Friday, January 18, 2008

Cranberry Fashion Watch/ Bad girls club

So this is officially my first "style watch" in 08! YAY!

What i like to do, as you all to feature lovely ladies who I personally believe WEAR CLOTHES. There is a difference between wearing clothes and WEARING CLOTHES. Make a note of that.
I love innate style, confidence and glamour...the thing with fashion is that...its very very very easy to take a WRONG turn, its a very intimate and detail which is why i appreciate seeing clothes "WORK" on people...LAYERING is one of the hardest things to do...and one of the ugliest fashion faux pas to behold if it goes wrong...i wish i could insert an example on here but i am too chicken to do that...i don't want to get jumped in a dark alley....not with this bone structure! lol

I wish i had the patience, time and energy to start a street style blog...sigh*..too busy...meanwhile.... me thinks i just have to scratch that itch by making my Lil ol style lists on this here blog...

Since i am a MILITANTLY AFRICAN, especially on fridays, i decided to focus solely on my African ladies, who i MUST say, are doing it!!
Who says we wear leaves and walk around bare chested?! That damn national geographic channel!!!..
...........We are simply fabulous.

Marian, a stylist is bringing the heat with her fashion combinations. I am a sucker for jewel toned clothing and that blue is blinding, loves it! The shoes are awesome!; Look 2 is more casual , i like buttoned down sweaters over cotton dresses or dress shirts and the shoes are lovely!; i love look 3, the hat, purse, the flats, very it bebe!!

Loza is chic, Look 1 ; the jacket with the buttoned down sweater, thats hot, look 2; that dress is molten, loves it and look threee is more casual and interesting, i really like the shape of the shorts, awesome.

Temi is working fall chic to the bone. I loveee that first sweater, the boots, the yellow dress, the stocked shoeeesiess sigh*, in look 2, i love that jacket, its soo me, i want it! and the last look is just casual chic, the red beret and cream scarf, loves it!

This is my MINI fashion style watch list featurinnnnnng my favourite fashionable girlies, Ivie and Imade (Ozzy's Cousin's) ...Fabulous has no age limit honies!!

Imade is just stylish period, in look 1, she is all glammed up in her very vintageesque cocktail dress, and the shoes are sooo cute, with her 1940s coif, so cute. Look 2, HER BELT (and i dont like belts) is awesome..the deep blue color with the gold clasp paired with her cheetah top,skirt and red sandals is very casual and cool, loves it!..her third look is also casual, i love her hand bag...I personally loveee dress shirts, with chunky gold chains, and skinnies...very casual chic....she is just soo cute...

Ivieeeeeee, my sweetie...i love her style, its very chic, alternative and rock....Look 1, 2 and 3 ivie! she is trying HARD to be like ME HAHA!!!

Now that THAT is over, How is everyone doing?!!!, School has officially started, i have about 20.5 credits, which translates into - Dee's ASS is officially Effed!...blogging will be choppy and in all honesty i am meant to be studying Physiology earnestly but i AM Bored damnit! who cares about the permeabilty of plasma membranes when i can flip through pictures on

I hope everyone has stuck to their resolutions so far, i know i sure haven't!

A big THANKS to everyone who ever leaves a comment on our blog, we appreciate it, we loveeeeeee it, and it is great! So thanks!!!

Meanwhile for those who have oxygen, please peeep the BAD GIRLS CLUB, that show is hilarious, i guess i am a Bizitch because i sure as the sky is blue can hold my own in that terms of insults and taunting...not being whorish and loose....its funny as hell though...i am rooting for the "so called"mean girls...I know y'all wont be able to know what i am talking unless you watch the show BUT i believe that people need to keep their private business PRIVATE, dont do ish you will eventually regret, dont say things to people unlesssss you want it to come out one day, because trust me, every bad thing you confide will eventually be let loose, and honey can you handle it when that judgement day comes?....Dont be free with your words and think everyone is your friend and give people your jist freely because they will only laugh at you eventually, because trust me, I WILL LAUGH AT YOU, TAUNT YOU and JUDGE YOU..damn...there goes another resolution, to stop judging..sigh*....all i am saying is.....I have been 10th party lol, not even third party to very random people's jist...and of course, my only reaction is to enjoy it and laugh my head off, and Thank God it wasnt me! just look around you and cut off those friends you KNOW at the back of your mind are not really your friends, those ones you have to act EXTRA with, because it just doesnt come naturally, you know what i am talking i always say, even if you have one friend, its all good!...its better to have peace of mind, than to constantly be waiting for the axe to create a home in your back.....and yes! i am bitterly speaking from experience....Thank God i love myself too damn much to waste my time playing the game of "who is faker" just to ensure peace. I firmly believe in politely cutting people out. Kinda harsh, but you cant make someone who doesnt like you, like you, especially when you have only been nothing but kind to them...ask about me, i was brought up to have respect for people and to be nice and friendly, anyone who says otherwise does not know me.....

At the end of the day, everyone has their own fair share of insecurities, but unfortunately, some are dealt a heavier blow, and as always they remain in my prayers.

So in summary, watch what you say and whom you say it to, because the most wicked thing to do, is give someone a nice chunk of juicy jist that You Yourself couldnt keep to your own damn self and then expect the person to not tell...JUST one person...and the cycle begins the worrrds of the Roots, dont say nothing!

Anyhoozy, have a fabulous weekend y'all!!

As Always

Cranberry kisses!!!


Anonymous said...

love your blog!!! i cant believe i've never commented...neways about the fake friends, i have quite a few of those, im happy i realised on time and stopped giving out my jist freely...i mean really, why give these ppl more reasons to laugh at you???

La Mode said...

Let the crowd say, "AMEN!" What an excellent post. PREACH DEE!


Anonymous said...

i love this blog...the ladies are hella fab! Keep up the good work

Cookie said...

What channel do they show Bad girls club on? I hear about the show but I have never seen it. Big ups to African women! They all look really fun and colorful! Love the blog

Joke A.

Anonymous said...

if u read the blog very well you will know its on oxygen! you know the oh network. nice blog girls, may i suggest that you guys should take time and start answering fashion question for we cranberry lovers.

you rock!

DAVID said...

Is Marian based in jand? Think I used to stalk her on hi5 (if she's the one) lol... I esp. HEART her, Imade and Loza's style(s). Fa-bu-lous!

Love this post too. As for fakers, they will always be there. I just always pray that God removes ALL unfriendly friends from my life. Simple. lol

Zena said...

Just caught the show, lol. I thought it was hilarious, kind of like H.S isn't it? The big girl(tanisha)is a bit of a bully. I don't know what I wud've done if I was one of the other girls

About the fake friends, I'll say an Amen to that.

tilly said...

love how the ladies managed to layer and still look good...I am always on the fence on layering and these ladies are good examples..they look soo HAWT! love this!

Fausset said...

i totally love bad girls a huge fan,i hate tanisha..very bitchy bitch, lyric is my best and yeah im very picky about my shoes too...and i dont think its hard to shop under nice blog.

**I am Fab** said...

I am blushing you like my fashion sense and I thot I am a lil Wacky sometimes!...FUN Bloc so Fab!! Thanks Ladies...all d Girlies look so FIERCE! Check me out at

simran said...

I like Bad Girls Club show so much. I Watch Bad Girls Club Online regularly. I never skip its episodes. Its my favorite show. I enjoyed it so much.