Monday, December 17, 2007


So i get a lot of people wondering what cranberry has been up to and why it seems like we've kind of 'relaxed' on the whole thing. Thats not the case at all, we are just really individually busy, but we have big plans for cranberry that are currently being set into motion, so keep your fingers crossed for us!!!


I wanted to tell you guys about a random and funny incident. Sooo, earlier this year, okay more like in August, cranberry showed at the Haute magazine launch, and even if i wasnt in attendance i heard it was a raving success. We were approached by a lovely lady by the name of Busie, who ran an indie media company called Fashion Indie and she was uber souped about Cranberry and so we exchanged contact information and all that. Now, of course we always get a lot of people approaching us asking us to do this or that or coming at us with some wack magazine and asking us to feature in some wack ass show or the other (is that mean? no seriously you need to see some of the emails we huh??) So naturally, we were skeptical but we always give everything a chance, so as soon as we got the chance, we checked the webbie out. I was honestly 100% impressed. It was all so effortlessly cool, and I really loved everything they were about (check them out --->, so we became a lil more encouraged to contact her about future collaboration prospects.

Now, perusing the website one day, i noticed a flier for a competition called project polartec, in which you had to submit a portfolio and only 7 designers were goin to be chosen to compete for $2000 or $5000 i forget. The catch was that they had to send you the fabric of choice, and you had to create one outfit with at least 90% of what they send you. I recognized the name polartec from like winter gear and all that but i still thot hmm...seems legit. So I thought to myself, let me send pics of cranberry in and see what happens. So i did and forgot about it for a long time to the point that i didnt even tell Joan or Doreen about it. Imagine my surprise when i recieved a letter in the mail sayin we had been chosen to compete in a show in November alongside 6 other designers and blabla, and a personal message from someone in their PR department saying how much she loved the collection.

I excitedly phone the ladies and im like omg guys and i tell them everything that happened. So now we have to wait to recieve our fabric....


Okay....i mean i dont know if this was sposed to be what the challenge was about, but dawg, when i say that the shipment of fabric was the absolute UGLIEST thing i ever saw in my life!!!!!! my knees almost gave way. IT WAS UBER HEDIOUS!!! it looked like....bathroom carpet. One was mint green, another sickly orange...another had like little animals drawn on them. All were that ugly velveteen upholstery looking fabric...honestly whoever came up with that needs to be fired ASAP! Once more i call Dee and joan and im like......SERIOUSLY!! they thot i was exaggerating....until they saw it. WE ALMOST PASSED OUT FROM LAUGHTER.

So, i send them an email politely declining from competing (sorry i admit defeat, there was absolutely nothing to be done with this fabric short of making a blanket... and the kind you bring out when u have too many visitors sleeping over and u desperately need warmth). Did i mention that part of the grand prize was a years supply of fabric from polartec?



Sugabelly said...

How amusing. You really ought to have tried.

Zena said...

lmao, ok. I was going to ask you if you couldn't have just tried to work with it, until I saw the part about the year supply of fabric, lol
More opportunities will come,Cranberry is hot!

P.S A friend wanted me to ask if u make for plus-sizes?

grazi said...

Hey, take a look at my blog!!!

Cranberry said...

We make clothes for individuals, its not like we have a general sizing chart, its based on who we are measuring, so if your friend is plus size we would definitely make clothes for her...
and sugabelly, there are sometimes you just have to throw in the towel...literally lol..