Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hello Ladies,
Being in school is literally the dumps, after weeks and weeks of exam filled mondays, i FINALLY have a free monday, so i am basically freeeeee to be meeee....and boy, AM I pleased!i

Anyway i have read the comments and N.O cranberry's closet doesnt refer to me listing out every item we all posess! Nice try guys lol!
It actually refers to all the clothes we have made thus far...clothes that we love ...and HATE to part with sigh!... clothes that have graced runways and photoshoots, sigh*...we were planning a mini sample sale of this such items, its going to be in DC and we are also going to add the new garments we have made as well...most you haven't seen for those who heart cranberry, its going to be a really REALLY fun afternoon sample sale with cupcakes and clothes...but that is still in works considering that we all have to agree on a free weekend...I will volunteer more information for this event as we put it together....thanks for patiently waiting!
Love ya'll!!



tiwalade said...

ok. Would be patiently waiting...

Anonymous said...

Thank God!!.... But do you want mini me's of yourselves running around the world... i.e. same hair, clothes, shoes??

Can't wait though!

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous, there won't be mini mees because, not everyone can pull of that look or work to pull the things off together,

we're all patiently waiting,

abeg sha, we size 16 girls need some of these tips too sha, we love you, but most of these sizes are for the 0's to the 8's

kimj said...

answer to anonymous 1:....i dont think "mini yourselves" would be the result......they are trendsetters givin advice....if so then everyone will be the same as well all are influenced by the fashion way or the other.

cranberry, stlye, vogue, plz share ur ideas

shopliquorice said...

eagerly waiting! haha. no pressure :)

Anonymous said...

From anon 1. I'll take back what I said about mini-mes. lol

It was a comment/question directed at the owners of the blog. I agree with anonymous 2, but I think some people are carbon copies, I know many people will agree.
However, I know the advice will be well worth the wait.



moyo said...

yeah anonymous #2, i would like to see what they have in store for all the size 12 girls...cos i know their model asses are size im patiently waiting as evryone else

u rock girls

Anonymous said...

Please huryy up...abi "The words coming soon...." are inside your closet??

keeping us waiting!

SouLBoutiQue said...

of course you guys would do something fabulous like this when i'm an ocean away...hiss! Love ya guys though and good luck!!!

and don't worry i'm feeling your pain when it comes to these books! haba na so we dey study?? sometimes i wan die...

Anonymous said...

Thank Jesus! NEW post...YAY!