Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Our domain name is up woohoo!
The website is still in talks and works so for now... so from now anytime you want to visit our blog go to>>lovecranberry.com! Loove it!

SCHOOL came back with a bang, histology and physiology exams..sigh*..hence my absence!....So where did we stop?...okay as you have been briefed... it was a rush showing - we had in total about 6 new dresses from our new collection( called "SUGARCANE"...we named it after not the candy cane but SUGAR frigging sweet sweet cane itself...lol it was a unanimous decision!) and also some of our old stuff as well..everything went really smoothly, it was very professional and we made a lot of great contacts, all in all i am really pleased we did this show.

On the topic of preparing the collection...

Anyways what can i say, sewing with a body was awesome! Ozzy our lovely Fashion school resident had us learning draping techniques and patternmaking which was extremely helpful. We decided to finish what we could that week and get together next week to finish the entire collection..it was AN experience but what kept us going was the motto we adopted for this collection which was/is and i very proudly quote, "WHAT WOULD BEYONCE DO..(hand on the chin and finish with a HMM"....BECAAAAAUSE You know my girl gives 150% EVERYTIME!! UNFAILINGLY! THANK YOU!! lol....AS tiring as it was.. it also was intensely satisfying...

On the topic of Fabric shopping..

Fabric shopping was really fun, we went with the jewel tones and heavy brocades...sexxxy...we were going for cocktail fun and flirty..LONGER LENGTHS lol...and the next batch of clothes we make will include single pieces like tops and bottoms, TWILL BE A FUN EXPERIMENT lol...

I personally love it all and we had a GREAT GREAT feedback from the show so we feel really good!! and it is feeling REALLY REAL! so yay!! -
We have another show on the 16th in NYC, its also a really good opportunity for publicity and contacts and i honestly am very excited and better still its for CHARITY!
All the fashion designers slated to appear are verrrrry talented and i have been loving Miss Bruno (we didnt get to meet her at the Bkshow but hey maybe its fate!)and kathy Misick's work...i also loooove the simmon sisters and their Pastry shoe line...so i am like YAY!!!
I sincerely hope everything works out great :)

In NYC, ozzy's apt.

Ideas and More ideas!

Fabric shopping!!

Went out for drinks and laughs! grrrreatt!

Back in Dc for the showdown!! Sugar Cane begins!

I also included a reel of the BKFashionweekend show...so enjoy luvies!!



Anonymous said...

You go girls!

Anonymous said...

Wow you girls are sooooo talented. Don't stop!

Anonymous said...

hot stuff!

Zena said...

talent!pure talent,

I hate you!( I kid) but I love the dresses already, the one thana wore and the one with the finished neck(the rusted gold one, I'm bad at colors) but I loooooooooooovvvvvee iit!!!

Can I as k a question, where do u guys get ur fabric from?

Cranberry said...

thanks ladies!!

Zena daarrling, A cranberry girl NEVER reveals her secrets lol, wait, and how do you know thana!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new collection!! I'm sure you all are loving the feeling of doing great in something that you are passionate about!!! Let us know how and when to order when you all are done..

queenNriot said...

WOW I love you girls! Its really great to see someone making it...I want updates on future successes:) Also if you are ever in DC, please please give me a shot out, I would love to maybe meet up?? CIAO

DAV!D said...

Well done ladies! All the best!

tiwalade said...

Hey guys!Really wanna know if, whwn and how I could get my hands on one of your dress because some of the dresses I saw right here are the definition of fabulousness itself...abeg lemme know

4 real tho,kudos to you guys for all the hard work. it's very lovely and inspiring to see young girls like you actually living your dreams even while still in school and dealing with school pressures. Seriously you girls are inspiration to me.

Keep living the fab life!