Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Hello gorgeous!!

It HAS been a WHILLLLLLLE since my last blog!
And so, one might ask, "Dee, just what have You been up to?".... Well i would joyfully reply with loads of love in my heart, "Absolutely Nada suckers!"....psych... i am just kidding....well kinda kidding....i HAVE been taking a LOOOONNGG break from Cranberry work....focusing more on job interviews and spending my money and time on ME, ME, ME (its very much needed).

The Spring show is next week thursday....and i am SO not ready....its actually quite unbelievable! i hope the show coordinator doesn't read this blog:(.....if she does>> (Gurrrrrrrl.. dont worry! we will be done by next* I have about 3 dresses to finish...yeah right....MAKE by next week...its extremely possible if i work undistracted....but with these damn interviews and my dear sweet niece(i babysit) in the picture...its sort of a tight squeeze....but its the nature of the BIZZZZ...and it will be taken care of ryde or die...bcos i wouldnt want Cranberry to eff up anyone's show...yup!

>I peeped out a blog from one of my sweeties, leornard aka lenny of the flyest cats i know...he has a blog showcasing everyday HU students on their way to classes via the Yard (also called the runway at Howard)....this plug is targeted for HU students that Hit up our blogspot...u guys should def check it out , it is, ""....truthfully some of them are hitting it!...others are just AIIIGHHHT....i really dont think HU is what it used to be b4...those days i used to get blinded by people's a good way....DAGGEM!!....nowadays everybody looks just a bit too commercial for my taste ...bah*

Thats my lenny!

A few outtakes from the outchic blog...

George!..our fave runway coach...Ms jay hasnt got shit on!!

Will...i love his wayfarers.

Naima on the fine art building steps.

>Speaking of style and fashion, I have come across a special someone who is not AFRAID to express his unique and very dangerous style. This dude has left me baffled on every occasion i have come across his picture(on bella naija's blog) i must give him a shout out on here...afterall he has made me ponder..????...I believe his name is Denrele....

I dont understand exactly what he is going for..???..with the hair, clothes and accessories...but one thing i know is that he gives it 110%...and is always very consistent in doing...whatever he g'head bro! you have a fan albeit a very confused and bewildered one!

Also on the style and fashion tip, i have to give it up to our front row girl Manika on her totally cutesy glam cocktail dress inspired by sienna miller and beyonce...she explains how she came up with the idea...

"so..i really loved Sienna in that Marchesa dress especially the flower...i hated Beyonce's dress at the La Premiere of dreamgirls but i adored the color and empire i managed to find a similar dress and added a sash with a flower to tie the look together!..and there you have it"..Manika


>On a very fun and interesting note, there might be a collaboration btw ns1463(teeshirt company) and is still in works AND talks...we have no ideas yet...but i know if it does happen it is going to be SO cute(by chineke's grace)...we predict a homerun...cranberry teeshirts??!!...who woulda thunk?

I am going to sign off this blog with pictures of my cran partners ozzy & Joan.....too cutee!!......MUAH***


Mari said...

U galz look fly! Thumbs up...
Loving Outrageously chic's blog with all those colorful pictures.

Dammie said...


LENNY FORTE' said...

Thanks for the link you Outrageously Chic Designers! The Fashion show was Bangin' & need I say more about your clothing SO HAUTE I LOVE CRANBERRY!!!- Lenny Forte

tiwalade said...

guy on d fone..lenny is haat!

dat denrele guy is crazy!

n I must say i can't wait to see u guys and ns1463 to work together.....i can only imagine the results. just got me one of their(ns1463) shirts...can't wait to rock them and rep naija wiv dem.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

Oh i just love that dress.. never been on this blog before though lord knows i've heard a lot about it... keep up the good work its fantastic to see naija sisters trying their hands at something creative... happy easter too... i'll certainly be back here to see what yall are up to

NS1463 Clothing Company said...

lets make it happen..


mosaic said...

Woohoo! HU Alum in the house. I love my alma mater.

The dresses were fab ladies. I'm glad the show was a success. Keep getting it!

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog............guess bloggin is kinda hot rite now!
Saw pics of Denrele.........jeez!dat boy is stark ravin mad! i mean,i have come across him at events (trust me,dat boy is everywhere) and he neva ceases to amaze me.............he gat individualistic syle if you ask me
love da blog!would love to model your pieces here in Naija someday