Thursday, February 28, 2008

I can't wait for summer!!!

  • School is over!!
  • Release of our next collection *FINGERS CROSSED*
  • MIAMI!!!
  • HEATWAVE!!! (my body isnt made for this weather...i am a tropical BEING!)
And most importantly being able to wear outfits like this...sandals shorts and tank tops...sigh!

Cant wait!!!

This weekend is going to be an interesting one i believe.
We have an interview with Haute Magazine's Bolaji Kekere Ekun for Haute TV. Yay!. He is over for the weekend and he is soo talented and a really good friend of ours!!
Our crazy imagination PLUS his is bound to create HAVOC lol...i have NO idea how it is going to run! i HOPE it would be fun...considering that i hate interviews and public speaking lol....Last time he came...was....hmm.... that would be the weekend of the Harry Potter final saga release, now wouldnt it?!......oh...and there was a midnight Harrypotter release costume party at borders...which we "cough" attended....I feel no shame because Harry is one of the people on my "i will fight with you if you make a nasty comment about him/her list"...i love Harry!
And of course we did what we love to do....have fun whilst acting the fool! lol.

Gasp! A dementor!

Albus Dumbledor(Before he came out lol) and professor McGonogall!

After the event! My sexy sexy Bolaji!

Enjoying a very STIMULATING game of Ayo afterwards lol...I have no idea where he found this game...Loves it though...move over monopoly!!...what doooo you know about thisss!

Meanwhile, the cranberry team keeps growing and growing and i am just so excited!! We just added "Wadamie" as our PR person(haute Magazine's editor)...she is GREAT at PR...her networking skills are ON POINTE and Gawd knows that is not our strong point...but I AM learning ...albeit slow..but learning nonetheless....i just dont know how to approach anyone all....i think we are extroverted introverts...or just shy...or just all interchanges...but you cannot be in this type of business and succeed if you think you can do it all on your own lol...sigh* But she is steering us or be more out there....and its fun! far.. ...she encouraged us to enter a teeshirt design competition at ""(its a very Fabulous & famous blog, yall should check it out).
We have no background in graphic design or fashion illustration but we can all naturally Joan and I went for it...we did a little lol graphic type thing which embodied the concept of the "fashion bomb" ...we actually submitted it yesterday!... *cough* ...i am not trying to be negative here but we did it for purely for fun! there are alot of people who have more experience in teeshirt design that are going to enter the competition..but i am just happy i actually went for it! i am such a debbie downer...but seriously i know my chances lol....but on a POSITIVE NOTE i LEARNT from this experience that we can actually design graphic images! i am going to see if i can print out a teeshirt with the image i made and if its hot...screw urban outfitters! i am going to be making my own teeshirts!
CRANBERRY GLAMCHIC TEES COMING SOON lol(thats if it is hot though!)...
I really dont know if it is against the "rules" to show off the image we in order to avoid being "disqualified"lol.. i wouldnt till the 14th which is when voting begins....damn i want to feature it so badly...i honestly think it is really cute...considerrrringggg that ..err...this aint our forte...
Oh...hint hint*...yall heard me say, "VOTING begins"....right?......ah ah my sisTas now....why are you acting like this......ah guuuuuyssssssssss nowwwww....i trust you guys...wink* LOL...i am throwing in a Please and Thank you at the end!


Tommorow is the HUASA show...woohoo! is going to be fabulous as always...and i cant WAIT to see the the designer's collections!!...Goodluck everyone!!!!.....Cranberry is going to be interviewing backstage for Haute hopefully if everything works out fine y'all will catch the show on's "HAUTE TV"...yay!!
Hope everyone has a fab weekend!! I am off to study BAH** (my life sucks!)


Zena said...


I will be stuck in school taking a test on the 29th, I wish I can go...

Have fun girls

tiwalade said...

I can't wait for summer too!... good luck with the t-shirt competition.