow about black guys dating non-black chics…I mean damn….like every single uncle of mine is married to some European woman and living somewhere in Europe…the only thing that affects me is when people don’t appreciate beauty in everyone and only see a certain race as more beautiful than the other. It is irritating as hell dammit.

Phew…finished with that! Okkk...saw the Great debaters on Christmas day and I must say that it is an awesome movie. I am so proud of all the people that were in it because they all did a great job. I cried once…it was too much for me…had to shed a few tears for the oppressed. I hope all these young children watch these movie and see and understand what their ancestors did for them. As Denzel’s character in the movie (Melvin Tolson) says, "I'm here to help you find and keep your righteous mind."

I was really impressed with Jurnee Smollett in the movie. Chic can act and it doesn’t hurt that she is cute. I have been following her since Full House….I even used to watch her during Cadbury breakfast Television on her show (with her 101 siblings) On Our own. Loved her in Eve’s bayou (loved Meagan Good there too) and then she kinda fizzled out. Till I saw her again in Roll Bounce I think with Bow wow and then here she is acting with Denzel. I wish her the best of luck and I hope she makes it big because she is an amazing actress!

back when she was a lil babay!

now she' s all grown up!

If you like watching movies as much as I do, here are some nice picks for you!

*Milk Money

*Trading Places

*Little Manhattan

Cranberry Kisses!


Miss Yasmine said...

lmao@ 'if you are fine, i like you'.
that was hilarious. lol
Get it girls!

BeautyinBaltimore said...

blk men don's like seeing us with white men because it bothers thier self esteem. YOu know that many of them are troubled because they are constanly told that they are less of a man.

Many of the blk men who have something to say to you about dating a white man, have dated white women.

Mona the Face Painter said...

I think dating outside the race is cool as long as the person doing the dating isn't doing it because they think that the people in their race are unworthy. I know of alot of black men who date white women because they believe that black women are loud, uneducated, etc.