Monday, February 18, 2008

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Sigh* its been a great exam free week/weekend and boy have i spent it doing ABSOLUTELY nothing! (a little bit of studying here and there but in all actuality and with a little bit of shame i admit i did almost nothing) (AS IT SHOULD BE!)
My girls came down, Abby and Ozzy and we had a very swell relaxing weekend!(AS IT SHOULD Be!)

I cannot believe class starts tommorow at 8am, with 2 exams on monday GASP!......but anyway before i get caught up in school and its crraaazinesssssss...i want to blog a little bit about nothing and everything!

First of all, we FINALLY printed out our business cards, i know i know! very late of us lol but still it was always impossible to come up with one we actually with the help of my veryyy efficient older sister Juliet (who is like clockwork) we had it done in like a week and she designed it and others herself and this is the one we chose! love it! its very cranberry, dont you think?


Speaking of Juliet, she does like the cutest cupcakes ever and she is also awesome at party planning! No cranberry and Caven event is absent of her touch! Her cupcakes are fun, fab and muy deliciouso!! I constantly encourage her to go into business cus she loves doing it and when you love doing something and you can actually "do" it lol, the sky is the limit!!

These are some of the ideas she came up with for my sister's breakfast at tiffany's themed bridal shower!


party favours containing a diamond ring key chain and candy!

powder blue cupcakes with a tiffany ring!! love it!

Of cus the classic Blue and white balloons with silver strings! i love breakfast at tiffany's!

So i was sent a link to a fashion blog by one of my friends a couple of weeks back, and i checked it out, it was a fab read! it is written by Ekei Henshaw, a stylish young new yorker! and i know it would be fun read for those who enjoy high end fashion! Loves it!


My stiletto snagged on the fab tights of this stylish chic by the name of Cinderella okello whilst browsing through, can we say fab..much?

And on a very Fab note, i am waiting with bated breath for the launching of Fashion, cranberry FUX with Haute Magazine, as the Creative Director (uSa), the website is a Big huge deal! and it is awesome! and fresh! and just WOW!!

Everyone needs to check it out because it is truely HAUTE!

Can't wait!

On a Cranberry note, I and my favorite designers + one had a bit of fun with the freedom of the weekend and did what we do best! TAKE PICTURES!! all whist waiting for the!


My girlies!

Ozzy channeling her inner masculinity - and we love her for it!

Cranberry and the ever Fab Abby!

Luv yall! MUAH***


Anonymous said...

please i need to know..where did u girls get those clothes you have oninthe last pic.

nice 40's inspired hairstyle.

Elle Woods said...

pics are hot.
still waiting for cranberry's closet o

Anonymous said...

your business card looks very sexy (read: fabulous!) its really nice to see it all coming together!!! I wish you well!

the cupcakes look scrumpdidlyumptious *in the words of beyonce*!


Anonymous said...

i love your outfits! looking fab as always!!!


love the shots of cranberry!Those cupcakes are simply adorable!

Anonymous said...

hmmmnnn yummy, lol.I want those cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Love ur style....u guys shld realy do some traditional stuff for ur homies...if u know what i mean.x)

Been chilling for so long for ur update......which is always worth the wait. Ur business card? Tres Fab! Wish u guys the best in e'rything....i know how juggling btw schl work and other stuff can be very unbearable.........but its always worth it anyway......sure u know that already.

Waiting for the closet post o.......

Zena said...

ozzy so rocked, u guys rock

XXX said...

your business cards are soooo glamchic. loves it!