Friday, March 21, 2008

Sleepless nights!

Its 8 : 15 AM and "we" are sitting in my Apt's business complex (because my printer is broken!) WAITING to catch the 9 45 am chinatown bus to NY ( i hate those buses !) - I am tired as hell, didnt sleep a wink and i cant wait to literally PASS OUT on the damn bus! stitching, sewing, revamping ALL WEEK sprrrrrrrring break is sooo terrible and yall know my dental school attending ass couldnt WAIT for a break!!..
SO why am i up THIS EARLY and dressed up!... its the BKfashionweekend thats why! and we are showing in it, i hope its better be fun lol - it was a very last minute thing BUT i am excited to show "some" new clothes, about 6 in total, fitting is at 2 and the 8 am bus is SOLD OUT...which is why i am biding my time....this is why i use amtrak...damn chinatown buses....sigh last minute always sucks!
I am kinda shy about this new collection, cant wait to see how the clothes look on TALL people aka models!!
I know i dont sound as hype as i should be but damn it i cant lie i am tired and grouchy!!

okay we are about to leave...woohooo!! wish us luck!!!

Cranberry kisses!!
AND my camara is charged and reeady to go, ill take pictures for everyone!!


shop liquorice said...

yay for pictures! all the best, ladies. hard work pays off!


Elle Woods said...

i hate those damn buses...last time i went to new york..i spent over 8 hours on the damn bus..yes 8..i keed u not....never gonna take them again...ok....maybe not never.