Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SHOP! In the name of $100...

...So, today Joan and I set projects for relentlessly scour the net to find awesome clothes for awesome prices..Joan for $50 or less, me for $100 or less... I have to take time out to commend Joan on doing a great jabby jab cos er...finding nice clothes under $50 aint so easy!!! You would think that shopping with a budget of at least $100 should result in some extremely nice items, but Im often shocked at people with great salaries, and busted wardrobes...*sigh*..... Anyways in my little experiment, I tried to avoid stores like Bebe, Arden B, and friends because if you have $100 to spend on an item, you can definitely walk in those stores and find something affordable and cute, so instead I tried to find great deals in places people might not regularly think to shop at and also great sales that may be going on at this time. So, so, these are my finds, I hope you enjoy, or find something that you like!
xoxo Oz.

Winter gear - Each of these coats are very cute, the brown being my absolute fave. The gray military style Jacket is another. I love jackets that have character and try my best to stay away from the generic black coats and such. Having a fabulous winter jacket is such a necessity because if youre forced to be in it 24/7 while still freezing your butt off (whats up with that?), you might as well look good!!

L - R : $79 Nordstrom, $68 Nordstrom, $98 Nordstrom, $89 LaMixx

Spring dresses - Summer is a few, painful months away!! But its never too early to stock up on dresses! Actually, most of us probably still rock dresses to parties and stuff albiet the weather (women are such die hards; how can a man come all covered up and warm whilst we're almost catching pneumonia trying to look good?)

L-R: Love the blck &white dress reminds me of the tuxedo trend right now..Hot! and only $39.50 from Delias! This billowy mocha shirt-dress can be transformed from casual day to night if you wear it sans tights and a pair of hot heels! okay i admit i dont remember the price, but its from Urban Outfitters and I promise its under 100, if not 50 dollars!; This black simple mini dress is so simple yet chic...i love the details like the inverted pleat on the front and back. $66 from Nordstrom; This draped mini dress is very cute and can be both casual and dressy if accessorized the right way..$64 LaMixx; The white lace dess i think is just adorable, looks very easy on and looks great against dark skin. $58 from

Shoes - Im horribly picky when it comes to shoes...It takes a lot for me to fall in love with a pair of shoes. First of all my main problem is that I am inexplicably drawn to expensive shoes. If you give me a box of 500 shoes, the one that I would pick from the litter ALWAYS turns out to be the most expensive!!! Its such a pain in the butt, believe me it aint cute when ure on a students budget! I love shoes to have something different about them, I cant just buy a pair of shoes from steve madden and call it a all my shoes are always wierd and odd looking, and i LOVE it!!! so i tried to tone my 'taste' down a little so they can somewhat appeal to everyone else, but anyways here are my shoe choices!!

L -R : The first shoes are sooo me...i love sling backs and i love the comfortable kitten heels.. $78 from; I'm totally in love with these flats..i already ordered em both in black and grey! They are comfortable yet extremely chic, and not typical $64; If youre into oxfords, then you will definitely love these; im of the humble opinion that oxfords are the only boots that can get away with being worn with dresses..they look so good in tights and skinnies as well...the first one is from dolce vita (nice shoes and great prices!) $70, and the darker ones are even more affordable at $44; Theres nothing like a nice pair of loafers... and these are definitely a steal. Lauren Label by Ralph Lauren, on sale for $75!! If you shop at Ralph Lauren you know what a ridiculous steal this is! Loafers are great 'knock about' shoes; without having to resort to wearin flipflops all the time.

When it comes to jewellery, i have the less is more mentality. Id rather rock a pair of fantabulous earrings and leave my neck bare than to overload jewellery on every available limb on my body. Thats why i fell in love with this bracelet from J.Crew. Chunky jewellery is in style right now, and a big chunky bracelet compliments most outfits greatly, and you wont need any other arm jewellery!
I found this clutch at pookie & sebastian - an NYC based store with great deals. Very simple, I love brown chocolate distressed leather especially when worn with black.

I think ive spent as much time as I can infront of a computer screen without exploding!! So im going to rest my ever deteriorating eyes ( - 6 and couting..) now! Goodnight all!


Anonymous said...

GREAT POST!! But no deliveries to the UK!!


kemdeliscious said...

Great post! you guys should do this more! I have those peep-toe flats from shopbop as well!!! Sheesh!!! my pandora's box has been discovered! drats and double drats! Lol!!!

Eny said...

you guys definitely have an eye for good stuff. I'm desperate to change my whole wardrobe, my clothes at the moment dont express my state of mind, there's so much i want to buy...............Like u always say it rily sucks to be on a student budget (am a witness). I'v been eying platforms from a figging distance, and omg dresses too!

Cant wait to be rich, like RICH!, LOL. thanks for replying my comment on ur previous blog, i'll give shea butter a go, hopefully it works (fingers crossed).

darlen said...

great stuffs girls buti am a student ona serious budget so i can only afford 20bucks or less isnt easy as ofnow but i love those oxford typse shoes.

DAVID said...

If you love unique shoes then you should go to I think we got similar shoe tastes... Stressed leather and vintage looking shoes are my kryptonite...

And did you say something about an RL item going for 75 bux? lolll

Very good read btw =)

Elle Woods said...

i need that clutch in my life!!

Zena said...

God-Bless you,


eny said...

dunno if u guys can help, but i need this fashion advice ....some1 got me a 'dramatic' pair of baby phat boots and omg am sure u know what baby phat boots are like. Always ott, mine is a black pair with some silver steel design thingy on the back and ofcourse babyphat written all over.

How on earth can an average girl like me rawkkk it, lol? Any suggestions?i realy dont want them boots to go to waste , they cost quite a lot of money! I do love them tho cos they'r quite unusual.:)

Btw, u guys shld maintain and update now, abeg!!

Kim said...

This is a GREAT idea. Even if you can afford to spend more, it's a good exercise in responsible spending! I love for reasonably priced pieces.

Anonymous said...

update now !!!


FabOLous post! gotta love the post name and all the gorge stuff you found for $100 dollars or less.
By the way,CRANBERRY make some gorge dresses. I'm an eighties child myself ;-) so j'adore your dresses.Would love to use them for my styling! quite new to reading your blog but will be from now on.
kisses and blessings,
Fashion,personal and celebrity styling!

p.s To Eny who left the fashion advice query about the Baby phat boots and how to work them.Baby phat designs can be quite "look at me " and the key to working said boots is to let them take centre stage.Pair them with a simple outfit with clean lines.So for eg pair those boots with a slightly oversized jumper dress in one basic color and with no patterns.a small clutch,zero jewellery and your good to go ;-).The boots form the description given are working over time for their cost so you want make sure you dont pair them with anything too fussy or they will be wayyy too much going on with the look.I hope this helps.x

Cranberry said...

Thanks Marian.
Your styling work is absolutely fab, love it!

AND invaluable advice eny, Marian took the words out of my mouth, Babyphat boots tend to be very, "look at me" so you need to tone down your outfit ...majorly..i would say go very monochrome in your color choice, all white, all black, so the boots would be the main showpiece on your outfit!


Anonymous said...

CUTE PICKS.. i really love the lamixx clothes!