Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Style watch!

Ooo La La!

I got some new looks i LAV!

Arieta M. Undeniably cool. very clean, lady like look on the left with the mustard colored tights and the belted plaid dress and on the right, she goes more masculine with the james dean/rocker swagg and ooh look! sneaks!!

Imade (Ozzy's cousin) - love the tights, the dress, the shoes and the GEM girl face paint, lol cute!! i love young fashionistas!!

oohh look, its cinderello okello again! i totally love the casual vintagesque look, with the silver sandals...and the right picture is rocking...the lace inner blouse is pure sex!

i really have no idea where vel shops, where do you find this???...the little bitty buttons are so cute, and its just sooo cute...and the shoes are the truth!...brilliant jewel blue, soo sexy!!

Oroma's look is really edgy, i love it, she is a model/boutique owner and she also is the covergirl of the next Haute Magazine issue!

She is one of the coolest girlies we have worked with! laid back, chill and very talented And Enthusiastic, all round a very gorgeous young lady...that dress on the left is rocking, with that BIG head of hair (gorgeous!)...

You should check her out on her blog!

And on a disgruntled note, why the hell is Agyness deyn so fly? she pisses me off!

Cranberry kisses! MUAH***


DAVID said...

I'm digging Agyness's spectators! (Got a resurrected love for those now)...

Interesting personalities on here, love the diversity!

Elle Woods said...

agyness is androgynous....Hot!!

Zena said...

I just had to say, Aren't Edo/Benin girls fly? I just had to say that lol,

Agyness is so hot,

I love the way your friends put things together, even though I don't have the courage to wear some of the stuff, like the mustard colored tights and the plaid dress, I won't have thought of

LoveLondres said...

OMGOMGOMG!....Agyness pisses me off too!!! urghh... At least uz lot are on the other side of the pond... she's shoved in our faces over here.... Androgynous my very-girly-foot!!

Oh and i ♥ Cranberry!!

love love!

Anonymous said...

Damn that Cinderello Okello, can she look busted for once??!! Just once??!!
About Agyness Deyn, I feel the same way about Kate Moss...what is so good about Kate Moss??